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  1. this is so dumb, the war in iraq was always about money, the language of both the jews and christians
  2. not blacklisted, suppressed from auto fill on search, big difference yes its bad but they corrected it, apparently, so how is it concerning?
  3. durr, a religious google search turns up religious results, hurr
  4. sean feucht again, covid protest related... looks like this claim is just plain false, and or its political this one is genuine, facebook is idiots so who knows what happened, but to their credit they reversed course and allowed the post, so not censorship technically, just interference, still bad but not nefarious this one is marginal, maybe some bad actors messed with the search algorithm but in the end... again, they corrected the situation, not censorship at all in this case
  5. not a christian group, formed and operated specifically to protest covid restrictions, politics is not religion, and this sean feucht guy is a loon that many christians think is a scam artist, from what i read(praying people back from the dead) looks like they are right verdict: not christian group, political activists family research council is a government lobbying group, not a christian group, they lobby for anti gay and lesbian causes mostly, quite hilarious given that... verdict: not christian group, lobbyists
  6. well yeah i did prove it was fake, by linking to the supposed censored page, the other garbage you posted was even less trustworthy, maybe try harder?
  7. i dont use twitter or facebook or any other social media except this forum, and you havent proven censorship, one fake news article doesnt count, especially when the page is still up
  8. how do you know this is what happened? the fact that the page is still up seems paramount
  9. i live in the real world where the link i posted still has the conference info, the article is fake news and so are you
  10. you posted the article, i checked it out, the page is still up, no censorship, which part dont you understand?
  11. great job everybody, i think we have proven that christians are liars, the post is still up, no censorship, thanks
  12. dont care, he is obviously a liar, the page is still up right now
  13. da fuck are you on? did you see the description of the conference at the link i posted or not?
  14. wut? so you didnt see the text of the event description?
  15. man, this is weird, does posting that pic over and over makes you feel better?
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