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  1. Yes, but my opinion on this wasn't made from coming here. If you think that every post on this thread accurately represents the situation then you need to start "doing great" as well. I wonder how many people on this thread are 5Gers, how many are completely fake virus believers and how many are the more realistic over hyped believers.
  2. Posts 2,3 and 4. @amy G Dishonestly posting the same shit about the suns rays. Specifically for crepuscular rays.... These are crepuscular rays that form similar to a train track in terms of their direction. They appear to cast a pyramid to the observer, just like the tracks. They recede into the distance, just like the track. HOWEVER - these ones below don't work with a flat earth at all. No daft assertion available with this one.... https://www.atoptics.co.uk/atoptics/anti1.htm#:~:text=Crepuscular rays appear to converge,sphere directly opposite the sun. Flat earthers cannot explain anti-crepuscular rays (not with anything from reality that is!).
  3. Irony. A total off topic personal post. You seem unable to debate numerous things I am putting up...why is that? 1. How did they make the plane sized holes go inwards? The columns bent inwards. 2. What crazy world has the MASSIVE team involved creating video showing it doing "impossible" speeds. Kinda dumb don't you think? Answer please. Now we are into the following territory: Nobody must see the Tomahawk missile. Including air-traffic control. A team must be quickly assembled to invisibly and very quickly sprinkle plane parts all over The Pentagon. Emergency services on route + news teams/helicopters. The actual plane and all passengers must be disposed off. The bodies must be burnt and mashed and a team/person to sprinkle the DNA quickly all over the crash site(s). A team to launch the missile from somewhere. A team to set charges to bust the internal walls and set aircraft fuel charges. Somebody to set the charges to blow the light poles and the generator. Somebody/a team to create the general shape of a plane in the wall with explosives
  4. Great post, got any evidence relevant to the topic? I don't need to go to space to analyse evidence of people who landed on the Moon. I actually know a quite substantial amount on this subject and even that is a fraction of all there is to know. But hoax believers know only the daft videos they suck up or comments from people who have sucked them up.
  5. https://fullfact.org/online/survival-rate-figures/ You are quoting hearsay from facebook. General incompetence and poor planning. I don't have a problem with the scale of the pandemic being grossly over-estimated. The official position says children don't appear to be at risk. Not many died at all so "constantly"? I watch the news and didn't see much of that. If you say so. https://www.imperial.ac.uk/news/198077/kawasaki-like-syndrome-linked-covid-19-children-condition/ Very rare and nothing to worry about is the message. https://www.bmj.com/content/370/bmj.m2815 The question is, who is doing the lying. I'm sure you have very convincing "alternative" stuff. A rather gereralised statement but one that probably has an essence of truth. Medical staff get sanctioned for the opposite as well! https://www.bmj.com/content/370/bmj.m2850 No I post a genuine Seattle Nurse. Prove your claim. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/cristina-hops-nurse-tiktok-coronavirus-donald-trump-b914329.html Or another one... https://edition.cnn.com/2020/04/23/us/az-nurse-coronavirus-rally-trnd/index.html You sure love arm waving them away. Awful shit. But that is the nature of propaganda. I dare you to imagine just for a second that there IS a nasty disease out there and the public aren't taking it seriously. What would YOU do? That is a genuine question. What would you do? You claimed he photographed an empty hospital - he actually photographed the sealed off section of A&E that was closed. But once again let's do a what if I ran the zoo scenario. Hypothetically of course..... A man breaks into a hospital in the middle of a genuine pandemic, putting people's lives at risk...what would YOU do? Tell him off and say stop being so naughty. Prison was a bit extreme, but a fine would have been about right. About your "stats"..... Please post the link to the post you say I ignored. I wanted to get away from this thread and you dragged me back.
  6. No I read it. It was garbage. So was that one. Make one salient point and I'll kick your butt. Throw a load of daft crap up and well....I'll just tell you it's daft crap.
  7. Haha. A no planer says I am being humiliated? I gave you a big list to Address and you ran away. I showed a video analysis of the Pentagon footage with a clear plane. The damn wiki reference was simple page showing a similar crash. Ignored by you. Rather pathetic. You are too fixated on your crazy belief to feel humiliated by the glaring canyon sized holes in it. How did they make the plane sized holes go inwards? The columns bent inwards. Explain.....or run away.
