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  1. Hello, David. Your information and the way you have explained the reasons behind the fake Covid -19 is really useful and so amazing. Can you perhaps cover as well the latest happenings (and what they mean for humanity) in the middle east and with NATO. I thinks things may be quite bad there at the moment and I wonder if you could shed more light in the wonderful way you do on the subject. I feel maybe in light of the fake Covid-19 created panic the 'cult' have used this to do more terrible things to the middle east in terms of warfare and bombing. It would be therefore very useful to know more about the subject in much detail. This is just a suggestion. Keep up the amazing and helpful work that you do! Your spreading of information changed my life. It gave the ingredients to gain control of my life and to become free and conscious at last. I grew up all my life feeling the most quiet powerful knowing sense you possibly imagine. This was the feeling of knowing somehow, somewhere there is boundlessness, that somewhere there is a magical foreverness of stillness and silent, eternal love. Thank You for your help David Your Wisdom has opened hearts.
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