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  1. Not in a million years mate haha. i dont want to bring any unneccesary heat to the forum with my extreme views though, so I will keep quiet. and enjoy the repeated links, bible quotes and irrelevant jfk, 9-11 stuff
  2. same as you i guess. Killing time until its time to fight back. they are trying to kill us off, right? Shall we all join hands and sing kumbaya while they inject our kids. Pray to the lord to save us. thats whats going to save us.
  3. This is how it should be done. not by posting umpteen messages, links and bible quotes on an internet forum... if everyone stood up for themselves like this, what the fuck can the police do? Arrest us all?
  4. https://davidicke.com/2021/02/10/what-a-rabble-yellowshirt-face-nappies-have-a-party-in-breach-of-the-covid-rules-they-are-enforcing-on-everyone-else-and-one-is-in-court-for-beating-up-another/ total fucking pisstake
  5. nah i dont agree pal. I’ve had a few smacks off of coppers down the years for mouthing off but that was done on the sly, back of cop car, in the cells, away from prying eyes. This shit is now blatent, out in the open. They dont care about public image anymore.
  6. been in the same situation buddy. Unfortunately, you will be blacklisted now.
  7. https://davidicke.com/2021/02/09/jackboot-johnson-face-nappies-surrounded-by-lockdown-protestors-as-it-dawns-on-them-what-the-numbers-dynamic-is-going-to-be-when-the-people-say-no-more-and-were-saying-it-now/ on the main site. What a great way to start the day
  8. this is fucking madness. The bystanders should have just all waded in on the filth. Unbelievable. of course, there will be no charges to answer...
  9. can’t wait til they come to mine. We got two 50kg rottweillers, always ready to play fetch
  10. The oasis wankers sold out when blair was in office. Pair of cunts.
  11. Good livestream today. Not sure about oliver stones lad though... trustworthy?
  12. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/military-operation-mass-test-coronavirus-4740561 Around four weeks ago Hull had one of the lowest rates in the country. Chris Witty was pictured in the local newspaper after a meeting with hull city council leaders. Mysteriously, cases started to rise rapidly. Now here we are today, tier 3 with the goon squad coming to town. absolute scam! A friend of the family is currently working at the main testing centre here. 12hr shifts @ £14 per hour. To stand around doing nothing. Everyone has brand new workwear (hi viz coats, boots, trousers. approx £200 spent in each employee) Onsite testing capacity of 400 per day is limited to 60 per day. Orders from the top. The external labs that receive the completed swabs cant process more than 60. Yet the numbers of postive cases have been rising to 100+ per day in the media. This shit needs to stop.
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