  8. Whackamole. An endless conveyor belt of the same shite over and over. Pick one thing in that video then bloody google 15 years of the same hair tearing debunks for it. Or watch this tear some of it to bits..
  9. Kerrrist on a bloody bike. Lots of words lots of bollocks. I missed one single salient point there. Sunset. Flat earth done. ISS no wires....just idiotic observation.
  10. Yes. Sometimes. That is the nature of debate. I shut the hell up when someone convinces me I am wrong though. Ok. Well you take care then. Even though you just replied to me. p.s. that wasn't trolling by you at all was it. Edit: OK, well that was fun for about 2 pages then it got all stroppy and foot stomping. Unless I get a reply that I absolutely HAVE to respond to.....I'll leave you all to it. Don't want to "troll" this thread by raising legitimate points do I!
  11. I don't dispute much shady shit done by governments but in this case it IS relevant whether sars-2 exists. Going after a virus for its inability to cause devastation is one thing( and I don't necessarily have an issue with that), but it is totally different to saying the whole thing is one big hoax or faaked. That is just plain daft.
  12. Very loud klaxon @oddsnsods Err bullshit. They were also making loads of noise about not having the right equipment. I see you ignored my request for the post "I ignored" whilst ignoring the link with the NHS staff who died from the virus that doesn't exist. If you say so. How many? 5/10/500/1000? What and tiktok deleted them? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/cristina-hops-nurse-tiktok-coronavirus-donald-trump-b914329.html https://edition.cnn.com/2020/10/08/us/nurse-reacts-to-trump-downplaying-covid-trnd/index.html https://www.wired.com/story/doctors-nurses-tiktok-fight-covid-myths/ Nurses and tiktok huh? Ok, not seen that one. Citation please. Fuck my old boots, it certainly surprised me!! He didn't want ME as a moderator. If you say so. Amazing stuff. I liked him, even though he banned me once. Yes, amazing stuff. Now....about those Nurses not talking about coronavirus. Do you really not know anyone whom works at a hospital?? It was absolute chaos during the first wave.
  13. The sheer irony of your post (not putting it up again) makes my brain hurt. Off topic, derailing and personal. I think I'm going to go off and cry. Numerous knock on posts all about poor old me. That is a personal comment aimed at me. Nothing to do with this thread. It's also a tad private? And about me personally. I'm pretty sure the question of "where have I been" was rhetorical and your answer was not necessary and personal. Something to do with Lake bringing it up. I have been reading it daily. Some of it has been appalling misinformation. Much of it is speculation. Some of it is good and highlights how shit the system is. I think my first post in this thread highlighted CLEAR fake news being posted. Not ONE PERSON questioned it. NOT ONE. THAT is what should be being done for all of these alternative stories, to verify authenticity. If experts are being questioned, then the people being questioned should also be questioned as to their relevant experience to do so. NONE of it proves the virus is faked. Some of it strongly suggests it is not as bad as it is being touted. No I don't. I have a TV and internet. I just don't have the same propensity towards believing everything I read about it from alternative websites. I believe the government are largely incompetent. No, really it hasn't. Show me anyone on this thread who has taken any of the posts on this thread to task using "MSM". It is always a defence of conspiracy theorists to automatically dismiss the source if it is MSM, because it is MSM. I most certainly do not believe everything written from those sources far from it, but to take what is reported and mix it in with disinformation and speculation, whilst doing deductive reasoning that ignores the fundamental statements?? THAT needs questioning. I just highlighted Nurses reporting all sorts of crap, THEN being gagged only to be told just above that they had been gagged from day one. So apparently none of them has said anything.
  14. I reported this off topic personal shite...though whether it gets removed seems unlikely. Probably my off topic reply will... I recommended him/her based on their actions at the last forum. They were always kind and courteous and dead reasonable.... a trait I thought (for one reason or another) this forum needed. How did you know I recommended them? I told you all so!! Honest ...me. I had no idea they would turn into a raving post deleting lunatic. I publicly apologise for my useless recommendation.
