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  1. I am reading that there are other ways to 'stimulate the endocannabinoid system' besides taking cannabinoids. It's basically just living a healthy lifestyle, and doing lots of relaxing, enjoyable things.
  2. Also did you have full spectrum cuz apparently that makes a difference.
  3. So you vaped 1200mg in one go? Bloody hell I'm only taking 20mg in one go of the paste! It was £21 for a sample of 300mg. I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to put the company name but I got it online.
  4. The thing is, the illegal stuff really doesn't agree with me. It has quite an unsettling and often hallucinogenic effect on me. For example. I went out to a field behind my house once to smoke it. Thought, that'll be nice. On the walk back I almost felt like I didn't know where I was, and home was a much further walk than I remembered. I almost got lost. It felt almost a bit nightmarish. All I wanted to was to get home and lie on the sofa. To be fair, once I did that I felt fine and went to sleep which was probably much needed. Another time, i was expermineting with oil. I accidentally took too much. I was on my own, I could hear all the creaks in the house and felt like there were spirits ... I've been told the thing about cannabis is that it enhances what's already there. So perhaps it was telling me, 'you need to just go lie on the sofa and fall asleep right now- you're tired' and 'you feel insecure on your own in the house' which I do. Maybe it is useful. But these experiences are so disturbing it puts me off.
  5. I can't say it has blown my mind so far, but plan on taking it longer and playing around with the dpses.
  6. Apologies if this has been discussed, I did try to search for topics on CBD but only found a thread about CBD for dogs! I was just wondering what people's experiences have been with CBD oil. I've got a tester of full spectrum, 30% paste made from hemp. I have been taking 30mg a day for the last 2 days. It's for stress/anxiety/whatever. I thought I sort of noticed a difference but then I had a bit of an anxiety attack type thing this morning. Saying that I seemed to recover from it quite well. Then again is it only placebo? I have read in one place it takes time to build in your body, somewhere else it says it works straight away and can be used for acute anxiety. I have also read that doseage is quite a personal thing. I am thinking maybe I'm not taking enough, but it could get pretty expensive on higher doses! I also have continued to have shooting pains down my legs (I think it's sciatica) despite the CBD. Again I have read quite high doses are recommended for pain, though. Is it all just a crock, placebo (which I am not sniffing at) or is it genuine? I tend to be suspicious of anything that is (allowed to be) supported in the mainstream! Any advice, input or experiences would be welcome.
  7. I don't like big groups of people anyway. 6 seems manageable. I probably have about that many people that I trust, they don't necessarily have a strong opinion about corona or what's happening in the world, but I trust that they wouldn't turn me away just because the government told them to. Family members and a couple of close friends. Other friends, even the ones who know what's going down and are against it and quite vocal, I don't necessarily trust to have my personal back if it came down to it, or to even be particularly supportive. I suppose I should count myself lucky to have that many people I can rely on! I don't have a family of my own yet, just me. I'm in a really busy city and it just feels stifling. So far away from family too. But there's not much going on in their part of the world. Maybe I could just move a bit closer. Does anyone have experience of buying and squatting woodland? I understand it's usually not legal generally but that there are loopholes if you're managing the land... Coppicing, that sort of thing...i wonder if that's a realistic possibility. What part so the UK do people think might be good? I like the South West personally but it might not be remote enough?
  8. Finding safe places, spots, that people in the network know about, that they can go to if they get cut off and need to reconnect.
  9. Also getting educated about local wild food and medicines might be a good idea.
  10. Anyway, back to solutions. In built up areas, I was thinking along the lines of forming networks of people who know its all bollocks, getting together (in person) now, deciding on a regular meet up, time and place that is only communicated by word of mouth to trusted people, to review the situation. Having meet ups regularly for music, dance, craft and shared meals is important so people don't get isolated. And some kind of food sharing scheme, perhaps a shared allotment, and maybe chickens for eggs etc. this could also be a legitimate way to communicate and get together. Should we go into any sort of lockdown again. Find local sources for food now and get pal-y with the farmers... I have no idea what I'm talking about really.
  11. yeah you don't need a tv licence if you don't have a tellie and don't watch it... https://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/check-if-you-need-one/topics/telling-us-you-dont-need-a-tv-licence
  12. It feels like escaping to a more remote area, or at the very least a less built up area, would be the first thing to do. Of course, if everyone did that those areas wouldn't be remote, but I don't see everyone doing that to be honest, most people seem quite happy with the way things are. There is the possibility of forming an intentional community, in the UK there is (or was) a government initiative for self build 'co-housing' projects, loads of hoops to jump through and there's still planning to get round. Maybe going in with a load of people and buying a house with some land, then it's not so expensive. You could form as a cooperative and take out a mortgage as the co-op. The co-op could be anything from a food growing initiative to a campsite, it's just a type of legal entity where the profits get distributed in a certain way and assets are owned in a certain way. Some of my friends and I have discussed this quite a bit. I'm thinking about it more and more. I live in a very built up area and I wonder how I would get past London if the s*ht ever hit the fan. At the beginning of lockdown I was terrified. I decided to stay where I was, and not go back to family on the other side of the country as I figured I had more of a support network here than there. However, more and more I think of going back there. I feel really torn.
  13. I would also like to focus on solutions. Educating yourself is important of course but I get overwhelmed with all the different theories and histories. I just focus on the fact that I know intuitively and instinctively something is wrong and I want to escape it.
  14. Yeah, probably shouldn't have posted about it on here actually. Defo would not be by text or anything like that. I also like the 6 Idea, will spread that one about!
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