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  1. Omicron. 0.micron. Zero-micron? Zero micron is zero, nothing. Or am I losing the plot here?
  2. ‘’Leaked emails seen by the Guardian reveal that officials are considering reducing the extensive testing of people without symptoms, due to an increasing number of false positives’‘ https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/uk-covid-live-update-concerns-rapid-testing-covid-clot-risk-vaccine-b929996.html?amp The house of cards is coming down.
  3. Chris Brown with 75 million followers posted David Icke on his instagram story. Huge American star, good on him
  4. I have a friend, who’s wife is pregnant. He has been advised that unless he has a covid test, he cannot be there for the birth of the child or even enter the hospital. Is this correct? Has somebody had a similar experience/ resolved it without having a false negative fraudulent PCP test and getting onto the system? Evil b*****
  5. Hi, Been on this forum a long time, but posting for the first time I was around Kings Cross, London. Every sign has a ‘Covid 19’ description. What does a virus have to do with cycling? You can see a slow increase in these signs - embedding it in the mind at all times Revolting.
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