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  1. 7 minutes ago, wideawake said:



    Ok, start with explaining the holes in the buildings. Inwards columns........



    On 10/13/2020 at 11:35 AM, wideawake said:

    The planes were remote controlled or they were missiles. I suspect the latter.



    Good job you know what you believe huh?

  2. 19 minutes ago, oneantisworthtenofyou said:

    The hairs are standing up on the back of my neck with alarm & suspicion!


    I won't post Vic and Bob holding handbags and going ooooh....but seriously you don't think it valid that although there is massive differences in belief between the various conspiracies, not ONE of you argues about it with each other?


    19 minutes ago, oneantisworthtenofyou said:

    Are your wonderings "scientific" professional or just for shits and giggles?


    I never do anything on this forum for the latter and the former is wrong too. My question is because there are 3 main beliefs doing the rounds (and I suspect subsets), so why is there no discussion between the different versions of this?


    19 minutes ago, oneantisworthtenofyou said:

    i wonder how many folk on this thread think the virus is a red herring real or not planned or not

    it's a slight of hand an opportunists wet dream none of it matters 


    I don't think it was planned but it certainly creates some unpleasant opportunities.


    19 minutes ago, oneantisworthtenofyou said:

    the focus should be on the vaccine and financial destruction of personal enterprise 

    the lockdown and introduction of unprecedented levels of state control over human movement

    and the lack of privacy that will ensue 


    I agree 100% with that.


    19 minutes ago, oneantisworthtenofyou said:

    i find following the money tends to be the most interesting path to follow

    this virus thing is boring i am still waiting for someone to fall over and collapse in the street

    like in china that would make it more interesting 


    I would be interested in what you have on that.

  3. 49 minutes ago, wideawake said:



    No problem dude. You believe what you want, you ignore what you want.


    Do you actually know what you believe happened? Does it explain everything that happened? THAT should be your starter for 10.

  4. 16 minutes ago, wideawake said:

    Because it is BS.

    Yeap, again as I said, it was BS so nothing to talk about there.

    Well, if they were videos fitting the government's official story, Jewtube would still have them there.

    Yes, how can he be an expert? Because he said so? lol

    A real experienced pilot doesn't spend his days on CNN (the most trusted news), CBS, writing blogs, in magazines, etc like he supposedly did. Experienced pilots FLY PLANES.

    🤣 OK... Is that the "new normal"?

    I don't care how they bent. A missile can bend them inwards just as easy as a plane.

    How do you explain the US not invading Saudi Arabia if most "terrorists" were Arabs?

    Why the PNAC document that come out 1 year before 9/11, describes EXACTLY the New Pearl Harbor as mentioned by your favorite Boy George Bush (as DI calls him)? It could not have been planned, could it?


    There's more to this story then just a missing black box and you seem blind to it all except a few aspects of it that can't be proven, like paper trail. 😄


    Having to wear a mask these days aren't meant to cover your eyes but to cover your mouth and nose...



    Loads of evasion dude. Well done.


    I'll summarise what you just wrote...


    "Yeah, what you posted is all BS innit, he isn't a pilot because of reasons innit, I don't know how the columns bent like that innit, could be a missile with magic plane shape producing properties innit, about your list....oh look over here diversion diversion diversion." 


    What are you afraid of? The video shows a plane. Discuss. The other video shows plane parts.  Discuss. My list details the problems. Discuss them. The pilot explains the situation - prove he isn't a pilot.


    And you....arm waved it all away. Truthers huh.

  5. Just now, alexa said:

     You really do remind me of someone else I used to know of, he also thought he knew all there was to know about the Apollo 69 moon landing which by the way was so daft & badly filmed. How anyone can believe this crap is beyond me. 🌜


    Ah bless I keep reminding you of someone. You think there was only one landing? You think the video is the only evidence?


    Everything is beyond you.


    Type something specific and I shall address it.

  6. 54 minutes ago, wideawake said:

    Because it's all BS. 


