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  1. how do you know im not just fucking with you? that is not how you appear, ass woman im not here for emotional support maybe work on your reading comprehension if you are confused very few people are qualified to think leave it to the experts
  2. you did, said you were distracted, forgot what you learned wow, that was needlessly hyperbolic and defensive i dont use the term 'remote viewing' anymore the process is neither remote or viewing all life is connected by Mind anything you want to know is instantly available this is the proverbial double edged sword that is why i recommend caution when i see noobs trying to win the lottery it makes me sad money is a slave tool to force your fellow man to work anyone who seeks this kind of power is misguided i will not reply to this thread again
  3. light is the state of the universe from dna to supernova, the entire universe is light what appears dark to our eyes is a flaw of perception all matter is electric charge in various form of plasma even the inside of a rock contains light but there are forces working to bring darkness into being darkness is the absence of light an unatural state not found in the universe many are fascinated by these lies tales of Dark matter, Dark energy and Black holes the last one being a "light prison" these people form death cults, and worship the flesh christianity is the worlds most popular death cult worshipping the death of a light bringer they make idols of him being murdered and just for good measure they molest children then start wars in his name while wholeheartedly ignoring his teachings there have been many purveyors of light through the ages and no religion follows their teachings including the religion of science if you are identifying as any religious adherent you are bringing darkness into being
  4. i think you are asking whether my skills produce wisdom and humility just the opposite the act of learning skills develops wisdom humility is knowing there is no "best" just what you can do but to really benefit from any talent you must share it which i do freely teaching glassblowing, baking, music, ect. and i have changed many lives for the better at least according to my students
  5. if you can clear 'attachments' by simply wishing them away, then why are you having problems with rv? dont you have the power to just do it? i did not say only medicine men can rv quite the opposite it can be dangerous to your conscious experience if you are unprepared most people dont have control of their thoughts projecting will amplify your spiritual weaknesses and subject you to delusion i am speaking from experience be careful
  6. what is there to enjoy about someones opinion? opinions are meant to reinforce ones own beliefs you are the only one who enjoys your opinion peculiar comment, since nobody has advocated "doing nothing" maybe you just needed to burn a straw man incorrect usage of 'your', twice you wanted to use you're, a contraction of you are not sure about the 'naughty' part, maybe another incorrect usage? maybe you can point out where i seem deluded? well thanks, yeah its going quite well the people i help are very thankful
  7. start again how? reincarnation? you not understanding the subject does not equal me having a chip on my shoulder your attitude is a stone around your neck
  8. magnets tuning forks all emotional baggage should be worked out before rv this type of thing is for medicine men only just like psychedelics be careful what you do to your mind and self someone on this thread is already in too deep
  9. words dont care what you think stick to the dictionary definitions or risk looking like a fool one or fifty, it makes no difference i try to save people without murdering anyone i hope you did not go to seminary school get your money back if you did when anything kills anything that is death you need to show how hiding deer are evidence of good and evil in nature once again, 'physical intelligence' is a meaningless term a superiority complex is nothing to be proud of here are some of my accomplishments: happily married for over half my life master glass blower gourmet chef, specializing in vegetarian and live foods master mechanic, gas and diesel extensive knowledge of electrical and electronics farm owner/manager spiritual leader writer and i am still learning new things everyday
  10. exploring the nature of love, or anything, is the process of learning never be ashamed of pursuing knowledge yes, but their motivations will vary some do it for pride, some for self punishment some do it for love, but love of what? suffering children? that is weird that is karma in action maybe they do it just because it is the right thing love requires no practice a baby loves the sun, a familiar face, sitting up babies love much more than adults as you grow, the inclination is to narrow your love that is why most older people are bitter they have learned not to love but did not learn to appreciate do not tell your self you will fail you can do whatever you want negative thoughts are everyones biggest problem police your thoughts, arrest the negative replace with positive thoughts do this without rest if you must love, let it be your self
  11. wrong. to dominate means to control good must always do good if you are led to believe your evil actions are good, you cannot know you are doing evil this is what allows self described good people to kill they think they are doing good when in reality they are oppressing their fellow men as an example: christians in the military the biblical jesus would not join in state sponsored killing christians in the military are supporting evil they do this because they have been lied to and believe they are good they do it for love of country, love of politics and because they do not appreciate their perceived enemy wrong. concrete that is made right can be called good but one mans good concrete may be inferior if he is an idiot good and evil are not represented in nature your ideas of the material world are hubris they are your personal emotions externalized deciding which personal ideals are good is delusional bias wrong. the term 'low consciousness' is meaningless it comes from your personal bias i suspect you have a superiority complex it is common when you are young fighting never produces any benefit on this you cannot be more wrong you are confusing right and wrong with good and evil the two concepts are not interchangable right and wrong are described by nature good and evil are described by the self
  12. good and evil reside within the hearts of men they have no analogue in nature they are the definition of 'personified' a personal bias you have made the point for me your underlined words describe the problem if you love something to your own detriment that is wrong you will become depleted and your love will end this is the nature of all obsession cool story i like her
  13. 'god' is an ambiguous term i dont believe anything i prefer to know i know there is no god such as the christian 'god' the gods were mere material beings they had a much better understanding of unversal energy flow so they appeared to be all powerful the vedic gods are more realistic beings and the norse gods all died in ragnarok christianity is a newcomer on the religious scene it is a patchwork of borrowed tradition its only purpose is to enslave the minds of man
  14. the paradise machine was a consciously constructed orbit of planets around the sun at the time saturn was more like a red dwarf star, with a large plasma envelope all the planets were inside the red discharge the arrangement of the planets was designed to produce ideal life support on Earth the soft red glow helped plants grow and also precipitated organic compounds there was always light, no day or night and no noticeable weather the close alignment of the spheres reduced Earth gravity significantly this allowed the flora and fauna to reach sizes not possible today Earth was also shielded from the solar wind and cosmic rays by saturns glow this reduced radiation damage (to dna and telomeres, ect.) to nearly zero descriptions of the machine are rare, Earth humans did not build it but the myths of man describe a 'golden age' and a 'garden of eden' after which came much suffering and turmoil the various megalithic structures around the world are the last remains of this time none of them were built by Earth humans they were built by 'gods' that came from the 'heavens' these 'gods' built the pyramids that are scattered about the Earth part of the machine that kept the planets properly aligned according to the old tales, there was a war in heaven some 'gods' chose to stay on Earth while others fled in the end the war destroyed the planetary machinery and the gods died or abandoned the Earth for thousands of years man lived under a crumbling sky as the planets fell out of their arranged orbits they 'fought' with each other raining rocks and debris down on Earth the story of armageddon is of the last great catastrophe "a new heavens and a new Earth" this is when the megalithic cities were destroyed humans fled to caves to avoid constant rock fall very few survived scientists call this event the 'younger dryas' around 12,500 years ago those that lived through the event were obsessed with the sky making calendars and star charts whole societies were devoted to appeasing the 'sky gods' some ceremonies were timed with Earths passing through a debis field begging the god(s) to not rain rock and fire on them eventually the planets found stable orbits and the disasters became infrequent man began to multiply and emerged from the caves the 'sky religions' lost their purpose and fell out of use various traditions were repurposed as social controls religion became government this is what i know i will not debate the veracity of my words i will answer questions if i can
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