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  1. i think you are getting tired, i will allow you to go to sleep now since you are off topic and using words you dont know the meaning of
  2. nepotism isnt related to religion or ancestry, you know that right?
  3. so basically all western leaders are christians, jew loving christians, which is appropiate since jesus was a jew
  4. merkel says christian, i think we may go for the clean sweep, who is running italy?
  5. and macron too, thats the big three, what about merkel?
  6. your goofy inside terms are meaningless, those are just so you believers know who to hate on
  7. oh, that again, basically a big nothing burger lets see, trump: christian, biden: christian, what is boris?
  8. dont know what you mean by "archives", of what? tell me more about these non christian leaders, like their names for starters
  9. wut? give who ideas? and werent you trying to convince me that people are getting censored all day for just being christian? did you change your mind?
  10. yes, just to piss you off, or maybe, you know, dont read this thread, or any of my posts, problem solved
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