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  1. This important and rare interview has been taken from LightPulsations.com. In 1994, Jon Whistler wrote One Light, a personal experience based on the discovery of a mysterious capsule when he was working on a USGS site in California. From this capsule, Jon Whistler and his two companions received the first Transmissions of Zadore. One Light, its story, and Transmissions have transformed the lives of thousands of people since its release in 1996. This book reveals the identity of those entities that control world events and restrict personal freedom. Followin
  2. According to the light being Zadore from the One Light books this cult/control will come to an end in 2030. Here is what Zodare had to say: By round 2030 the Astral time loop will be destroyed by humanity, Over the last twenty years since the Zadore's Vortex was initiated the Light energy in the core of the vortex has been increasing and intensifying due to the Transmissions and books being accessed and studied by increasing numbers of seekers. Eventually this great concentration of Light will destroy and shatter the Matrix. What is the Matrix? So the great Matrix of time
  3. The Sacred Flame “We live in a world that continually denies the reality of the true nature of every human being, a world that is continually at war with itself, and in denial of true spiritual values. In the late twentieth century the Transmissions of Zadore were given to the world consciousness through Jon Whistler. These Transmissions directed our attention to the consequences of where humanity is heading and how the Earth will re-balance its consciousness and ending humanity’s destructive habits formed over a cycle of two ‘time loops’. In this book we will assess wh
  4. UFOs: is this the best evidence? Read all of the Matrix books by Valdamar Valerian here for free! P.S: what are your thoughts on this quote from one of the books? "[David] Icke is serving as a major source of Game info, but he is challenging the Game and battles it. This will eventually be his undoing as the Game does have ways of dealing with that type of aggression. Stick to the observing mode and personal Advancement and spiraling out of the Game, but resist challenging it directly. The key here is to end YOUR participation in the Game and not to try to undo the Game's purpo
  5. Yes I know. The One Light books go into great detail about being in the moment (NOW) but I was talking more from a practical a "day-to-day" perspective. I am also sensing some defensiveness in that comment above.
  6. Individuals like Ramana are much more free from the astral illusion (compared to the general population), and that is reflected in their teachings even if they are aware of the astral illusion or not. The teachings/messages in the One Light books are in fact completely free from the astral illusion, therefore, they will take people further to remembering who they really are (which is One in Light) more so than any human being will be able to.
  7. Keep sticking to the exercises every day. :)
  8. But not as thorough as in the One Light book(s). Please take a look at Jon Whistler's work to see this fact for yourself. I have been following David's work (and others of the like) for many years now and his work is amazing and very helpful, but just to quote a Trustee of the VOLAH (Vortex of Healing and Light): “The same happens with a lot of other spiritual books. The authors may be a little more advanced than others so they are able to enlighten us a bit, but it will be limited to their understanding at the moment. As Zadore is giving us the transmissio
  9. I have read every book from Jon Whistler (many times over) and he is fact an awakened being. When you read the other books from him you will see that there are many, many more exercises people can do (if needed) the help free themselves from this Arcon/Cult/Astral control. The Oracle cards from The Oracle to Freedom book mainly do this as well. "I'm afraid that the idea that humans are all free and should be one love right now is not correct, and it is contrary to the experience of all human beings and nonsensical. It doesn't work like that and if it could it would have happened
  10. I got the new David Icke book entitled The Answer and still going through it. It is another impressive and massive 600+ page book with lots of interesting information and facts. I mainly wanted to see what the answer(s) were so I went straight to the back of the book. In short, what is the Answer? It is LOVE or more to the point, unconditional love. But how do we get to that point where everyone is fully functioning from unconditional LOVE? Which very few (currently) do. Or at least consistently do. The book gives examples and suggestions, but no real process. This is why
  11. If you want to learn more about this Arcontic force and how it controls us, and possibly other alien races including the Draco reptilians these books will tell you how. The books will also show how-to free yourself from this force!
  12. P.S: There is also a review and overview on the One Light books at this website. These books have helped me so much! So please share this.
  13. The One Light book(s) by Jon Whistler. These books are hands-down the ONLY books that will fully free people from this Cult control. Read them to find out for yourself at https://www.lightpulsations.com/
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