    Wow, you're great at debate. Wave it all away with a sweep of the hand.


    54 minutes ago, wideawake said:

    3 times you linked "facts" about 9/11 that I looked at and 3 times it was all BS.


    Three times you ignored them. Wave those arms around.


    54 minutes ago, wideawake said:

    You even retracted your statement reference to videos at airports.


    That's what honest people do. You should try it. I retracted it because videos that were there 15 years ago have now gone.


    54 minutes ago, wideawake said:

    Then you come up with an "expert pilot" who spent more time on CNN and writing blogs than flying planes and it just so happened to be right after 9/11 to debunk "conspiracies" and push the official narrative. Quite an expert. 🙄  


    That is called an ad hominem argument. You ignore his testimony because it contradicts your own bullshit. The pilots-for-truf also spoke out just after 911, but their shite is ok is it?


    54 minutes ago, wideawake said:

    So it is understandable that I seem unable to debate what you are putting up. You will go to any length to push the official story... Why is that?


    Dude, you've got that arse backwards. I go to normal lengths to disprove bullshit stories.


    You just totally ignored the post I made. Are you that afraid to debate honestly?


    1.  Video 1 - The plane parts everywhere. Proven.

    2. Video 2 -A visible plane from pixel reduction. Proven. I tried it myself and got a similar result.

    3. A list of the people who had to be in on it is massive. Obvious and proven.


    And a question that you are running away from.


    4. How did the columns bend inwards from an explosion at the impact point?!





  7. 22 minutes ago, screamingeagle said:

    keep going,you're doing great 😏😎


    Yes, but my opinion on this wasn't made from coming here. If you think that every post on this thread accurately represents the situation then you need to start "doing great" as well. 


    I wonder how many people on this thread are 5Gers, how many are completely fake virus believers and how many are the more realistic over hyped believers.

  8. 2 minutes ago, wideawake said:

    Just by your posts I can tell, you just like to argue. You're not discussing the subject here, you are bickering until everyone agrees with you. If not, then you attack posters for lying and being blind, etc. It just never ends even when proven wrong.

    There are many like you on forums and you sure are comedy time.


    Grow up and when you can reason like an adult, come back to post some more. In the mean time, go away. 


    Irony. A total off topic personal post. You seem unable to debate numerous things I am putting up...why is that?


    1. How did they make the plane sized holes go inwards? The columns bent inwards.

    2. What crazy world has the MASSIVE team involved creating video showing it doing "impossible" speeds.  Kinda dumb don't you think? Answer please.



    Now we are into the following territory:

    • Nobody must see the Tomahawk missile. Including air-traffic control.
    • A team must be quickly assembled to invisibly and very quickly sprinkle plane parts all over The Pentagon. Emergency services on route + news teams/helicopters.
    • The actual plane and all passengers must be disposed off.
    • The bodies must be burnt and mashed and a team/person to sprinkle the DNA quickly all over the crash site(s).
    • A team to launch the missile from somewhere.
    • A team to set charges to bust the internal walls and set aircraft fuel charges.
    • Somebody to set the charges to blow the light poles and the generator.
    • Somebody/a team to create the general shape of a plane in the wall with explosives




  9. 8 hours ago, Red pill taken said:

    I think maybe a forum rename Comedy time  krushes all! 

    Nah  that would be quite a rigid place. 

    Not to get personal but I read both of stephs post which I thought were very good.. 

    Your reply .. garbage... really 

    You seem to be proper straight up fact machine! 

    The thing about " free will" is people can believe what they like, believing a completely different thing than yourself or most, may make them an idiot in your eyes but hey the world needs idiots, so you can explain for over 6 months the same thing over and over! 

    For all the videos and all the books, the websites, all the research...


    have you been to space?


    I would say no?

    So you don't really know yourself do.you.



    Great post, got any evidence relevant to the topic? I don't need to go to space to analyse evidence of people who landed on the Moon. I actually know a quite substantial amount on this subject and even that is a fraction of all there is to know. But hoax believers know only the daft videos they suck up or comments from people who have sucked them up.

