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  1. I felt obliged to step in here when people were recommending antihistamines, sorry to break it to you guys but here is the big secret - Antihistamines can cause life threatening infection and other covert illnesses due to immune suppression, you'll notice also that they use the same trash not just for hayfever but also for cold/flu tablets, it can make you extremely ill through causing lack of response to certain bacteria's our entire modern medical field is ramped up by blood money and pseudoscience. There is potentially a type of contagion going around, if there is its definitely modified without a doubt, however my conclusion is quite simple, we are experiencing a "blanketing-effect" of radiation poisoning, the "flu" people are experiencing isn't just induced by "vaccines", they are also using frequencies so its likely even unvaccinated people could get seriously ill as well, and then rely on antihistamines. Do remember that most mainstream meds is big pharma and is produced and funded by the same agenda.
  2. Thanks to Athenry04 I can share this with any of you guys that missed this video, its a good one - Thanks again
  3. Yes! It had him at the end of the video! The movie was "one by one" Thank you mate!
  4. Was a budget British movie if that helps, was 100% posted here recently - If you can find it again, its worth watching!
  5. Nope wasn't anything like that, It had like 300 IMDB reviews, someone posted it here a week or so ago, if that. I just can't understand why I cannot find it, ironically I added it to my bookmarks and it "disappeared" too. The scene involved three people sitting at a table talking about "pandemics" the potential for "vaccines" and depopulation, it was absolutely spot on I just cant understand why its unfindable.
  6. There was a post posted here a few days ago, a very unknown British movie that predicted a "pandemic" and talked of "depopulation" they were sitting at a table discussing it in this scene, it was a youtube video. I have looked back going back days and have had no luck finding it, can anyone remember?
  7. It's funny, all I ever hear about is what's next etc. Does anyone actually understand the process that is already underway? We are looking at the biggest botnet known to man kind. You cannot begin to imagine what they can do. Without me selling the story to make it look good, lets make it simple. If you have taken the vaccine: They can see from you're eyes. They can hear from you're ears. They can trigger emotions, and thoughts and read you're mind. They can cause illness, or make you feel better. They can completely override you're bodily controls and force you into suicide or a violent act that can hurt and kill many. Even without the vaccines which include clear malware, they can still use frequency weaponry to induce heart attacks, create clots and brain tumours, this isn't really touching the surface on the capability of this frequency/light weaponry. Here is an example in regards to the vaccination. You're sitting in a room with 3 vaccinated people, you are unvaccinated. They can see from behind their eyes, and listen from their ears and such, as described lightly above. Now what they can do, as you function as a biological, walking, talking advanced camera system, is extract all of that information from the room and remake it, as a mimicking reality. Now, technically this means, with a wider connection via biological rootkit that they can create simulated versions of reality, and quite literally get an idea of the future, based on the decisions they make. So, imagine the data being harvested, from every eye and ear, from every system acting as a computer. The Internet itself was just an earlier version of what is now in the vaccinated, that was the implant, for the people to connect to. It just wasn't internally at this point. As hard as it is to believe, the Internet is a huge programme created by the agenda to harvest as much information as possible, its all about algorithmic analyzation so you can best judge where the control and work is needed and act more efficiently than ever. "Every single packet, sent and received on the internet has been logged from day one." I didn't want to sit here and sound too advanced, so I will get to the gritty point that no one wants to hear. Love won't prevail, holding banners won't prevail either, this is an energy war. In old language, Love actually meant freedom. For the noobies I will provide this link to you - Listen carefully to what is said, feel the the hairs on you're flesh and know it to be true. What we do know is, spite the large weaponry, they cannot take us through force, there is limitation to their power and its linked to "free will", I am not sure entirely how it works but something stops them, one would assume its because they are not Human on the highest level of this agenda, if that IS the case, then it would be completely plausible to GMO foods, engineered environment and the need to modify the human DNA/genes, to obviously, etch closer to their agenda. What this technically means, again, put simply instead of babbling on - we are actually more powerful than them, but if we give them that subjugation then they consume that energy and use it in a more physical manner in most cases to carry on the suppression and proceed. The end story, we need to kill, and we need to kill as many of them as possible, Blackrock and Vanguard investors alone not including other investing groups are scattered all over the world, you need to work on finding them and their families that will forward the agenda and proceed after their predecessors, we need to destroy as much of this "inner-circle" as we can. Sorry guys, No banners and No shouting love will fix it, what Icke is right about though, is "Acquiescence". FREE WILL. people are even afraid to say it anymore, we need to KILL them, KILL the greed and kill the scum who will follow who will gladly push us into Tyranny ignorantly at the expense of our ancestors/families blood before us, the police, the politicians, the scum simply need to die. Then we need to work on building a new and truly free system. So yes, I am sorry that it sounds so brutal, but the reality is the reality and that is simply how it is. The above writing and the entirety of what is above, has been made for fictional purposes only, as part of my science fictional book that I am planning to write. Kind regards =]
