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  1. this is beautiful, good advice i suggest also becoming detached from your initial emotive responses, learn to control the fight or flight reaction, when the dog pisses on your shoes just be chill
  2. humanity suffered a great disaster, a place some called paradise was destroyed, the whole world was destroyed, the unlucky survivors were reduced to a trauma informed society, violence was the currency, cannibalism was regularized for many generations man lived this way, teaching their children savage ways to survive, perpetuating the trauma, even after the abundance returned, men gathered the resources, locked them away from the population, to cause artificial scarcity we as a people cannot move past this primarily because the memory of trauma is strong, it infects each generation, and some are happy to exploit others regardless of the suffering it causes, everyone still terrified of scarcity there is no solution to this problem that can come from man made society, even the natural order is corrupted by man
  3. the lump of metal already has a magnetic field, by various processes you can align the field start a new thread if you need help understanding magnetism :)
  4. ok, you dont know shit about electricity and it appears you have a learning disability wrong. these two statements contradict each other, but they are also both wrong, amazing! the key point here is that its the movement that induces current, magnets alone do not create charge lulz no.
  5. its a pinball machine, he is playing you like a game
  6. forces of darkness are constantly trying to obfuscate the simple truth of life with gobbledygook like "the underworld" which is just more satan worship
  7. the so called "near death experience" seems to be widely misunderstood we are never closer to death than in our earthly experience, we can see many things die everyday our ordinary material lives are a near death experience what is being described by those "near death" is a near life experience the light that draws some in is the birth process beginning the only trap in the process is being ignorant of how it works, the evil that enslaves comes from within
  8. ok, i see you are really into the "magnetism" so i will go easy on you, but think about this, an electric charge creates a magnetic field, a magnetic field does not create electricity(charge) for magnetic fields to produce charge you need to apply some vector change, the isolated magnetic field seeks rest, not charge
  9. this is fantastically convoluted, "fascinating"? i think its downright incredible
  10. ah, the ubiquitous appeal to authority as an aside, do you think a world being exploited by pirates has universities that teach truth? anyway, here are some other authorities to peruse: Kristian Birkeland Halton Arp Ralph Juergens Immanuel Velikovsky now, back to the weather on a globe planet: GEC=global electric circuit https://science.thewire.in/the-sciences/earth-global-electrical-circuit-carnegie-curve-ionosphere/ much more technical: https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rspa.2019.0758 Faris Wald, brilliant young scientist: https://www.societyforscience.org/press-release/middle-school-student-researches-the-suns-power-to-affect-cyclones-wins-25000-top-award-in-the-national-broadcom-masters-competition/ curiously his research has been memory holed, maybe you can find more than i did textbook on electric space by the worlds leading science authority the AGU https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/book/10.1002/9781119324522
  11. wrong. the term "magnetic charge" is scientifically meaningless, it can only refer to "electric charge" not even wrong, this is just nonsense
  12. the concept of wealth stems from a mental dis ease wherein ones environment is commodified this leads to resource hoarding, which leads to artificial scarcity, which leads to exploitation the earth and its resources belong to all of us(life) equally, dividing them up for personal benefit is the root of all evil
  13. magnetism is the "footprint" of electric charge, the two concepts are descibing the same thing: electro-magnetism everything is made of electricity in the sciences, at the fundamental level, all things are measured by their electric charge
  14. weather, on any planet, is primarily driven by ionization(electricity) https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1029/2020GL088619
  15. some logic: many flat earthers base their beliefs on vaguely worded scripture lets assume that the text does imply a flat earth, that it says god made the earth flat now consider the "science" of observation, that nearby planets and the sun appear spherical the flat earther may say this is satans deception did satan create the illusion? no, god created the heavens and the earth why would god purposely deceive his followers? a loving god would do no such thing the logical conclusion is that satan, being the great liar, has deceived even the elect, if possible the universe is gods creation and he gave it to us believing we are trapped in an illusion, thinking that gods creation is fake comes from satan flat earth = satan worship
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