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  1. 39 minutes ago, Nobby Noboddy said:

    man, you like to post.


    You so scared not to let other decide for themselves.


    I think you love bibi, I think you kissed.


    And once again you crap yourself and avoid the post.


    Man you like to run away. Decide for themselves? Go on then...jog on. Go find out.


    BUT...you are posting your inept fumblings on a debate forum for some reason. So you are trying to influence others. I'm showing you why you are wrong and offering dead obvious things to help.  You are afraid to acknowledge them.

  2. 2 hours ago, wideawake said:

    You seem to be the only one to get all the proper records because according to flight instructors, "the terrorists" couldn't fly anything so it's not because they were Arabs but because they were incompetent.


    You don't need to be a good pilot to crash a plane.


    2 hours ago, wideawake said:

    Reference to maximum speed, I would take the word of an experience pilot before yours... well, unless you are an experience pilot? How many hours do you have under your belt?


    Correction, you would take the word of SOME pilots who would not know the maximum speed of the aircraft since they would not even go near the VNE speed. Boeing would be better qualified to give this information.


    But hey let's run that up the flagpole shall we?

    Evil perps meeting:


    Evil overlord: So we are in agreement. No planes and video fakery, kill the passengers, burn them blah de blah.

    Evil underling 1: Yes your highness. Leave it to me. I'll make those blinking planes look so real.

    Evil underling 2: Yes and I'll make them look like they are going 580 mph.

    Evil Overlord: Don't be an arse, they can't go that fast at 1000ft.

    Evil Underling 2: Ahaaa, but nobody will notice.




  3. 1 hour ago, Nobby Noboddy said:

    What do you see in front of your eyes?


    You make me sad.


    The Sun disappears over the horizon without changing size. 

    The Moon is upside down in Australia. The face is visible at the same time to Perth and Sydney, they are around 2000 miles apart. Yet the exact same face is visible to each place.





    Now do something amazing and acknowledge the glaring problem with that!



  4. 2 hours ago, Nobby Noboddy said:

    either there is something wrong with the curvature maths or there is some other unspeakable explanation.



    Or option 3, a speakable explanation. Refraction.




    2 hours ago, Nobby Noboddy said:

    I have gone out in the cold and wet and done experiments that still left me with slight doubt. I have also done ones that had results not explainable in the accepted model.


    The problem is not the results. It is your understanding of "the accepted model".




    Punch in what it should be on that website the 3 variables with yellow background, then toggle the Refraction setting left and right. 


    2 hours ago, Nobby Noboddy said:

    What have you ACTUALLY done, IN REAL LIFE, to back up your assertions?


    About 2000 posts on the old forum, a few hundred on this.


    A blog....https://penguinsfalloff.blogspot.com/2017/06/as-internet-debates-go-one-concerning.html


    A thread on this forum with every post on page 1 sealing the deal on its own.





  5. 4 minutes ago, Nobby Noboddy said:

    YAY that didn't take long did it?


    Are you on shift at the moment or did you get an alert?




    Ad hominem. Address the post. I was replying to an another ad hominem and saw your avatar as last poster. Bizarrely I thought for one optimistic moment you were going to post something sensible.


    I really wish you people would act like truthers rather than crapping your pants when someone challenges your "theories".

  6. 5 minutes ago, Nobby Noboddy said:

    Apart from accepting what was presented long long ago when you were impressionable.



    Well for one thing of many, verifying it with simple observation that is so crushingly obvious it's painful when people can't see it.


    Big sun, stays big. Disappears. No explanation works apart from rotating Earth. 

    Lunar eclipses.

    Inverted Moon in Southern hemisphere.


  7. 3 minutes ago, alexa said:

    How much do you get paid per post? 


    Now ordinarily I would have come back with something cutting and rude, but will make do with something simple.....your pissy personal comment is in keeping with your hopeless level of accuracy about anything.


    I don't get paid to post here and if there is such a position please show me where to apply!!


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  8. 2 hours ago, alexa said:


    Yes,  b/c you'd rather just laugh at me as per or call me a fool for believing in God's word.


    HUH?? I'd rather you were honest and responded to every post in some way. You aren't following "God's word" it was written by man and quite a large proportion of it is made up crap. The rest is 100 generations of Chinese whispers and translation screw ups.


