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  1. Robert Rhinehart has invented SOYLENT a substance to replace food. He crowd funded, asking for a 100,000 dollars but within a month got 800,000 dollars. Looks like some people are very keen for this to go ahead. Checked out youtube today comment section they are all for it, they can't wait to try it. The video I posted is 15 minutes long. The main part is at 3 minutes to 6 minutes MSM the rest is from the movie.


    What is coming next printing off food?

    Oh yeah, they doing that now.

  2. Yes Grumpy Owl we all need to search the forum before posting. No doubt there will be a thread with the topic. I totally understand that posts need to be kept in one thread and not scattered. I have made that mistake myself by posting in general chat but Basket Cage was good enough to put it in the right place. Heads up to you Grumpy Owl and all mods your doing a good job, no doubt hard work.


    Peace and love to ya x

  3. From one soul 2 another. My dad is in his 80's, several months ago he was getting constant harassment. The NHS has his mobile number, home phone number and address. It started with letters (ignored) than texts messages (ignored) then ringing his mobile non stop (ignored). Then the house phone more than once a day (ignored). It surprised me that they left messages on the answer phone. He got that innoyed he was going to answer the phone and tell them to FOFF. I told him do not answer and do not get into contract with them. He has just told me when he goes to the hospital which is monthly they are trying to pressurise him into taking the jab, he refuses it. When he says no to them, they want to know the reason why.


    Now it's my turn they have started on me. The letters go straight in the bin.



    I've seen a few vids if you don't take the stupid test they do not want to help.


    My biggest worry is, if your not vaxxed you will not get treatment.







  4. What's bugging me is the testing.


    Before your allowed into the event you have to prove that your negative of RONA19 by taking the fake test within a 36 hours period and if your negative of the flu your allowed in.


    After the 2 hour event your then required to take another test.


    Either way this will back fire.

    If all people are negative going in and then test positive coming out it shows the test are bull (which we all know).

    If all people are negative going in and test negative coming out then the test is sufficient and no Vax is required.


    What is the object of this Government's Research Programme?


    Peace and love to all, uksoul2soul 


    BRIT Awards BRITs Twitter.jpg

  5. So In my previous post, I asked if Windows 10 updates can corrupt and remove videos from your PC?

    I thank u all for replying to that thread and I totally agree with you all...It does.


    But HS...quoted in that thread the following x.

    (All one needs is the other computers I.P address and their in)

    (How To Remotely Control Another PC Without Any Tool In Windows 10)


    So I thought this subject should be a in a separate thread.


    I've been watching a few videos the past 2 weeks. The (scammers) contacting people to part with they money.


    Then they are certain people (good hackers?) who can turn it around on the scammers.

    These (good hackers) gets the IP address and location of the scammer.


    These hackers are then able to turn on your video cam and watch you. Also have the abiliy to control the lights in your own home?... WOW.


    I did read a couple of years ago that hackers had switched off electricity grids in other countries.


    I do have a question?

    How the hell can hacker switch off & on the lights in your own home?

    Do you thing it's the smart meters that the hackers can access?


    I have posted two links below. Sorry it's dam utube.

    I am not affiliated to any of these people.


    But please note...that the Anonymous Hacker footage may be disturbing to some.


    END NOTE: There is a lot of normal day to day people who can do this hacking from home. Not me. So if it's that easy for them to get your info. What can the big corps do...Peace in love.






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  6. Hi History, I agree windows 10 is a disaster. I do think the updates are more about searching the PC and then reporting back the info. They goes your privacy. Then the next forced update then corrupts certain files or removes them. I never had probs with window 7, everything worked fine because I never updated. My dad in his 80s will only use windows 7. His laptop died 2 weeks before xmas and I said I will sort one out. First thing he said not windows 10.  All my best to you history.

  7. Sometimes I have to to take a break from reading, researching, watching, downloading.


    It's 4.30am.

    This is the music I have been playing tonight...


    111 by Tiller Wills A Great anti NWO Song

    Anonymous Illuminati featuring George Carlin

    Tom MacDonald - Fake Woke/ People So Stupid/ Politically Incorrect

    Bazanji - Snakes

    David Icke - You Think That's Air You're Breathing

    Disturbed - Land Of Confusion

    Vinnie Paz - End Of Days

    Gary Jules Mad World Remix of Moby Video Cartoon

    Immortal Technique - Freedom Of Speech

    K-Rino - The Plan

    Rap News - Big Brother Is WWWatching You

    Living In The Age of The Hoax

    Stick your New World Order Up Your Arse

    The Wayseer- Manifesto / We Are From the Future




    The BBG - You're Sticking No Vax In Me...Richie Allen....LOL BRILL


    Good night all.


    Please list your recommended music list.


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