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  1. were students lolol why are you antiscience types so angry?
  2. straw man you are arguing with yourself again the insane claim is on you prove that antarctica is on the bottom of a ball
  3. the fes are handled by the same people who do you you are arguing with yourself stop baiting me to answer your posts from other threads this thread is fake moon landing are you a boomer? did you watch on your tv nixon call the astronots on the moon? again you only bring irrelevance
  4. no facts just attacks ways to stifle without a rifle as you deny whats in front of your eye antarctica is a wall of ice that holds our ocean water how many posts will it take for someone to show otherwise?
  5. sorry for posting to wrong thread mods please move to antarctica thread edit i think i fixed
  6. your denial of stars seen through the moon is comedy time your maths are based on false assumptions funny too how you constantly whine about ad homs
  7. because of irrelevancy you believe stars can be seen through something that spaceships have landed on hahahaha
  8. and an emergency landing in the ocean makes sense? that was an original thought that you were insulting flat earthers about? i read the whole thread and saw no logical reason at all except for the fact that there is no underside of a ball to fly over and it looks like the thread is locked
  9. yes no one has seen earth curvature please post the proofs i am not calling you a liar, but this is a tribute to the power of the brainwashing please take a photo through your telescope and i will prove this to you my advice here is to stop brainwashing your children again i am not calling you a liar but most who understand flat earth know that coronavirus is as fake as space
  10. you are being destroyed by memes your handlers are pulling their hair out
  11. explain why no evidence of earth curve exists no crazy speeds or directions have been shown either that is actually what you should explain can you please try and answer? with your own original thoughts?
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