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  1. I was able to watch "Where From Here" yesterday without any problems. The other people who have had problem watching, it might be ok to watch now. So problem sorted. What did I think of it? No disrespect to Mr Icke & team but is was boring. A rehash of old material. Vibrations, frequencies, postage stamp, etc. Two years coming up into this plandemic. I wanted more upto date information with what is currently going on now. Big pharma, vaccines, side effects, deaths, empty hospital, Bill Gates, Fauci, farmers, worldwide marches, food shortages and that is just the start. Mr Icke can put all this together which would be something mind blowing to watch. Hopefully the next live event will address current matters. Respect to Mr Icke & team. Peace & love.
  2. Bought my ticket & had looked forward to watching this with my dad. The feed was start, stop, start stop, start, stop. Refresh, Refresh. Log in, Log out. We have high fibre broadband. Three laptops between us, a tablet and a smart TV. We used two different laptop, used different browsers, used the tablet & the TV and it still was a problem. So I checked my broadband no problems. I downloaded two movies within minutes, looked for live streams, no problem. Back to ickonic same problem occured. I have never encounted any other live event with this problem. My dad lost interest & so did I. We give up watching. Waste of our day & our money. Will never pay again, disappointed. So my questions are...Dd you watch it? What did you think of it? Did you encounter any problems? What do you think my problem was? Was it a site overloaded? Love & peace soul2soul.
  3. It has been a couple of month's since logging on here. I do come here every week reading without logging on. I have been collecting and researching a lot of stuff over the past few months. It takes a lot out me. Today I came across Tamara Cater the lyrics are amazing. Hope you like it x
  4. I have saved your link Duewuy, thank you. I will have a read tomorrow.
  5. Constantly seeing this catch phrase...Build Back Better...The Great Reset...All these puppets are reading from the same script all over the world. You may have noticed it. If not you will. 6uild 6ack 6etter - NewTube - Copy.mp4
  6. Robert Rhinehart has invented SOYLENT a substance to replace food. He crowd funded, asking for a 100,000 dollars but within a month got 800,000 dollars. Looks like some people are very keen for this to go ahead. Checked out youtube today comment section they are all for it, they can't wait to try it. The video I posted is 15 minutes long. The main part is at 3 minutes to 6 minutes MSM the rest is from the movie. What is coming next printing off food? Oh yeah, they doing that now. Soylent Green - predictive programming from 1973 - 153 News .mp4
  7. Yes Grumpy Owl we all need to search the forum before posting. No doubt there will be a thread with the topic. I totally understand that posts need to be kept in one thread and not scattered. I have made that mistake myself by posting in general chat but Basket Cage was good enough to put it in the right place. Heads up to you Grumpy Owl and all mods your doing a good job, no doubt hard work. Peace and love to ya x
  9. Moving Black Strands On Face Mask. Moving Black Strands On Face Mask.mp4
  10. Black organisms found on the masks. Morgellons thin black organisms found on masks.mp4
  12. Looks like synthetics worms in face masks. Looks like synthetics worms in face masks.mp4
  13. Kleiner Schwarzer experiment. KLEINER SCHWARZER ''WURM'' IN NEUER MASKE.mp4
  14. Another mask test from Romania. From Romania with worms in mask.mp4
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