  8. Nice to know you're malware infected.
  9. Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 45EMedical treatment (1)Regulations under section 45B or 45C may not include provision requiring a person to undergo medical treatment. (2)“ Medical treatment ” includes vaccination and other prophylactic treatment. ]
  10. They already put stuff in our water by the way, i personally call it "soft kill", if you ask your local water company to test the water, they try their hardest to miss multiple elements out for obvious reasons, but legal soft kill, too much calcium for one, and many other problems with our water, all linked to brittle bones and further illness, but of course it meets guidelines, their levels of everything ;) As for the food, its all got worse, and they are dominating the food industry more and more everyday for obvious reasons, i'm sure you can see that, and also figure out why they want to do it. As for the vaccine, don't be mistaken it's more dangerous than people think... You just won't see people "physically dropping" 5 minutes after taking one, But lets get "real" here, with or without a vaccine they can simply stop your heart with a frequency attack, Yes, that is Reality. So either way we are fucked, personally i think its too late and people are being too optimistic with being able to turn this around, again, back to reality - This agenda has technology that can destroy us in multiple ways, do you really think they will allow us to break free? No. It's game over, because that is what people decided when they chose to ignore the problem for years, while people like myself were called mentally instable and deluded, your "World" had been stolen from underneath your feet, and you are now the product of profit for the agenda. None of us really know what will happen in the future, but ill give another, brief breakdown of the biggest possibilities. They release a real biological attack, and call it a "mutated virus" killing millions around the world and finally cleansweeping the planet, in result now forming a one world government and starting again. They create more War and keep us busy through economic and political decline for another few years, and by the time that war is over, we are swamped in new problems as they push through this Technocratic era. The other chance is Polar Shift, which is a small chance spite the incredible lies surrounding global warming, yes global warming is not true in my opinion, so Polar Shift is technically on the table, it could be used as a cleansweep option (what better way) However i do doubt it will go down this way. (At this point in time). The most likely route we will go down, is a cashless society, everything trackable and traceable, trackers and breathalyzers in your cars and more, average speed cameras/cameras covering in and out routes of where people live, like council estates/housing estates etc.. software that follows your every movement in your cars, in your devices (pretty much exists now but its all alpha junk at the moment), They will turn us into cattle and they will profit from us harma and the world will ironically advance into a tech era where we think its normal to be subjugate to unreasonable things, Tracking, Vaccines, and more. ^ If they do the last i have suggested, first they have to bring us on our knees, so what they need to do is create "chaos" so we are all in a state of Hysteria and Fear, in result to that chaos, cause higher demands, and simply control the ropes, no point beating about the bush, its that simple. Crash/Sabotage the economy under the pretense of a Pandemic, let everything continue to worsen and then.......... DO NOT FEAR, WE CAN BEAT THESE THREATS TOGETHER, WE WILL ESTABLISH ONE BANK, ONE GOVERNMENT etc... But again, even if they do it like this, Genocide is on the table either way... All you have to do is look at the modern structure of medicine and big pharma, and then see what they are feeding us, GMO'd corn syrups, shit beige food, poisoned everything, just increasing health demand. As for the vaccine itself, its related to hive control and other things, far worse than what people think, ancestryDNA and all of this shit is just a way of logging your identification pretty much, they are hot on it and are not stopping any time soon. All i can suggest people do is, spite being born with the Doubt in your head, due to the manipulation of this Agenda that has existed for thousands of years before you was born (Yes literally thousands of years..)... Push the doubt out of your head by relaxing more, forget about all of the "orchestrated chaos" and give yourself peace, trust me when i say it that is the answer, and know in your mind that you are anti-agenda and you will lay your life down to stop their plans when the time is right, that is enough, that is enough............ Unfortunately we don't have long, but like i said above, it could be a slow decline/transition.... or a fast cleansweep, anything is on the table for them now, all you can do is relax, do not conform and resist in every way, and if your human right is breached (forcing you to be injected with drugs so you can travel or just function as a normal human being) it will only give further validity that you need to fight, and fight hard in your own way and do not accept this lying down.
