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  1. You don't need to be a good pilot to crash a plane. Correction, you would take the word of SOME pilots who would not know the maximum speed of the aircraft since they would not even go near the VNE speed. Boeing would be better qualified to give this information. But hey let's run that up the flagpole shall we? Evil perps meeting: Evil overlord: So we are in agreement. No planes and video fakery, kill the passengers, burn them blah de blah. Evil underling 1: Yes your highness. Leave it to me. I'll make those blinking planes look so real. Evil underling 2: Yes and I'll make them look like they are going 580 mph. Evil Overlord: Don't be an arse, they can't go that fast at 1000ft. Evil Underling 2: Ahaaa, but nobody will notice.
  2. Now ordinarily I would have come back with something cutting and rude, but will make do with something simple.....your pissy personal comment is in keeping with your hopeless level of accuracy about anything. I don't get paid to post here and if there is such a position please show me where to apply!!
  3. HUH?? I'd rather you were honest and responded to every post in some way. You aren't following "God's word" it was written by man and quite a large proportion of it is made up crap. The rest is 100 generations of Chinese whispers and translation screw ups. "God" doesn't believe the planet is flat. He gave man brains to work out that it wasn't. He gave man brains to create money making scams to feed off those who are unable to work out the obvious!
  4. Point 1...nope. I gave you clear answers and you went off comparing Lewis Hamilton and Reg Varney! Posted 7.24 yesterday....I suggest you read stuff before you go off 1/4 cocked. Point 2...baffling what stopped you reading the posts at the top of this page. Point 2....good. Because I feel some no planery coming from you and it would have been absurd quoting a plane witness account to justify details of the crash. Now what? You gonna say something?
  5. Sharp as mustard.....similar enough to explain Shanksville debris field. Tell me something. What makes you think they came down at 40 degrees....ya know "for the record"
  6. You say Arabs as though they haven't got the same capabilities. Sustained absolute maximum speed...pushing the engines to their limit will cause permanent damage to the plane. They're built to withstand quite a bit and I very much doubt any pilot has taken any large passenger plane even close to give an accurate opinion. According to "some" pilots should be your statement. Because others have no problem with it. I'm guessing the terrorists weren't bothered about screwing the plane up. A minute or so at screaming speed. Well possible.
  7. Baffling. I just told you they are similar in the destruction it causes. Tell me something. What makes you think they came down at 40 degrees....ya know "for the record"?
  8. Yes it is. No you can't. You just totally ignore things. That post I made about the Moon size and the annular eclipses.....nada.
  9. Chronic and baffling circular reasoning. You put millions of people in this crazy conspiracy. You cannot be reasoned with.
  10. They both visibly have downward trajectories. I guess it's like crashing a plane.
  11. Maybe it's always been. Maybe it expands and compresses in a natural cycle. All very interesting but sadly all denied in the crazy world of the thread starter.
  12. Yes. He is a man who makes money off of the gullible. Diving planes accumulate speed.
  13. Uhuh, what record? No, I believe that a passenger plane coming down at 570 mph on a 40 degree angle upside down into solid ground would disintegrate and send debris everywhere for some considerable distance. What a pitifully inadequate comparison analogy you use. It's almost as though you think the plane crashing was a side swipe like a bus?!
  14. Sometimes sarcasm works brilliantly. That wasn't one of those instances. The fighter jet hitting concrete is a perfect comparison for a diving plane hitting a solid ground. The result is pretty similar. Obliquely or not, it is an immovable object and that increases the chances of debris bouncing in that direction.
  15. Colonise Mars ....pie in the sky. They need to overcome enormous hurdles. Not least that Mars has no magnetosphere and consequently doesn't stop solar radiation. Plus stopping it for the really long journey time. The food and stuff would be dead easy in comparison.
  16. No. To get to the Moon, you need something light enough to be accelerated from here and slowed down when it gets there. The shuttle simply cannot do either.
  17. Hmmm..... Whatever, extremely patient aliens ok. Yeah I read it years ago. Sounds about right....The chances of life and all the things that come together make it likely that it doesn't occur very often....being one of the places where it did happen, in a universe of such unimaginable size makes it inevitable.
  18. I think the best way to deal with these mysterious people is by debating them out of the park with logic, critical thinking, cited evidence, carefully thought out detailed posts and most of all totally honest responses. That always works for me. I try not to rise to the bait and let the moderators deal with all the abusive posts I receive. Credibility is not really an issue unless you think the general internet comes here and trawls through buried posts.
  19. Yes, I am aware of the details surrounding UA93, but your conclusion is not accurate. If it hits the deck at 550mph then bits are going to fly off considerable distances. Plus there is the impact crater. It may have just been clipped by the fighter plane to disable it, or Bush ordered it to be brought down. I cannot rule that out but as I say think it less likely.
  20. I didn't immediately dismiss that, but it seems less likely.
  21. There is no support at all in mainstream science. There is a lot of mainstream support that establishes at as being there billions of years ago...specimen paper.... https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/07/140730133129.htm Tidal evidence from 3 billion years ago... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/956126.stm Very odd aliens if they drove it here and parked it up billions of years before man arrived.
  22. Sigh......no it contradicts nothing. The wall on the crash test was specifically designed to produce a dead stop impact. Ie. Its resistant force exceeded the incoming kinetic energy. On the Twin Towers, the wall was not sufficient to resist massively more kinetic energy. And like most people I am encountering.....you completely ignore the point being demonstrated! For Shankesville, the plane hitting the ground WOULD be the same as the dead-stop plane crash.....therefore the same result - smashing into tiny bits and thrown great distances.
  23. Don't be incredibly daft....explain fully how any single person in that post are not just a tad suspicious about what they have done .....ya know ....given that 4 planes just splattered all over the general vicinity. Your base claim requires all of that and more. Here, example.....you lot can you dispose of that UA plane over There and get me some bits. Burn them and mangle them. Oh and do the same with the passengers. What crazy "compart-totally-mental" world would fail to notice!
  24. Why did you just repeat your claim? Now we need: A team to dispose of the planes and the bodies A team to burn and mangle the bodies to sprinkle DNA all over the area, or a team to fake the analyses. We still need a team to place tiny body parts everywhere. A team to drive around dropping bits of plane around the area, including a massive plane engine in full view of spectators! A team to do this at the Pentagon with cameras on helicopters and emergency services arriving any time soon. A team to control the military aircraft. Paper trails to be destroyed accounting for the aircraft. ALL paper trails paying any personnel to be deleted and financial reimbursements hidden. That makes zero sense. http://www.internationalskeptics.com/forums/showpost.php?p=6719039&postcount=1 http://www.internationalskeptics.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9725182&postcount=11
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