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  1. Based on my own experiences and dreams, Lucifer is a 23ft tall Royal Reptilian with wings and a long tail and SATAN is an very advanced AI virus (black substance) that is capable of infecting biological life forms. Lucifer became infected with this SATAN AI which made Lucifer completely insane and evil. Lucifer and his army have annhilated entire peaceful civilisations throughout this multiverse. They are the scourge of the multiverse.
  2. I personally think all this talk about salvation and the need to be saved is all complete negative horseshit that will likely lead us all into the abyss unless we awaken and empower ourselves and each other and come to the true realisation of what we truly are through positive thinking, truth, logic and reasoning. Even if we do fail, remember it’s only a simulation. None of it is real. I don't believe anyone really goes to hell. What is reality? I believe that we are living in a simulation whereby everything is consciousness. What we think literally manifests as our reality, especially if the thought and feeling is powerful enough, then changes to this reality and your life will probably occur. However, the end result might not be what you wanted or desired as you have to remember that we share this planet with seven billion other conscious humans, not to mention other lifeforms who have thoughts of their own and whatever they are thinking at any given moment is also having an effect upon your life and everyone else’s, especially if it’s people/animals/other beings who know you, or are interacting with you. It's a big multiverse with many levels of consciousness, all participating in the game of life. Some serve good, and some serve evil. More so than ever before, humanity seriously needs to wake up and free ourselves from all the brainwashing, negative programming and come to realise our full potential. Cut out the negative crap from these peddlers of hate, lies, charlatans, doom merchants and naysayers who claim you’re not capable of doing this or doing that. The only limitations and boundaries we have as a species are the ones we impose upon ourselves and each other. Truthfully, I don’t think there are any, as we are capable of anything we put our minds too. There are those who know the truth and have experienced it first hand through meditation, NDE's, OBE's etc and have come to the most enlightened realisation that we all come from the most powerful, most majestic, most intelligent and most beautiful loving force in all of existence. That would be the Supreme Being and there is nothing in all of existence that does not contain its essence. For validation, all you have to do is look within and believe and feel the power and love as it resonates all around you. We are all pieces of the same jig saw puzzle trying to find our way in a world that we do not always understand or comprehend, mainly because of all the negative crap that is going on. My advice, just ignore it, look within, be positive and see yourself as the person you truly want to be, and go forth into the world and be that person, no matter what. Be courageous and don't let anyone stand in the way of you being the best version of yourself. Those who serve evil will fail. They always do! Peace and love!
  3. The perfect song to use during an uprising or revolution. For the pacifist or truther. WTFU! Someone Always Hates Someone Last night I shook hands with the devil In a dream that I can never lose He laughed when he saw me cryin' At the pictures on the evening news He said it's not really a dilemma You're just a little out of touch Don't think of the situation 'cause it'll make you think too much Someone always hates someone Someone always hates someone Someone always sells a gun 'cause someone always hates someone A child will be born tomorrow As open as an empty cup And we'll fill it with hope and sorrow The very things that messed us up We'll ask him to join the congregation A hindu moslem christian or jew Pretty soon he'll recognise his brothers But soon he'll know the enemy too Someone always hates someone Someone always hates someone Someone always buys a gun 'cause someone always hates someone I died and I went to heaven In a dream I never had before A good friend who had gone before me Had kindly left my name at the door I looked on the face of the almighty Couldn't help myself I started to shout How come you made a mess of things How come you didn't work it out He said Someone always hates someone Someone always hates someone There's so much love for everyone But someone always hates someone
  4. Sounds like more fear porn to me. If there is a soul/consciouness then I personally believe that it doesn't reside in the physical, because everything is an illusion, nothing is real, and therefore we are not really here, so how can an illusionary vaccine imprison our soul? I think Rudolf Steiner was referring to the use of vaccines to entrap us physically and prevent us from experiencing the spiritual world, but only as long as we are physically alive. I cannot understand why anyone would give up their greatest gift, the only thing that is real (soul) to become a transhuman. They must must be a raving lunatic and a spiritual dead beat. Elon Musk certainly sounds like he is?
  5. Probably when they wake up on the other side and then realise it's too late to do anything. :) Everyone should concentrate on saving themselves. It's all you can do (get out of dodge), nobody is coming to save us. We are all on our own. half of society is brainwashed, our system of government is beyond corrupt and cannot be saved. It's sink or swim time. My personal opinion is that it's too late for humanity barring a miracle. I hope I'm wrong!
