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  1. Thanks for your response. >The same happened to this forum . Was it cloudfair or another company? It was and still is cloudflare. I can understand them blocking or restricting access for a week or two if the site has been hacked or there's been a DDoS attack. But like I said, it's been much longer than that and I haven't done anything in particular other than attempt to visit the website. From Cloudflare's website... "If no suspicious activity is observed from the visitor’s IP address after a two-week period, Cloudflare stops challenging the IP address."
  2. Hi, Not sure why but Cloudflare is preventing me from directly accessing davidicke.com. Each time I try to visit a Cloudflare security page appears and I need to complete one of those time-consuming Captcha puzzles before being able to view this website. I use a VPN but even if I disable it and try to connect through my regular ISP address I still have the same problem. I have been visiting davidicke.com for years and never had a problem until 2 or 3 months ago. I ran an anti-virus scan on my computer and the result was no viruses or malware. One relevant point is that I'm locate
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