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  1. I would like to know what other members think about creating a music channel on the site (alternative music). No up to date nonsense to be posted or allowed, only if the music as a meaning/message/lyrics. I want us to share each others alternative music that means something to you and me. I have seen music vids posted in certain differant threads and categories by mods and members but I would like them all to have one section (like memes). My example of the new thread: Main header.. (Alternative Music) Then click on (Alternative Music) it will take you to the sub forum with categories. (Categories) * Independent Artists * Spiritual * Meditation * Uplifting * Rap * Rock/Metal * Parody * Political * Uncategorized/Random * Evil Music Celebs Exposed If anyone can add any feedback on what you think about this...(good or bad)...or if anyone has any other ideas of categories to be added, brill. Thank you for your input. Peace and love x...soul2soul
  2. Thanks EnignaticWorld for the info you put up. Wow, so now videos on BitChute is classified as hateful, violent and antisemitic. I would like to know where they found those videos. Never seen any videos like that on BitChute. It looks like that BitChute is going the same way as the other main stream sites with the regulations. I apperciate the info EW. Thank you.
  3. Hi BC, I am using a laptop and firefox as my main browser and chrome to download videos from certain websites. I have heard of a Opera but never looked in to it but will do. I put up the other day on the forum about Windows 10 and the corruption after they put in windows updates. I got suggested operting system Lunix on the last post. So all info is very helpful to me, with regards to VPN, browsers, operation syetem. Much appreciated with info, thank you.
  4. Hi HW, I didn't know that ofcom had regulated BitChute, very surprising. I have never heard of HopeNotHate. Just checked them out. Another orgnisation with a particular purpose. You mentioned a VPN. So my question is...there are loads of companies offering VPNs...what can yourself or any other people on this forum that uses a VPN recommend. Much appreciated EW for your info. Thank you to all.
  5. I thought Bitchute was all for freedom of what you can watch with out restrictions. Over the past few weeks (it's never happened in the past), I click on videos but unable to watch the video, Deemed Potentially Illegal (JPEG below). What is that all about, why are BitChure Moderates deeming what I can watch? Is anyone encountering this or is there anyway to bypass it?. Thankyou.
  6. Thank you for the info you provided HS, very helpful. I will be buying a few needed flash drives this weekend and I'm currently looking for a windows 7 laptop. Never had a problem with 7. I only bought windows 10 as it supported Miracast, so I was able to wirelessly stream/project from the laptop to the TV. It's these long forced updates and as soon as it's updated it's done it's corruption. I will try the above after backing up my files. Thanks again HS.
  7. Thank you for the info HS. I've also noticed other files have dissappered. I should of backed them up on a seperate hard drive. I will look into the Linux OS. Thanks again.
  8. Hi everyone, I had downloaded "Event 201" (the one over 2 hrs long) I put that video in a specific folder, so that I know where it is. I have played it several times over the last few months. I then got a windows 10 update a few days ago and the video as now gone from my folder. I know in the past that my music videos that I have downloaded, played great. Then I get an update and the the music videos that I played in the past will not play and require a codex from (Microsoft)...FLV sorted that one out. I'm just wondering has anyone else had anysort of issue like this. Thank you, peace and love uksoul2soul.
  9. The first issue of UFO Magazine came out in 1981 and it finally came to an end in 2004. I came across this magazine in a shop on the railway station, and bought the the May/Jun issue 1995. I then bought the maginzine, up until the Mar/Apr 2001 issue. Have any members here read or have collection of this magazine and if you have a collection what issues do you have and what years. Thank you from a soul2soul.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm a new member today, 10th Sept 2020, I did sign up on the previous site just before it closed. I am from the North East, the Boro. Had the pleasure to see Mr David Icke when he visited my town in 2018 at the Jury’s Inn and also meet Mr Jamie Icke who took my ticket. Much respect for coming to this town and giving me the pleasure to hear and see you. I can't say the reason what brought me here, I have just followed Mr David Icke and this site for years, but I have just been reading posts on the outside looking in. Today I thought I will sign up again on this new site. I got my email for the live stream for Sat 19th Sep which I will be purchasing. I listen to Richie Allen, Richard Hall, Peekay, Vernon Coleman and the list can go on and on, I use to listen to Alex Jones when he exposed bohemian grove but have not listenend to him for years. Love Art Bell coast to coast radio. I have a lot of books, dvds, magazines and the old vhs tapes, all to do with paranormal, ghosts, ufos etc. I have just watched the london protest, unite for freedom. I'm so, so happy that so many people attended, there doing it on my behalf and I appreciate all them who attended. Just rewatched the video was David Icke right, I did cry when he spoke about the death of his mother. I am watching at this moment David Icke tells all. I think I have rambled on to much. Last question asked by the good moderator Basket Case, on thoughts on Cov-19, 911, Vaccines and other such stuff. Covid is a plandemic, 911 was a inside job, vaccines is posion. My dad who is sat with me, he is 82 years old, as just said that Mr Ickes knowledge and what he says is phenomenal. I don't know weather to post what I wrote, I am very self consequences about what I say and write and what people may say or think. The ending of David Icke video, tells all... as just said don't care what other people, neighbours think of you, then you are controlled by them. So here I go, with my first ever posting. Love and peace from uksoul2soul.
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