  11. Hit it right on the spot my friend, I'll tell you why he hasn't been targeted, its because if they target him legally it opens the door for him to say things the agenda doesn't want him to say, not just that, everything is energy. By erasing a body you don't erase a soul, ideas have power and so forth, he understood this a long time ago through his awakening. Yes, my gut has always said he's straight and he's for the people, check out this channel its not a "conspiracy" one but the owner of the channel is a great bloke, look at what he uploaded 11 years ago. This was in 1995. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY2ooMe8YHk To put simply, just skip to 10:10 and watch to 11 minutes, just that tiny snippet is good enough really, there are so many functions and performances icke has done literally many years ago that most people on here haven't watched i can guarantee, i have analyzed him over the years and supported him and he just continues to do great for one simple reason, Truth. Take care mate.
  12. Well like i said in my earlier post on another thread, you can't 100% trust anyone especially someone previously employed by the BBC unless you know/speak/examine them personally and know what your doing(even then you can still be deceived by a high tier propaganda agent), however it doesn't change the fact that he's repeatedly made himself clear how he has said "You take the information, you pull it apart pretty much and analyze it yourself and decide whether or not independently you would like to believe in it", plus like i previously stated when you look at the way icke is performing, he really doesn't seem like a backwards agent, not like you would know it IF he was, but no he isn't, you have to be realistic, everything he is doing is maximized at the same time he's avoiding bias legal action from the government/agenda etc.. This is a man of the people, for the people, what agent of the agenda really states - Love is the answer, we should all be united, etc.. That is why, spite his previous employment and the odd thing that can be picked apart and used against him, you have to be realistic. Everything this man has worked for and everything his books tell you about is enlightenment, opening your eyes, and freedom. Even as a backwards agent, he wouldn't want to spin that stuff..... Believe me Lol, this is why i have supported him without him knowing it for almost 20 years, (i'm 30 now). Go with your gut, my gut tells me this Man is fighting a battle with us and won't go quietly into the night, and my god even when he does, we will be ready to support his son in pioneering his fathers image of the world. - it won't be quietly* I don't personally believe love will prevail, but how can we ever dismiss it, icke's Faith and Hope in itself for Humanity is a gift, the times he has spoken about the capabilities of humanity and how we can improve if we take away the fear, the greed, etc.. Why should we not believe it, we have come this far after all. I also feel, what he says, is coming from what he believes to be true, that is enough.
  13. Oh and lets get real too, the news post quotes from dailymail, here let me show you how dailymail treated me when i decided to professionally speak truth? Hello, Your account has been permanently de- activated for going against the Community Guidelines. You are no longer allowed to post on MailOnline the Daily Mail or other Associated Newspapers Ltd sites using this or any other user profile. Regards, Communities Editor MailOnline Obviously ive made several emails and all have been ignored.
  14. A second lockdown? Didn't acknowledge the first one. Haven't worn a mask yet, been enjoying my life just the same tbh, Its all perception and illusionary magic at work, go out and breath guys.