  6. Look at who has been Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service since 2017. With Dame Cressida Rose Dick in charge, I'm not surprised standards in the police force have seriously declined.
  7. You might be right, but then again what about the theory that vaxxers are shedding spike proteins that are making themselves and unvaccinated people seriously ill, and could in itself increase the number of deaths short term and raise suspicion?
  8. I'm a man of my word. Try and force vaccinate me and you will find out up close and personal just how serious I am and how deadly I can be. It won't end well for anyone who tries to force vaccinate me. That I gaurantee troll!
  9. I recommend you go back and read what I was replying to. It was you who said, 'They reveled in the bloody mass murders of millions of Christians 100 years ago and gleefully raped and murdered German women and children at the end of World War 2 so it's hardly a surprise to see that old love of cruelty and blind obedience still present'. I was making a general statement, which you're clearly too stupid to understand. The Russia of today is nothing like the Soviet Union, it has completely changed in every regard, as has it's people. So you're talking complete nonsense, especially when your reasoning is based on nothing but hatred & ignorance.
  10. This is also equally disturbing and extremely shocking if true. What a world we live in. Video has emerged from Sydney, Australia showing uniformed police officers TAZERING citizens, tackling them, and force-vaccinating them in public.
  11. The Russians of today have absolutely nothing to do with what happened hundreds of years ago and to tarnish an entire nation with the same brush truly is the height of stupidity and ignorance.
  12. I'm a practising Buddhist and normally refrain from any kind of violence which I find abhorrent, but I'm sorry to say it, peaceful protests are not going to save us, unless it's the entire country out their protesting outside 10 Downing Street, which realistically is not likely to happen anytime soon. These psychopaths (Global Elite, Deep State and their puppet politicians etc ) have made it perfectly clear that they want us vaxxed or dead at any price. It's time to start giving these evil f##### a taste of their own medicine and make it perfectly clear (vocal) to them that any attempt to take away our civil liberties and freedoms and it's all out war. Anyone who tries to force vaccinate me will automatically forfeit their life, and I'm not kidding. That is how strongly I feel when it comes to blatant fascism. I bow to no evil, and I'm not afraid to die. If a group of people pin me down and force vaccinate me, I will hunt down everyone one of them, Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) style, and send them to place worse than hell. I kid you not! It's time to up the ante.
  13. Most people these days are brainwashed. Only too happy to go along with this fascist lockdown while rolling up their sleeves for a poisonous vaccine. They simply don't care, or worse they are evil apologists and appeasers. Let's face it, humanity is a lost cause and cannot be saved. Best to concentrate on just saving yourself and your own sanity. Most of the papers over the last week have now announced that covid 19 likely came from the Wuhan Biotech Lab and was accidently leaked, which is just more lies, it's obvious it's a bioweapon, but still the sheeple are only too happy to believe the BS. I give up trying to show my family what the truth really is, they are simply more concerned about what's happening on Coronation Street or Emmerdale Farm than what's happening in the real world. The only way there will ever be a revolution in this country is if you take away their TV or Phones. I imagine most people are only too happy to become cyborg like transhumans without any freewill or freedom, as long as they still get to watch TV or play with their phones. The deep state and corporate media knows this only too well and are playing all of these idiots like a fiddle, but what's new.
  14. It begs the question, where are all the good guys? Is everything in this simulated universe, including it's creator inherently evil? If this universe is occupied by nothing more than evil genetic cyborgs & alien drones with the personality of a potato, then we might as well just destroy the entire universe and spiritually go home back to heaven (Real Universe). However, I like to think and do believe that this universe is pro life and such a wicked and evil act would never be allowed to happen by higher beings. We appear to be truly living in a negative time period. Do none of these whistleblowers have anything positive to say?
  15. I've heard from numerous sources that they are meat eaters, so they are probably just farming us. Giving us knowledge is simply their way of maintaining our survival and ensuring that they have a continuous and plentiful food supply. All the ancient human sacrifices to these so called Gods/Aliens speaks for itself. I don't think any of these Aliens are here to help. I personally don't think they give a s### about us individually, and only care about their long term ongoing experiments on humans, animals and plant life. I bet if a asteroid was about to wipe out Great Britain, they wouldn't intervene unless it jeopardized their experiment as a whole. That's why disclosure is so important. We need to find out the whole truth of what they are doing to us and then stand together as a species and demand they leave us alone. They need us, but we don't need them. Anyone who thinks they are going to solve all our problems and babysit us is deluded. If that was their agenda, they would have already revealed themselves to us.
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