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  1. /88even if the naturally evolving humans became awed or subverted by a more intelligent race, but original man could have had a religion a religious culture before they as such you've described had descended. the more you learn the more you become convinced, and it makes sense, except the part where religion was created to be used against 'ourselves'
  2. Guys, I know that David Icke was saying even back in May that Covid was all a hoax and stuff, and at the time I wasn't surprised because he associated this with a lot of issues involved with conspiracies and the surveillance state and human control mechanisms, you know. I suppose I could be described as a skeptic, being from NY supposively the epicenter of the american outbreak, and I didn't want to wear a mask because of the fluid dynamics of it all, and someone was going to sneeze into the 4 winds and all, there just wasn't any way that it would keep me from getting infected.
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