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  1. maybe the chinese people want to be left alone to live their lives without western religious influence
  2. "white people" isnt a club you join, just a racist phrase, you cant change your race but you can change your beliefs
  3. no, i didnt, try reading again wow, what a dickhead thing to post
  4. so christians tried to invade a foreign land and are being rebuffed, how is that censorship? seems like they are simply losing a spiritual war
  5. what? are you scheduling an apponitment? when should i check back?
  6. not sure you have a point here, are satanists not free to have their own club?
  7. those five words are your best? how about some details to bolster your point
  8. no, i mean a real world event where christians were fighting communist infiltrators, you seem low on facts
  9. it is strange, why would church members allow such a thing? maybe because that is what christians really are, mindless tools and communists
  10. depends on the example, if you link to some satanist website then that is disingenuine
  11. for my part, i was raised christian, most of my friends were christians from several different sects, and most of us ended up leaving the religion behind as we studied more, the widespread unmitigated molestation of children was the final straw for me, so if the elite is fighting christian molestation then godspeed to them todays christianity is being turned into the communist state religion and is a tool of the very elite you despise
  12. please elaborate, how are christians being silenced specifically, some example of real world censorship
  13. only you can guilt trip your self, no other can do that, its your emotion, so if you feel guilty then that is all on you being a christian means supporting your bretheren, you are directly responsible for all christian atrocities throughout the ages, nice job
  14. more defensive posturing, i liked you better when you were leaving
  15. if you are hanging out with some friends and one of them decides to kill someone and you dont leave the group immediately and renounce the crime then you will likely be charged with accessory to manslaughter all christians are responsible for all acts of violence done by their brothers, if you dont like that then tough shit, either get your buddies under control or leave the group, pretty simple many people live by the tenets jesus espoused without calling themsellves christian, its just doing the right thing
  16. i dont know what your deal is, just that you are desperately defending christians with lies and deceit
  17. you sure seem desperate to wiggle out of being responsible for christian atrocities, your lies are your own prison
  18. you wrote this, and its wrong, government is mostly run by christians you wrote this, not me, and its wrong, no christians are being silenced anywhere
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