  15. I don't speak, but i will make clear, there are people in the shadows waiting to act against this Tyranny. Put bluntly, i have read and followed up on David for a few years, I do think he's authentic but the fact is, David cannot be trusted either, especially him in fact. just like many other figureheads, it isn't coincidental that he was a BBC puppet and went down this route, unless you show us you are something other than a diversion David, then you are potentially an agent of the Agenda, and that is the fact. (I'm sure if David is authentic *which i personally think he is* he would agree with me here to an extent, that the risk of him being a puppet agent himself is high*) I personally would like to believe David is an authentic rebel, left the BBC upon the job souring and thought it was time to move on, and from there had an authentic awakening and knew the obvious, the world is corrupt and someone has to speak about it. However fact remains, no matter what David states, he is still potentially a backwards diversion agent unfortunately. As for his god claims, if he was going through a state of "awakening" and accepting reality for what it is etc, its easy to be thrown off ball somewhere, or even to CLAIM something that people simply don't understand you might be taking the piss out of THEM or he could have been referring to the fact that everyone is Jesus and Jesus is god and god is Jesus, which means, he is the son of god. My point is, david has a weird way of thinking and that has become more and more clear over the years, as for people especially "Newcomers" not believing in "Reptillians", let me make it clear, I don't. (However i say i don't but this is my point - i have seen 7 foot tall+ shadows and i am a spiritual person who has seen spirit all of my life i can say with confidence there is another type of spirit or entity or species acting outside of our frequency that is stupidly bigger than that of a human being, they also give off different energy as well, the biggest one ive seen has been roughly 9 feet tall,(yes i know hard to believe.) when i say big, i mean big, believe me or don't i don't care personally.) However it doesn't mean the possibility of reptillians, or another actively intelligent species is manipulating us is low, look at the geoengineering of our atmosphere, and the genetic modification of our foods, it all indicates a form of "take over" (spite the excuses for bigger better yield less pestilence etc), whether its greedy humans, reptillians, or alien greys, we obviously do not know. But is there a problem and is it real? Yes. I think for any Newcomer to judge David on a mere couple of words over years and years of speaking/talking/writing books would be harsh, and also ignorant, do remember when he was on TV he must of been under an extreme amount of pressure, especially at that point in time when the world was completely one sided. putting aside other theories he has made that have been unpopular, it doesn't change the fact that he is pioneering anti vax, and much more, This isn't a person looking to scam, yes hes made money why shouldn't he?(Not millions and millions like people have claimed, idiots..) This is a man wanting to spread truth and i genuinely believe that he believes in what he is saying, and that is enough. Taxes and licencing, renting of venues, printed vests at events all sorts of things people do not take into account or consider the world is expensive especially when your going against mainstream agenda. Now you'll notice at these public functions they wont break certain protocols so police don't get involved etc, but lets make it clear right here and now.... (Whenever have you heard of people getting their power back without fighting for it back first?) What i'm saying is obvious, people need to act and not stand there and waste time, people need outing from offices and government needs reforming, any police who do not side with us should be regarded as official enemies of the state, they should be regarded as orwellian agenda eurotroops that need outing/removing from their job titles and sentencing/and/or removing from the Country(sent to Europe). There's not much i can say here, but what i know is, as a true fighter i am on my own, i see everyone shouting but no one acting, are you prepared to act? is anyone prepared to act or is it just vent after vent? Love won't prevail i don't think, come the end of this Century, Humanity will be on its knees and we will be subject to a technologically ran society that keeps us on our knees both directly and indirectly, this agenda is ancient and if they can run vast operations like the BBC, Disney, need i say??? Then they can run David too. So yes like i said, trust no one, including him, until he acts and proves his worth. (He's doing what he can already btw, orwellian restrictions make it impossible) As for discrediting David, we aren't in a time where people have "time" to discredit good, clearly obviously evident information. Covid isn't real in the way people think it is, it has cost us billions just in the UK alone, if they don't blow the world up they will have us in biological chains instead and that is what people are choosing, David i believe is trying to stop this, but take into account his age and also how hard he has already been fighting, its taken him a life time just to draw the attention of so many people, i remember his early days and he really was regarded as mental, especially locally,(I'm from dorset), people 15+ years ago laughed at me too, not so many laughing now but yes. I too spent my life being laughed at everywhere i went especially if i opened my mouth again, from school to college to work and to think ive never gone public or attempted to go public on my vast experience and knowledge around the agenda, how they algorithmically function, from the Tribes to the Banks it is all unfortunately very real and a very ancient well laid plan to rule this World. If people don't want to listen to the obvious truths, let them ignore, if people want to judge someone based on one thing he said when he was under extreme pressure on national television then let them judge him for that, do remember he was likely taking the piss or indirectly making a point anyway (all one consciousness etc..), and even if he wasn't, again, who can judge after all the things he has been right about, the obvious things he is against, like unsafe vaccines, etc.. Just read Owls post too, perfect~
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