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  1. Jesus. Another 5 years of this face diaper crap? I'm not going to make it.. We got a new cabal president. Maybe the fake virus goes away.
  2. Interesting. I don't give them any credit. They did help us not caring..
  3. If trump is from the future, maybe he can give us free energy. Haha
  4. I'm from America, usa usa USA! I have no doubt we are run from London. If I told anyone here that, they would think I'm crazy. But why are they doing things now? They already have serfs, and because of machines don't even need labor.
  5. I like how Danny started with osho. You talk about a "bla bla bla " dude. Osho. He is all about repetition. But he woke me up. Yes, we are all messed up. We want to do something? Clear our minds. Be like water.
  6. It's like they are using all thier plans now. Desperate. We got a big election in USA. Thank god we never gave up our guns.
  7. You say we have to be serious. As a leader. But seriousness can lead to depression. You are a leader. So just take it easy on yourself. I woke up David icke forum years ago. Grateful for the help from everyone. But I woke up pissed. I'm never going red pilled myself to serious again...
  8. I wake up every day, and interact others, who is myself. Also schizophrenic. You got to love the humor! Thanks Danny for writing.
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