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  1. the paradise machine was a consciously constructed orbit of planets around the sun at the time saturn was more like a red dwarf star, with a large plasma envelope all the planets were inside the red discharge the arrangement of the planets was designed to produce ideal life support on Earth the soft red glow helped plants grow and also precipitated organic compounds there was always light, no day or night and no noticeable weather the close alignment of the spheres reduced Earth gravity significantly this allowed the flora and fauna to reach sizes not possible today Earth was also shielded from the solar wind and cosmic rays by saturns glow this reduced radiation damage (to dna and telomeres, ect.) to nearly zero descriptions of the machine are rare, Earth humans did not build it but the myths of man describe a 'golden age' and a 'garden of eden' after which came much suffering and turmoil the various megalithic structures around the world are the last remains of this time none of them were built by Earth humans they were built by 'gods' that came from the 'heavens' these 'gods' built the pyramids that are scattered about the Earth part of the machine that kept the planets properly aligned according to the old tales, there was a war in heaven some 'gods' chose to stay on Earth while others fled in the end the war destroyed the planetary machinery and the gods died or abandoned the Earth for thousands of years man lived under a crumbling sky as the planets fell out of their arranged orbits they 'fought' with each other raining rocks and debris down on Earth the story of armageddon is of the last great catastrophe "a new heavens and a new Earth" this is when the megalithic cities were destroyed humans fled to caves to avoid constant rock fall very few survived scientists call this event the 'younger dryas' around 12,500 years ago those that lived through the event were obsessed with the sky making calendars and star charts whole societies were devoted to appeasing the 'sky gods' some ceremonies were timed with Earths passing through a debis field begging the god(s) to not rain rock and fire on them eventually the planets found stable orbits and the disasters became infrequent man began to multiply and emerged from the caves the 'sky religions' lost their purpose and fell out of use various traditions were repurposed as social controls religion became government this is what i know i will not debate the veracity of my words i will answer questions if i can
  2. i have pointed out some attributes of love i am curious if you disagree is love not obsession? do people not kill for love? if you do not define terms they have no meaning
  3. it would be difficult at best to explain the entire universe my physical body wont last that long perhaps you have a specific question?
  4. the secret of the knowledge of good and evil is that evil will always dominate good good can only do good, it is restrained in its action evil can do anything, even pretend to be good evil infiltrates good and leads good to do evil good will not even know they are doing evil believing in good vs evil is a mental dis ease it is a personal judgement based on emotion as the dis ease progresses it can become love love is the worst mental dis ease love is obsession, a partial blindness love allows one to kill for country or family love gives rise to hate at minimum one hates losing their love appreciation is the antidote to love the opposite is ignorance, a benign temporary state unlike love, one can appreciate everything even terrible things like suffering and death right and wrong are the state of the universe wrong is transitory, quickly being corrected by right if you do not eat the body tells you it is wrong you then will do the right thing, eat or die right is not opinion or emotion, it is the natural state
  5. by definition there is only one truth it belongs to us all knowing is an internal construct i can explain what i know but the knowing cannot be transferred my journey is my journey i leave stones along the way
  6. good. the struggle to define your self is the best way to learn who you are a lack of purpose can be liberating meaning can get in the way of experiencing when you feel out of sorts, forget everything and take a walk
  7. intuition is immutable the mind is plastic the human mind has freedom freedom is the ability to do the wrong thing doing what is right is constrained be careful not to confuse intuition with the free mind
  8. life is the search for perfection each plant seeks to make better seed each animal strives for more pleasure, less pain humans are unique in our use of Mind energy we can "see" it and use it consciously your mind controls matter, each to their ability meditation will increase your abilities as conscious entities we are all heading toward perfection the intuition is your guide a personal relationship can be forged with it in the future we are the 'perfect self' we then communicate with our previous selfs through intuition every thing that happens to you is a message from the future perfect self make sure to pay attention
  9. the dinosaurs, and others, went extinct when the 'paradise machine' was destroyed during the time of the megalithic structures gravity was reduced the careful arrangement of the planets in the solar system was the cause Earth was within the cocoon of the 'superior sun', what we call Saturn the plasma discharge from Saturn bathed the Earth in a constant red glow there were no seasons, no day or night, no weather the Earth was a perfect greenhouse, a paradise as such, the flora and fauna grew very large and was abundant when the 'paradise machine' was destroyed, everything changed we lost our red cocoon, gravity increased and the sun began blasting us disaster struck everywhere on Earth, as evidenced in the layering of the fossils most life that survived was extinguished by higher gravity and solar radiation/cosmic rays contrary to evolutionists claims, mutation is always bad, usually fatal
  10. the universal consciousness is the Mind the Mind contains all information Mind is the parent of our individual mind each of us can access it as our ability allows this is the way of the mystic
  11. there is zero evidence for a "big bang" observations of the universe regularly disprove it black holes are a mathematical construct even then, the maths are incomplete or contradictory at the center of every galaxy is a 'plasmoid' they are caused by a 'z-pinch' along interstellar plasma filaments they are a force of creation, not destruction
  12. the hubble constant does not exist Halton Arp explains the true nature of red-shift red-shift is intrinsic to the observed system it is based on the conditions of the local plasma
  13. the universe was created, it is here all around us as evidence as citizens of the universe we cannot know anything about the creator(s) the creators were not part of the creation just as a sculptor is not part of a statue the universe is infinite no beginning and no end every possible thing is happening forever not to be confused with individuality things are not infinite but the energy they are made of is
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