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  1. that's something I've never heard before. I had a lucid dream once i was a horse lol running wild in the grass fields, then i looked in it's eyes and it was me! i wish mine would continue sometimes
  2. thank you @Basket Case and thank you @metak88 this may make total sense, in fact it does i'm guessing. hope i don't meet him again or we'll be having words
  3. Ok thanks for the info, but i'm just wanting to ask a simple question and some help understanding a dream i had. I've LD for the past 20yrs or so on and off and i had a lot of nasty ones where i kept getting killed and stabbed and shot etc etc ... they wasn't good so after them every time i had an LD i used to lean back and fall into the abyss to get rid of it. The other day i had one in my bathroom staring at my square mirror which in real life is round and i saw someone creeping up behind me, i got a little scared and then realised the person was me, instead of leaning back and getting rid it i reached out and hugged him then the dream stopped. I've heard of doppelgängers but don't believe in them, i believe they are just people in the afterlife playing around with dreams just like we do. I've never learnt how to LD it just started natural for some weird reason later on in my life, now i have like 1 weird one a month if that. It really did look like me and i was a little scared ..... Any one care to try explain this dream for me ?
  4. Hi @Mr Cheswick Are you trying to monetize them just outta curiosity ? edit: scrap that I've seen your 'channels' go get a job son, or upload content to youtube believable good luck tho
  5. Hi there Where is the lucid dream forum board please ? i would like ask a question. Also hi, hope all you are well etc etc ...... thank you
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