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  1. uhg, another death cult worshipper, every thought colored by death and misery, "survive the run down", fantasizing about a lake of fire where lifeforms you dont like are tortured for all eternity, you are what is wrong with this planet this kind of puffing up with pride is only done by those that are insecure in their beliefs
  2. your sexual preference is unrelated to your sexual identity, sexual identity comes from biology, sexual preference comes from the self, just because you fuck frozen hams doesnt make you special, its just sexual obsession, a mental disease what good would that do? you dont even understand the subject, you lack a framework which is needed to even begin learning how wrong you are
  3. this violent use of words to attack the biological reality of humanity will not serve you well
  4. allowing children to become a sexual identity which now often leads to surgical or chemical genital mutilation is abuse, sexual identity comes from your sexual equipment, not your brain, and it forms during puberty, end of story
  5. do you also have a bumper sticker on your car that says "jesus kills"? but how do you spread the word if you only preach to the choir? jesus spent much time among the banksters and the whores because they were the most deserving of his message, but i guess your message is "i kill you with rock now" is that because you have a messiah complex?
  6. this is very close, the energy of consciousness is the energy of the stars, we are effected by the sun, when you return to the sun you can travel the universe on the intergalactic current filaments that connect all galaxies, but many people default to coming back here, they didnt make travel plans the sun and the earth and all its life are intimately connected, even the weather is directly influenced by solar energy, we as humans do not always feel this connection because we have the freedom to ignore it, we are not told of our connection to the universe or we are told that we a
  7. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/8683-secret-of-the-knowledge-of-good-and-evil/
  8. you are going through a breakup, the pain of realization will fade as you move on, the way you destroy the cabal is to remove your energy from their control, seek that which they try to obscure
  9. 1. all of the suns input energy is electrical 2. fusion on the suns surface is a product of the plasma discharge 3. observed solar neutrinos confirm the above the invention of neutrino flavor is pseudo science, the reason there appears to be three flavors is because three different detectors measure various attributes of the same particle, this is due to superposition, if you built more detectors you would "find" more neutrinos, total fakery no, the basic theory is wrong, there are many flaws but i will just point out one of the big ones, no n
  10. WTF!?! you arent even trying to hide your worship of death! you mean im not a mindless christian zombie hilarious, you must not have read any of my posts another lol, you must think you are older than me and somehow that makes you smarter, but there are plenty of old dumbshits, waiting to die, just like you
  11. its a good start, but it wont keep people from trying to rebuild them, for that you need to educate them on how their religious beliefs cause suffering in the community, thats my department eh, yeah, of the two, satan would be the smarter choice, since he is god of the earth, at least you would be enjoying yourself, and you might actually care about the health of the planet today instead of looking for heaven tomorrow we are already free, but look how you use that freedom to usher souls into a religious prison, shame on you for doing wrong
  12. pagans are animists, witches are solipsists the fire helps carry the soul away from the earth and back toward the sun where it came from witches practice energy manipulation, often they are insane from "love" or "hate", most of them are self serving egotists that are feeding off the local community, the right thing to do is remove them from the earth
  13. current mainstream scientific dogma believes the sun is a fusion reactor, they think this fusion reaction can be replicated on earth, the most popular experimental reactor type is the tokamak, basically a large magnetic confinement chamber to hold the plasma that forms from the reaction, the most ambitious of these projects is known as ITER, an international effort costing untold billions of dollars and requiring decades to build the first problem is that no fusion reactor has ever produced energy, instead they use immense amounts of electricity to produce plasmas that can only be
  14. the first and biggest problem with LIGO is that the experiment is illogical the idea that a wave is moving without a medium is impossible, end of experiment the idea that a gravity wave would be measurable is impossible, if the wave affects all materials the same way then there can be no measure unless you have a material not affected by gravity, end of experiment if the data you gather is 100% noise then any result, or even no result, can be induced by algorithm, end of experiment this kind of chicanery should not have made it past the planning
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