  10. 14 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

    The media were making noise you mean, in their 24 hour horror show for a virus that with a 98.54% survival rate for the majority.




    You are quoting hearsay from facebook.



    14 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

    The nightingale hospitals were empty..yet such a pandemic NOT.



    General incompetence and poor planning. I don't have a problem with the scale of the pandemic being grossly over-estimated.


    14 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

    They constantly lied about children dying, when NHS stats show no child without underlying health conditions died.


    The official position says children don't appear to be at risk. Not many died at all so "constantly"? I watch the news and didn't see much of that.


    14 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

    Then they bullshitted about Kawasaki disease causing Covid1984.


    If you say so.




    Very rare and nothing to worry about is the message.


    14 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

    Now they bullshit about longCovid.





    The question is, who is doing the lying. I'm sure you have very convincing "alternative" stuff. 


    14 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

    Nobody is allowed to question the offical narrative, not even thousands of doctors or they get deplatformed..


    A rather gereralised statement but one that probably has an essence of truth. Medical staff get sanctioned for the opposite as well!




    14 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

    You post a CNN crisis actor video as evidence.


    No I post a genuine Seattle Nurse. Prove your claim.




    Or another one...





    14 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

    You sure love lapping up the Goebbellian props from the media...



    You sure love arm waving them away.


    14 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


    Awful shit. But that is the nature of propaganda. I dare you to imagine just for a second that there IS a nasty disease out there and the public aren't taking it seriously. What would YOU do?


    That is a genuine question. What would you do?


    14 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


    You claimed he photographed an empty hospital - he actually photographed the sealed off section of A&E that was closed. But once again let's do a what if I ran the zoo scenario. Hypothetically of course.....


    A man breaks into a hospital in the middle of a genuine pandemic, putting people's lives at risk...what would YOU do?


    Tell him off and say stop being so naughty. Prison was a bit extreme, but a fine would have been about right.


    About your "stats".....









    Please post the link to the post you say I ignored. I wanted to get away from this thread and you dragged me back. 

  11. 26 minutes ago, Steph said:

    You mean it was tl;dr so you just IGNORED it. Thats ignorant.  I dont condemn ignorance as theres alot of screeds that just waste minutes of your life. But the salient point is, that those who ignore evidence of theatrical things involved in the space race are more ignorant than those who know the space narrative and revisit the flat earth. They ignore nothing but in their stage of belief in the space race narrative they are naive to all evidence which disputes such narrative. Having taken aboard ALL information, both the highly publicised and the suppressed and concealled, true seekers of the philosophers stone might come to some conclusion in an understanding that all true philosphers acknowledge their own stupidity in truly knowing nothing.


    The sophists are unlike this. They declare themself to be the wisest of the wise but as new evidence arrives and the mere idiots are held up on the hardened fortress of the truth itself, how wise are he wise when the creation of almighty god makes the true philosophers acknowledging their own stupidity in the face of all there is to be the wisest of all the wise. Of course the world is flat, everyone knows that! Of course the world is round, everyone knows that! I dont know what shape the world is. It looks flat to me when I look toward the horizon. Theres people who watch TV who say its round but they dont even notice the way the sunshine hits the moon. Thats beyond weird that. Theres no way that light can be a reflection of the sun, you only have to look at reality to see what I mean, but those people staring at TV, well what do they know? The light will never dawn on them about the basic visible reality beyond their televisions. Theyve never noticed the moon and yet they know everything about landing on it? I think the earth might be a doughnut in a set of dimensions beyond the first three where human belief systems based on lies goes round in circles and circles and circles and no one dares to even look a the actual reality for what it is since the are so busy looking at reality for the way it has been so badly described by people who havent even looked at the sky with their own eyes.



    No I read it. It was garbage. So was that one. Make one salient point and I'll kick your butt. Throw a load of daft crap up and well....I'll just tell you it's daft crap.


