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  1. apparently i cant copy paste from facebook but the conference desciption is at this link https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2406052112956831&id=2406030309625678&ref=page_internal&__tn__=*s*s-R
  2. you cant be serious, so the page i linked to doesnt describe the same event? its not obvious, and doesnt matter, the page i linked to descibes the conference, it is not censored in fact i did look at it, i copied and pasted the name of the conference and bam! there it was on facebook, not censored, took like 20 seconds no, you just dont like the reality that this page isnt censored
  3. one more time, i linked to the conference page, which is still active there is no other page mentioned or linked to in the story you posted a photo(not screen grab?) that has no attribution and is apparently fake because the conference page is still up it looks like you have some other agenda here and are being obtuse on purpose
  4. lol, ok, i guess the active facebook page is evidence of censorship, what a joke you are
  5. holy shit, yes i fucking did... i linked to the conference page, end of story
  6. i linked to the event page that was supposedly blocked, dont give a shit about your weird photo(not even a screen grab)
  7. yeah, he did great, none of you even checked out their fake news article before popping the champaign
  8. i asked for an example of censorship and you posted a fake news story about a facebook page being censored that is still up, explain?
  9. no it doesnt mean that, do you have proof they were banned? the conference is over, why keep posting about it? if facebook wanted it censored why is the page still up? you people are crazy
  10. so what? the conference page is there, no censorship, just lies
  11. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/13315-happyghanistan/ https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/8683-secret-of-the-knowledge-of-good-and-evil/
  12. why is there a facebook page for this event then... https://m.facebook.com/ReligiousFreedomAtTheCrossroads/posts/?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2F&_rdr
  13. i have a couple threads i started and various posts in other threads, i need to do real work now though, if you like i will come back later and post links and answer questions
  14. disagree, "the church" is only those that support it, identifying as a christian(or any religion) is divisive and narrow minded, become a citizen of the earth above all else
  15. in general? i believe humans are deeply traumatised and acting out like scared children fighting with each other over ideology while mindlessly destroying the planet, our social order is hastening the demise of all life on earth and needs to be greatly reformed, i have given detail elsewhere on this forum
  16. are you denying the reality that western life is shaped by christianity? even if the 1% are not christian they are using them for their agenda, if christians took their power away then poof, the 1% disappears
  17. not going there, i dont like buddhists any more than christians or commies, their common thread is they like to fight
  18. agree, the globalists are pushing a communist agenda in all aspects of society and using christians is a brilliant ploy if they really are infiltrating the church, which i doubt, i think christians are just kinda dim and will go along with nearly any nonsense if it is forced on them top down, if your child molesting religion cant stand the onslaught of the commies then it deserves to die
  19. when you use the term the way you did then yes, its about race
  20. doesnt matter what you think, its their country and their culture, deal with it anyway, i thought you were done cuz ima troll, derp
  21. lol, you cant see where enigmaticworld was complaining about commies infiltrating the church? that is what that reply is to, im not even agreeing with them, your arguement is with them
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