    "God" doesn't believe the planet is flat. He gave man brains to work out that it wasn't. He gave man brains to create money making scams to feed off those who are unable to work out the obvious!


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  9. 1 hour ago, Macnamara said:


    while you are as slippery as an eel


    baffling why you couldn't give a clear answer after you posted a video of a jet fighter crashing headfirst into an imoveable concrete barrier



    i didn't say i did think that. I was asking you if you were drawing a comparison between the official account of the impact and the impact of a jet fighter smashing headfirst into a concrete barrier which you posted above



    Point 1...nope. I gave you clear answers and you went off comparing Lewis Hamilton and Reg Varney! Posted 7.24 yesterday....I suggest you read stuff before you go off 1/4 cocked.


    Point 2...baffling what stopped you reading the posts at the top of this page.


    Point 2....good. Because I feel some no planery coming from you and it would have been absurd quoting a plane witness account to justify details of the crash.


    Now what? You gonna say something?

  10. 12 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    so your answer then is 'yes' to the question of whether or not a jet fighter hitting a solid slab of concrete is the same as a commercial passenger plane hitting the earth obliquely in terms of the resultant debris created?


    Sharp as mustard.....similar enough to explain Shanksville debris field.

    Tell me something. What makes you think they came down at 40 degrees....ya know "for the record"


  11. 1 hour ago, wideawake said:


    I am no expert in this but according to experienced pilots, planes would fall apart at 500 mph at low altitude and with inexperienced pilots like these Arabs to hit targets thus making it impossible for the planes to have crashed in the WTC. If that is true then they could've been missiles as opposed to planes...


    You say Arabs as though they haven't got the same capabilities.


    Sustained absolute maximum speed...pushing the engines to their limit will cause permanent damage to the plane. They're built to withstand quite a bit and I very much doubt any pilot has taken any large passenger plane even close to give an accurate opinion. According to "some" pilots should be your statement. Because others have no problem with it.


    I'm guessing the terrorists weren't bothered about screwing the plane up. A minute or so at screaming speed. Well possible.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

    So for the record of this forum you don't think that a jet plane crashing head first into a solid concrete slab is the same as a passenger jet crashing obliquely into the earth?


    Baffling. I just told you they are similar in the destruction it causes.


    Tell me something. What makes you think they came down at 40 degrees....ya know "for the record"? 

  13. Is it that time already:classic_rolleyes:


    Just now, alexa said:

    Yeah like the ones whose intelligent only goes as far as to lie and manipulate the masses about the shape of the earth, just to get to the top of their game. 



    The Earth is a spheroid planet. The only manipulation comes from Flatearth claims that are impossible.


    Just now, alexa said:

    Like these lying NASA shits,



    NASA aren't liars. You are too easily convinced by shitty yooootub videos.


    Just now, alexa said:

    The Freemasons and all these so called Zionist Science buffs



    zOmg.....click here!!


    Just now, alexa said:

    whereby one day (quite close) are going to vaccinate us all with their shit if we let them.


    Whacky non sequitur there girl. Nothing to do with you ignoring every single post made and then coming back at the thread with the same gibberish.


    Just now, alexa said:

    So excuse me if I don't agree with your above stupid meme.


    On a scale of 1 to a million on how much I give a small fart about what you agree with, I'll let you know when it reaches 1.


    The meme is accurate.....you and your beliefs, not so much.


  14. 6 minutes ago, Red pill taken said:

    The planes didn't look like they were on a downward trajectory, some pretty impressive flying.. from cesna to boeing, I guess its like driving a car huh 


    They both visibly have downward trajectories. I guess it's like crashing a plane.

  15. 12 minutes ago, Red pill taken said:

    Comedy time, Have you watched R Hall talking about the plane speeds at low altitude? 


    Yes. He is a man who makes money off of the gullible. Diving planes accumulate speed.

  16. 11 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    so just for the record...


    Uhuh, what record? 


    11 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    you believe that a furmula 1 racing car hitting a concrete barrier at full speed is comparable to say a coach side swiping an earthen bank, in terms of the debris that will be created?


    No, I believe that a passenger plane coming down at 570 mph on a 40 degree angle upside down into solid ground would disintegrate and send debris everywhere for some considerable distance. 

    What a pitifully inadequate comparison analogy you use. It's almost as though you think the plane crashing was a side swipe like a bus?!



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