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  1. everywhere, and when they arent killing they are busy looking down on others or raping children why would you be allowed to be the only nutcase on this thread?
  2. maybe? the important truth though is that christians are a large part of the military and do their fair share of killing people, they dont seem to need a reason, they just like killing
  3. this hilarious affirmation is what gets people asking questions like "is yahweh satan?", i mean lets be real, you are obviously acting with animosity, and your christian bretheren exploit and kill people all over the world everyday, to be honest there isnt much daylight between satan and yahweh, they are both evil, and so are their supporters
  4. there is no flowing water on the moon, so looking for "watershed marks" will be fruitless
  6. and how does that relate to large shallow craters on the moon?
  7. its fine, i thought the exchange was hilarious, couldnt get the quotes to work right, i will figure it out, sorry about crapping all over this thread
  8. that is speculation, how about some experimental evidence?
  9. where did this happen? ah, no, its their words from another thread, just used the quote wrong
  10. oh, well if its not in those 35 videos it must not be true do you even introspection bro?
  11. theory: electric discharges are the cause of large shallow craters on the moon and elsewhere i have provided experimental evidence to back it up where is your evidence to the contrary?
  12. more deflection, it looks like you just cant answer the question...
  13. you seem pretty sure about something you cannot know i didnt miss it, its just impossible so i ignored it actually, the fact that you are cheesed off because i ignored your nonsense post makes it seem like you are the one who is deluded
  14. you definitely need a nap, or maybe answer my questions...
  15. nonsense, interplanetary discharges would last several minutes to years depending on the vectors of the bodies, plus many of the craters on the moon were formed quickly during one of the suns nova events, a large CME could cause massive discharges all over the surface of the moon for hours at a minimum
  16. well my wife will be glad to hear it, she has been teaching the hard way for a while now, i will tell her she just needs to know some page numbers well thats fluid dynamics so not the same as rubbing a balloon in your hair an atmosphere of vaporized anything is called a plasma, clouds come from storms not the other way around not always true, liquid metallic hydrogen forms a lattice that is "solid", but so what?
  17. uh oh, you seem to have fallen into failsafe mode, you are failing to follow the conversation so you fall back to your safe space by attacking me, maybe you need a rest
  18. so to you experimental evidence is wishful thinking? electric discharges form lichtenberg structures, soil accumulates along the edge of the discharge through ionic deposition, the water flows along the discharge channel keeping it clear no, thats what any good teacher does, if you dont figure it out no one will figure it out for you this kind of word salad nonsense question seems to be your speciality
  19. did you watch the video? its not that hard to understand
  20. well thats weird, it says in the bible that god kicked adam and eve out of the garden, did you miss that part? if angels built the megaliths then why isnt the story in the bible? why did they build huge cities all over the earth? who lived in the cities?
  21. shallow flat bottomed craters are a sign of electric scarring
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