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  1. I feel like nobody sees the gravity of this situation. How likely is it that the full new world order will take place? What do you guys think?
  2. Exactly! Time for action! For a few thousand bucks you can have a piece of land and flee. But you need a community to live. Email me: <email address redacted as such data is not allowed on the open forum .... please use private message instead>
  3. Hello there. The nwo is coming close. I want to start a group that looks solution based on the horror that is about to happen. This will mainly be about things we can do to change things and being safe in what is to happen. Main topics are: -Living without the vaccine -Avoiding the new world order -Living off grid -Practical solutions -Tips on waking people up (We are currently at a point where the scam is so obvious that those who do not see it yet are practically lost. We know what will happen and we can save ourselves by preparing for this ) Who is in?
  4. Everything is connected with our name on paper. If we do not consent to that, there is nothing they can do. In your example in the link, it is a business. That is completely different and much more complicated. We are born with the law of free will. This means they can only do things with our consent. You are also talking about "law" in a different way. You have the law of the land and statued law. This is however very dangerous to these parasites. The illusion that you are helpless and weak is their most important way of mindcontrol. So obviously there will be imposters/misinformation etc. But there is nothing wrong with the concept itself. And else just try it out at a police officer. It probably is on film somewhere.
  5. I don't know how to wake people up anymore. It's so obvious..
  6. I agree there is a chance when there is nothing left to loose. But they are not stupid. By the time this boiling point is reached, they already have full control over your basic needs. When i see the intelligence of the people vs the intelligence of the cult. I currently see no way this is going to get better soon. Wether the singularity will happen, is debatable. But it is very likely to happen. It is better to run, than count on others to wake up.
  7. Is it better than here? How are the restrictions in Africa?
  8. Why is it up to the American people to make it stop? This is a worldwide operation. If it stops there, why would it stop here too?
  9. Thank you for all the replies i didn't see them. I have been looking at finding likeminded people to do this. So far no success. What do you suggest? Finding Facebook groups? Finding off grid societies. Also when you live off grid, do you think they will attack the communities outside the smart cities?
  10. Yes in the USA people still have guns and their values. But this is another battle. I don't think we have allot to with them eventually. Each continent/country will have their own battles. And we do have complete rights if we apply the laws of the land.
  11. The collective consciousness will be stored in the "cloud". Currently we are reincarnated over and over again. This will not be the case when homo-sapiens does not exist anymore. And we have artificial bodies stuck into the cloud. We would be completely controlled by the beings that control the archons. There are allot of REASONS.
  12. How do you think this will happen. It is true, but very unlikely. Such a large number of people will rise up imo.
  13. Im from Holland. It's all fake. They hire actors to make us look crazy. It's a psyop.
  14. We all know what is going to happen. But how can we avoid being a part of it? Can we even live without taking the vaccine? Should we go live off grid? Is this even an option? What can we do if we refuse the vaccine. where will we go when we are not part of the smart cities? Even closer in time: What will we do when they block our bank account for not taking the vaccine? What are the alternatives and solutions to this fate?
  15. Hi there. First time here. I am wondering after what is going to happen, and how we can escape from mandatory vaccinations. What is to come is absolute horror. And i don't see the probability high that the new world order/technological dictatorship will not happen, seeing the level of consciousness, indoctrination, and naivety of the sheep. What is happening now is incredibly dangerous, and at a great paste. We are now at a level where we have to think about solutions/prevention. I want to start a topic where we talk about solutions, predictions and practical information. What can we do to stop this for either everyone, or escape it ourselves? Greetings.
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