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  1. I work as a carer and look after my mother, I've seen what care homes are like and also private care. I've seen people who have serious multiple health problems who have tested positive for Covid and showed no symptoms and have been absolutely fine. Unlike what you hear on the news.. I got myself and my mum a face mask exception card for going outside, before getting that, my mum who has learning difficulties and other health problems would get shouted at from people outside for standing to close to them or for not wearing a mask, she doesn't fully understand whats going on and yet people think they have the right to police people themselves and yet these people don't even know what their talking about!.. I have also given up on trying to convince people of the facts of whats going on, no matter what you show them, they will only listen to what the Tv, Radio and papers tell them... That is the only truth in their eyes no matter how ridiculous the rules sound.. Evening telling people of the health problems for just wearing a mask all the time & that it's not protecting you from anything.. they don't listen.
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