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  1. that's something I've never heard before. I had a lucid dream once i was a horse lol running wild in the grass fields, then i looked in it's eyes and it was me! i wish mine would continue sometimes
  2. thank you @Basket Case and thank you @metak88 this may make total sense, in fact it does i'm guessing. hope i don't meet him again or we'll be having words
  3. Ok thanks for the info, but i'm just wanting to ask a simple question and some help understanding a dream i had. I've LD for the past 20yrs or so on and off and i had a lot of nasty ones where i kept getting killed and stabbed and shot etc etc ... they wasn't good so after them every time i had an LD i used to lean back and fall into the abyss to get rid of it. The other day i had one in my bathroom staring at my square mirror which in real life is round and i saw someone creeping up behind me, i got a little scared and then realised the person was me, instead of
  4. Hi @Mr Cheswick Are you trying to monetize them just outta curiosity ? edit: scrap that I've seen your 'channels' go get a job son, or upload content to youtube believable good luck tho
  5. Hi there Where is the lucid dream forum board please ? i would like ask a question. Also hi, hope all you are well etc etc ...... thank you
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