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  1. Hit it right on the spot my friend, I'll tell you why he hasn't been targeted, its because if they target him legally it opens the door for him to say things the agenda doesn't want him to say, not just that, everything is energy. By erasing a body you don't erase a soul, ideas have power and so forth, he understood this a long time ago through his awakening. Yes, my gut has always said he's straight and he's for the people, check out this channel its not a "conspiracy" one but the owner of the channel is a great bloke, look at what he uploaded 11 years ago. This was in 1995.
  2. Well like i said in my earlier post on another thread, you can't 100% trust anyone especially someone previously employed by the BBC unless you know/speak/examine them personally and know what your doing(even then you can still be deceived by a high tier propaganda agent), however it doesn't change the fact that he's repeatedly made himself clear how he has said "You take the information, you pull it apart pretty much and analyze it yourself and decide whether or not independently you would like to believe in it", plus like i previously stated when you look at the way icke is performing, he re
  3. Oh and lets get real too, the news post quotes from dailymail, here let me show you how dailymail treated me when i decided to professionally speak truth? Hello, Your account has been permanently de- activated for going against the Community Guidelines. You are no longer allowed to post on MailOnline the Daily Mail or other Associated Newspapers Ltd sites using this or any other user profile. Regards, Communities Editor MailOnline Obviously ive made several emails and all have been ignored.
  4. A second lockdown? Didn't acknowledge the first one. Haven't worn a mask yet, been enjoying my life just the same tbh, Its all perception and illusionary magic at work, go out and breath guys.
  5. I don't speak, but i will make clear, there are people in the shadows waiting to act against this Tyranny. Put bluntly, i have read and followed up on David for a few years, I do think he's authentic but the fact is, David cannot be trusted either, especially him in fact. just like many other figureheads, it isn't coincidental that he was a BBC puppet and went down this route, unless you show us you are something other than a diversion David, then you are potentially an agent of the Agenda, and that is the fact. (I'm sure if David is authentic *which i personally think he is* he
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