  15. You posted a video that confirmed my bloody point! People are NOT tested for it routinely when they die. Go back and see where I said this..... "I don't understand the blanket denial of this virus rather than the more realistic one of those who claim it's ferocity is exaggerated. I have no problem with the latter - kind of, but the former is a bit daft." Yeah, thanks for that. It's not as though any of that is new but both of you missed the bloody point! I was hoping for a citation dating back to before the internet was swamped with their stories. WHY were they silenced? Getting back to MY original post about it.... "All those people suddenly dying is faaake is it? All those crazily overworked NHS nurses were complaining about nothing huh?" Whilst I disagree completely about them being silenced, they were silenced because they were making an almighty stink about their plight! Ya know, insufficient protection, lots of them dropping like flies, overworked, long hours dealing with all the faaaake patients that suddenly turned up. So your joint citations were made after the fact and BECAUSE of the complaints about reasons that prove this whole thing is nonsense. Can you understand that? Probably not. Two things, the level of shite I gave as to your objection is very low and I didn't "jump" on your or any others' posts. You put up a link to an "alternate" site. I put up a link to a site that shows this. Show me the reply I ignored. I don't care whether you think it doesn't debunk anything - your opinion on the mater is not fact. Bullshit. You just don't like it when your free-for-all-back-slapathon gets questioned. I am not a big supporter of the shite tory government or their handling of this. I certainly think it is not being handled well and some piss-poor decisions have been made regarding tracking and stats. I just think anyone who thinks it is fake is talking bollocks. Here's one of those "gagged" nurses... https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/icu-nurse-critical-care-nhs-hospital-coronavirus-covid-19-ppe-a9477486.html Maybe all these Nurses caught the Flu? https://www.nursingtimes.net/news/workforce/in-memory-a-list-of-nursing-staff-who-have-sadly-died-from-covid-19-20-04-2020/
  16. It works both ways! There could just as easily be deaths caused by it that are NOT attributed to it. But how the crap can you quote government admissions of incompetence to justify that it's all made up?? Citation. Up yours with bells on. Report me then. I am debating raised issues on this thread, and getting decent replies. Up to now. Or do you object to YOUR stuff being questioned without accountability!!!!
  17. Where did you get all that from? The virologists say they have isolated it, conspiracy theorists who are not virologists suggest lots of things but the bottom line is the claim must be that they are lying. Prove it. You could have that as a daily test. But again Hanlon's razor.
  18. Spoken like a true conspiracy theorist. No it isn't. Ditto. The PCR test is probably as accurate as you can get without the test taking longer than the bloody recovery! Bullshit! I'm not "acting" like anything. I just don't hold the same faith as you do in "alternative" websites! I've seen enough of them to get the gist and I simply don't have time or the inclination to go through and waste my time showing why they are not accurate.....only to have the recipient of my response to ignore it. Who said I was ignoring that ? And your pissy attitude is quite something. I don't recall it being raised in any post I have responded to. The same issues here are almost identical to those raised decades ago for HIV it works both ways. Hanlon's razor. Google it. Look this one up as well... "Circular reasoning" I don't acknowledge the PCR test is a fraud, YOU do. I don't claim the death certificates are a fraud, YOU do. It is just as likely that there are many deaths not attributed to this virus that are caused by it. All those people suddenly dying is faaake is it? All those crazily overworked NHS nurses were complaining about nothing huh? https://centerforinquiry.org/blog/the-covid-19-empty-hospital-conspiracies/ https://bylinetimes.com/2020/10/01/myths-misinformation-nhs-coronavirus/
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xRhOMp38xk
  20. I agree. I don't think there IS an epidemic or pandemic yet. It is a very bad flu virus that hasn't gone out of control. Yet. I don't understand the blanket denial of this virus rather than the more realistic one of those who claim it's ferocity is exaggerated. I have no problem with the latter - kind of, but the former is a bit daft.
  21. Well to be fair, you've had a good go with your Nazi stuff huh? But how about this example...
  22. No, nice try though. https://www.virology.ws/2010/01/22/kochs-postulates-in-the-21st-century/
  23. NO I DID NOT. I replied x number of minutes after he posted - when YOU looked at my post, that was how long ago it was. Unless you clicked it the split second I posted it. We ain't on page 330 yet, so no idea what you are talking about. Is this some daft obscure freemasonry shite?
  24. No, yours is (but what for I have no idea). It said "33 minutes ago" when YOU looked at my reply - go look now! Page number 330? Again I don't know what you are talking about, it's 329 at the moment isn't it?
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