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  1. this is beautiful, good advice i suggest also becoming detached from your initial emotive responses, learn to control the fight or flight reaction, when the dog pisses on your shoes just be chill
  2. humanity suffered a great disaster, a place some called paradise was destroyed, the whole world was destroyed, the unlucky survivors were reduced to a trauma informed society, violence was the currency, cannibalism was regularized for many generations man lived this way, teaching their children savage ways to survive, perpetuating the trauma, even after the abundance returned, men gathered the resources, locked them away from the population, to cause artificial scarcity we as a people cannot move past this primarily because the memory of trauma is strong, it infects each generation, and some are happy to exploit others regardless of the suffering it causes, everyone still terrified of scarcity there is no solution to this problem that can come from man made society, even the natural order is corrupted by man
  3. the lump of metal already has a magnetic field, by various processes you can align the field start a new thread if you need help understanding magnetism :)
  4. ok, you dont know shit about electricity and it appears you have a learning disability wrong. these two statements contradict each other, but they are also both wrong, amazing! the key point here is that its the movement that induces current, magnets alone do not create charge lulz no.
  5. its a pinball machine, he is playing you like a game
  6. forces of darkness are constantly trying to obfuscate the simple truth of life with gobbledygook like "the underworld" which is just more satan worship
  7. the so called "near death experience" seems to be widely misunderstood we are never closer to death than in our earthly experience, we can see many things die everyday our ordinary material lives are a near death experience what is being described by those "near death" is a near life experience the light that draws some in is the birth process beginning the only trap in the process is being ignorant of how it works, the evil that enslaves comes from within
  8. ok, i see you are really into the "magnetism" so i will go easy on you, but think about this, an electric charge creates a magnetic field, a magnetic field does not create electricity(charge) for magnetic fields to produce charge you need to apply some vector change, the isolated magnetic field seeks rest, not charge
  9. this is fantastically convoluted, "fascinating"? i think its downright incredible
  10. ah, the ubiquitous appeal to authority as an aside, do you think a world being exploited by pirates has universities that teach truth? anyway, here are some other authorities to peruse: Kristian Birkeland Halton Arp Ralph Juergens Immanuel Velikovsky now, back to the weather on a globe planet: GEC=global electric circuit https://science.thewire.in/the-sciences/earth-global-electrical-circuit-carnegie-curve-ionosphere/ much more technical: https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rspa.2019.0758 Faris Wald, brilliant young scientist: https://www.societyforscience.org/press-release/middle-school-student-researches-the-suns-power-to-affect-cyclones-wins-25000-top-award-in-the-national-broadcom-masters-competition/ curiously his research has been memory holed, maybe you can find more than i did textbook on electric space by the worlds leading science authority the AGU https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/book/10.1002/9781119324522
  11. wrong. the term "magnetic charge" is scientifically meaningless, it can only refer to "electric charge" not even wrong, this is just nonsense
  12. the concept of wealth stems from a mental dis ease wherein ones environment is commodified this leads to resource hoarding, which leads to artificial scarcity, which leads to exploitation the earth and its resources belong to all of us(life) equally, dividing them up for personal benefit is the root of all evil
  13. magnetism is the "footprint" of electric charge, the two concepts are descibing the same thing: electro-magnetism everything is made of electricity in the sciences, at the fundamental level, all things are measured by their electric charge
  14. weather, on any planet, is primarily driven by ionization(electricity) https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1029/2020GL088619
  15. some logic: many flat earthers base their beliefs on vaguely worded scripture lets assume that the text does imply a flat earth, that it says god made the earth flat now consider the "science" of observation, that nearby planets and the sun appear spherical the flat earther may say this is satans deception did satan create the illusion? no, god created the heavens and the earth why would god purposely deceive his followers? a loving god would do no such thing the logical conclusion is that satan, being the great liar, has deceived even the elect, if possible the universe is gods creation and he gave it to us believing we are trapped in an illusion, thinking that gods creation is fake comes from satan flat earth = satan worship
  16. qft https://www.abraham-hicks.com/about/ matt 24:4,5
  17. number 7, contentment, is the only one that reflects "feeling good", and comes from right action number 6, hopefulness, is a state of unrest that arises from discontent with "now" number 5, optimism, is an avoidance of possibility, an excuse for being unprepared number 4, positive expectation/belief, is self delusion, it is better to know than believe number 3, enthusiasm/eagerness/happiness, are three unrelated terms, enthusiasm is a state of focused awareness, eagerness is a state of anxiety, and hapiness is a state of passive appreciation, hapiness is not "feeling good" but rather a lack of feeling "bad" number 2, passion, is a state of focused obsession, a nervous dis order that arises from feeling disconnected from life number 1 is a total mess, trying to conflate several disparate concepts joy is the rebound of sorrow, and often becomes addicting so that one searches for sorrow to overcome, this leads to the slow destruction of joy and you are left with just sorrow appreciation is the purest state of human awareness, it is a state of emotional stability that allows one to begin knowing your self empowered is a buzzword that is mostly meaningless, but implies coming from a state of deficit, you are the universe, there is no other freedom and love freedom is the ability to do the wrong thing that which is right is delineated by nature nature is the ultimate fascist if you war against it you will die it doesnt care who you are or what you think love is a mental dis ease that comes from wrong action, an obsession on a singular energy love narrows awareness until you are blind love allows one to prosper while others suffer love justifies violence to preserve itself love is exclusive and then it ends the end of love is hate love develops out of a judgement of "good and evil" the obsession of categorizing good and evil spirals out of control the secret of the knowledge of good and evil is that evil always wins good can only do good, evil can do anything, good cannot use evil to defeat evil, but evil can disguise itself as good to usurp the good in the end, good is doing evils bidding while thinking it is doing good appreciation is the antidote to love
