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  1. 37 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    Britain can be made great again by rejecting the smart grid technocracy and pursuing alternatives instead. For some ideas on this you could visit my thread in the 'solutions' section of the forum. This includes the idea of buying local (which if you live in britain would of course involve 'buying british')



    Like I said, I already do this as much as I can. 

    You're very condescending and sound a bit in denial. To repeat myself, you will not escape it unless you go and live off the grid, but I doubt you'll do that because you won't have internet access to post threads like the one above. And how will you pay for things that need delivering. 

    Or if you need to collect things, you'll need a registered vehicle. As much as you point the finger at 'people like me' for having one or two smart devices, you'll be as culpable when you have no option but to use card payments, make phone calls, or even use your own vehicle.

  2. 4 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    I don't own any smart devices


    britain will never be free and neither will you until people realise that the conspiracy is the building of a smart grid technocracy


    That smart grid is how they intend to control you and enslave britain and it will work for as long as people continue to engage with it


    It IS the correct answer to your question. It doesn't matter whether you like the answer or not, it is still the truth

    I did not disagree or 'not like' the answers already given. They were just non-sequitar to my original post, nor am i sure what the answers given have to do with making Britain great again.


    I was born in the 70s and raised in the 80s so I'm perfectly aware of how life 'used to be in the good old days...'. However, whether You like it or not, AI is slowly taking over, no matter how much you try to resist it. 

    It won't be long before ALL transactions are monitored electronically. All new vehicles, petrol and electric will have a form of AI tracking device in them, public transport will be accessed by some form of electronic photographic ID if we havent moved diretly to fingerprint or facial recognition by then. So to counter your points, unless you're off to live in a forest on self sufficent land, which the elite will no doubt band soon anyway, you aren't escaping smart technology or AI. 

  3. On 7/7/2021 at 6:55 AM, Bee said:

    So why ask the question if you are not prepared to do whats needed?


    And when exactly was Britain ever "great"?

    I'm sure whatever examples I give of points in history where Britain or the UK 'could' be considered Great, then you or a n other would come back with a contradictary point of view. 


    My original post and question, was relating to supporting home grown businesses and manufacturing in a time where the public use online shopping which source most materials outside of UK and Europe. Supporting home grown businesses and encouraging manufacturing would surely stabilize the economy and make us less reliant on cheap imports, which would then create more jobs? 


    That was my initial point. Although at some point, the topic went deep into the rabbit hole. 


    With regards to disgarding my 'smart' devices. Unless you're close to 100% self sufficient or indeed that way inclinded, I doubt that anyone will disgard all of their devices. 

  4. Luckily i take what any musician or "artist" has to say with a pinch of salt. Im obviously not as embedded or researched as you are in the manifestations of evil, but I do hold a questioning outlook and rational mindset. Hence my original post - instead of funding the 'nikes' 'all saints' or other sweat shop manufacturers, I look to source from Britain and try to shop local where possible. 


    Serious question, how do you function in society knowing all that surrounds you is essentially trying to kill or convert you?

  5. 14 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

    The three most revolutionary things you can do in modern britain are as follows:


    1. Refuse any vaccine or mRNA injection

    2. Get rid of your smart phone, smart TV, smart meter or any other smart device

    3. Have a white child and raise them to not be a satanic neo-marxist

    I doubt I'll ever get rid of my smart phone or TV tbh. Although I do not have any social media apps on my phone, and the only one I subscribe to is Instagram which is on my tablet which always stays at home. I do not have FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or any of the other nonsense. I think if you're over 35 and have the likes of TIKTOK and Snapchat, then you're probably a trainee peadophile (just a joke). 


    So what are your thoughts on trying to buy, mainly British products to help get the economy going and building up the manufacturing sector?

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  6. If this Covid carry on has highlighted anything, apart from the obvious issues, it has been how much we consume Chinese cheaply made products.


    Do you think it's possible to buy solely British (or to an extent, European) products for what we require? 

    Although I've always been semi conscious of the clothes I've bought, undoubtedly, most will have been made in sweat shops in the far east, whether India, Pakistan, China or Sri Lanka, so I thought I'd make a conscious effort to try and buy British where possible. Obviously the prices are high, but I imagine that the quality is better. But also the choice is narrower. 


    What are your thoughts? Do you try and buy British whereever possible? Is it a good idea to support British manufacturers more in the current climate, paying more bt for better quality? Or do you not think it matters?



  7. Afternoon all,


    I was looking for some feedback. After reading an article in a quarterly Project Management magazine about the research currently ongoing into Fusion Energy and the 2 main projects in the UK (Totmak?) and France (ITER). I wondered, as per nuclear fission and all the secrecy that was involved in the production of the bomb, is there a potential that the same thing could happen again except with something, if you believe what is written, 10x hotter than the core of the sun? 


    I saw a previous thread on here and didn't contribute to that as it looked like it descended into chaos. But this is a legitimate question.


    Thanks all... 

  8. 1 hour ago, Newbiebrbr said:

    True. I'm not feeling well today at all. I felt the worst I did in a while probably because preaching such a thing as ''world mental health day'' has made me feel worse about myself. Went around shopping today, didn't buy anything for a couple of hours because I was bored, everyone's wearing their face masks. I re-downloaded (don't know why) Tinder, flick through. Still bored and apathetic. Rest day from the gym as well. There's literally nothing for me to do today so just went to sleep around 4PM after Maccies.


    Have you noticed a pattern in the days where you feel worse than others, or do the low moods come on arbitrarily? 

  9. Seemingly more people are suffering from mental health afflictions than ever before. It seems (anecdotally) that more and more people I know are suffering or have suffered from it in some way shape or form.

    What are your thoughts on this, is there an increase is sufferers or are the sufferers just now coming forward and speaking out? 

    My thoughts maybe controversial, but i believe there are more people suffering, and it's as a result from modern society. Although my views are completely anecdotal I would like to hear what others think. I think the bombardment of social media (breeding envy and a feeling of self-worthlessness) along with a drive towards lack of concentration, puruit of expedient goals or activities all adds to the lack of mental fortitude. 



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