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  1. I hated seeing people walking the streets with the nappies on their faces so much that I bought a microphone that plugs into my van so I can let them know how stupid they are whilst driving past.
  2. Auditing Britain had go with Mr purple beard too
  3. I actually do have an exemption (I've told and shown my employer this but it just floats past the tumbleweed in his head and straight out of his ear) as I did suffer with quite bad depression and anxiety until my full awakening happened a couple of years back, I've never felt as strong in mind as I do now but I will be playing every card I have
  4. I also work in retail and my employer is and has constantly been on my back about the mask wearing thing for months now, hitting me with disaplinary action for not wearing the 'correct uniform' I told them where to go months ago and that I cannot and will not wear a mask. Now this, my manager will be in his element with it. Looks like the last 5 years I've put in are about to come to an end. Just to add my fast asleep so called mother called me this morning to tell me i now have to wear a mask inside my grandmothers house from now on, it enraged me so much I sent her a whole file of information showing that the mask thing is bull**** and that there is absolutely no evidence to say they work, she hasn't spoken to me since
  5. Hi guys, first time post for me. I've been thinking for a while now about dressing in black and pulling down or defacing the blatant propaganda around my town. I'm fully done with it all my anger about all of this has turned to pity for the masses. I work in a supermarket and i make it my mission every shift to bring some of the 'social distancing' 'please wear a face covering', 'use card payment' signs and boxes of masks home with me, sad as it may be i feel I'm doing something. Also today is the day I have been expecting as my daughter came home with the 'flu vaccine' form I signed the i do not consent section with a fake signature and nothing more. I apologise if this seems a bit vague I've yet to get to grips with commenting on the Internet as I'm fully aware and always have been that it will be there forever.
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