  18. you can take your consciousness anywhere in the universe when you control the mind, you control where you are born the interstellar plasma filaments that connect all heavenly bodies are your path the light seen by some at death is the birth canal of their new mother if you do not control your mind at the moment of death, you will be reborn where you are most familiar for those on earth that means you will probably be coming back here you will unconsciously seek out the same conditions as your previous body if you are here when the earth ends, when life as we know it ends your consciousness will be attached to the lifeless matter of the former earth you will lose the ability to control your consciousness, you lose free will eventually your energy will be reincorporated in a new star system you will slowly emerge from your conscious slumber, becoming again a being with free will with another chance to become a citizen of the universe
  19. religious texts and historical records tell a story of a world very different from ours there are references to a 'golden age' when gods walked among men there are tales of war and upheaval, of great changes to the earth and sky around the planet are found megalithic ruins, sites where finely crafted structures were built by unknown entities among the various ruins there are similarities; all are made from huge and finely cut stones, many have pyramids, and all of them were violently destroyed this evidence points to an advanced global civilization existing in the distant past evidence of this worldwide organization was nearly erased in the destruction, the damage being so thorough that few details remain in the fossil record we see many types of life that have been extinguished, and it is found that all life on the surface is only about 1% of what is buried below our feet in our modern times we have only myths and religious texts to inform us of this prehistory two of the more well known stories in the west are Ragnarok, when the gods died, and the account of armageddon from the bible IN THE BEGINNING the earth was created by 'gods', it was an ideal environment which looked very different from our earth these god beings built a paradise, an engineered environment that was ideal for life they reduced gravity which allowed plants and animals to grow much larger they also had a 'superior sun', saturn, which gave off a pleasant purple red glow, ideal for plant growth the magnetosphere of saturn enveloped the earth and blocked most of the harmful cosmic rays, but also blocked any view of space the creator beings, along with their creations, lived this way for a very long time at some point, the creators creations get out of control, either deceived by rival gods or corrupted by curiosity the gods had built the paradise machine for a purpose, to incubate developing life forms, a genetic space ark, but now it was falling apart the gods fought each other while their creations devolved into hedonism the original purpose of the earth was lost, and the gods began to leave in particular, yahweh announced to his people that he would take 144,000 of the elite with him, if they could follow his program in the end the gods that stayed on earth killed each other or were left stranded without the ability to leave the paradise machine was a very precise alignment of planets, it has been referred to as the 'polar configuration' by modern researchers the alignment of planets was facilitated by a delicate electromagnetic balance, with each planet very close together this was controlled by peripheral equipment both in space and on the various planets, pyramids being one of the machine parts as they focus energy into the earth below them this configuration changed the electrical discharge through the earth, reducing gravity and homogenizing the environment so temperature was constant and there was no rain or weather, relying instead on constantly high humidity for a water cycle when the warring began, the machine fell into disrepair, the caretakers(humans) became otherwise occupied, ignoring the tasks formerly required by the gods parts of the machine were repurposed by the gods and used to fight or flee from the destruction as the machine falls apart the planets begin to wobble out of alignment on their way to new orbits this allows for catastrophic interactions between the planets, electrical storms and earthquakes rip the surface of the earth apart erratic planetary rotation caused by close interactions with other planets causes the ocean to slosh about the earth, tsunamis thousands of feet deep sweep the surface one such event occured in the mediterranean, with the waters flowing into the black sea and across the middle east and then back the other way across northern africa, depositing the sand of the sahara look at a satellite image of mauritania and you can still see the flow lines in the sand, and around the richat structure you can see how the flow was interrupted by a massive electrical discharge at the same time after the initial disaster, the planets begin to move farther away from each other, interactions become more periodic as they find their new orbits periods of relative calm are punctuated by violent upheaval, rockfall from space becomes a regular event as the earth travels through the debris field eventually the planets stop directly interacting as they move to their now disparate orbital paths we now live in the remains of that long gone paradise, the gods are dead or have moved on, leaving the rest of us here to die any gods still here are trying to control the masses for their own benefit, but they live in secret, afraid of their subjects and are desperate to get off this planet armageddon already happened many thousands of years ago and nobody is coming to save us soon the sun will produce a superflare or micronova, an event connected to the earths failing magnetosphere and impending pole shift the sun produces a micronova roughly every 12,500 years, we are due for one right now, and eventually one of them will end us all
  20. i think you are getting tired, i will allow you to go to sleep now since you are off topic and using words you dont know the meaning of
  21. nepotism isnt related to religion or ancestry, you know that right?
  22. so basically all western leaders are christians, jew loving christians, which is appropiate since jesus was a jew
  23. merkel says christian, i think we may go for the clean sweep, who is running italy?
  24. and macron too, thats the big three, what about merkel?
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