  12. 2 hours ago, wideawake said:

    ok, if you believe so. Still you didn't convince me with wikipedia references and sloppy reports supported by governments.

    I gave you a break after you admitted you couldn't find videos of the terrorists boarding planes and retracted your claim, yet you come back for more humiliation?

    Don't you ever give up?

    You are playing games... so you go play with oops, by yourself. Not my thing.



    Haha. A no planer says I am being humiliated? I gave you a big list to Address and you ran away. I showed a video analysis of the Pentagon footage with a clear plane.


    The damn wiki reference was simple page showing a similar crash. Ignored by you.


    Rather pathetic. You are too fixated on your crazy belief to feel humiliated by the glaring canyon sized holes in it.


    How did they make the plane sized holes go inwards? The columns bent inwards. Explain.....or run away.

  13. 2 hours ago, Diesel said:



    Whackamole. An endless conveyor belt of the same shite over and over.


    Pick one thing in that video then bloody google 15 years of the same hair tearing debunks for it.


    Or watch this tear some of it to bits..



  14. 47 minutes ago, Steph said:

    Ignorance and naivity both have regard to not knowing about something. The naive are not ignorant nor are the ignorant naive. To be ignorant of a matter, one muse be ignoring it. There is a verb imbedded in the word expressing some deliberation on the part of an ignorant person. A naive person doesnt know about the earth being round or flat, all they see if what they see with their own eyes. They dont have any specialist information from military organisations like NASA to tell them the world is different shape from how it appears.


    If they were shown this information and they ignored it, you could then say they were ignorant but could you condemn someone just because they ignore this evidence? What about the victim of an alient abduction who shows a photograph they took with their camera which they managed to conceal from the aliens who abducted them showing a flying saucer which took them above the height of the ISS and the earth look like it was completely flat even from there. You be ignorant to ignore the photo of the flying saucer. Perhaps you notice that this supposed space craft has a bit of flaking paint and you can clearly see the kellogs corn flakes box picture showing up in a corner of the image revealling the flying saucer is actually made of cardboard and you are within your rights to ignore this evidence since it is to your perception a hoax.


    What about those then who look at astronaughts onboard the ISS being held up by fine strings which are difficult to see but none the less there if you look closely in some of the scenes and theres no explanation for them other than the obvious one that independent fact checkers and all forms of censorship before it would never allow people to talk about too openly if they noticed it. Who is ignorant. The naive person who sees the world as flat as it appears to his eyes. The naive person who sees the world as a big ball as shown to him on TV? The naive person convinced that all questioning the moon landing is false because of one fake video which was revealled to be fake has been seen by them.


    Ignorance isnt just a lack of information, its a wilful ignoring of information, and if I can see reptiallians and others can see reptillians and theres a whole world out there who say they cannot see anything of such a thing at all, the words of Ben Kenobi come to mind, The truth is very much dependent on the perspective of the speaker.


    This is ickes forum. In terms of reptillians, your an outsider if you dont believe in them. Would you like some more information or would you like to destroy the community that believes that there are indeed creatures which have a human like skin over them who are green venomous monsters underneath that skin. People who dont believe in reptillians dont believe in vampires either. So long as they cast a reflection in the mirror, that doesnt worry me but as for those I dont see in the mirror who are on this side of the mirror pointing fingers at people saying "vampire vampire" - well that makes some interesting things to look at in a mirror that cant be seen by those so lost within their own self-induldence, they might not realise there are other conscious beings inside those meat suits they keep threatening all the time and its not so easy waking up the people they bully due to their behaviour let alone to giving anything the bully ones other than what the bully deserves.


    Would you like a silver bullet? What is ignorance really and what is naivity. To be ignorant is to be without an open mind. I am ignorant to things that Tony the phoney and the BBC have to say for themselves. I spent far too long waiting for those people to explain themselves that it came to the point that the silence itself over such a long period of waiting is all the explanation I need and it had gone past time when explanations will be of any use to them even if they did decide to start. They will start at the bottom and for a corporation, the botton is eternal death. As for a man, its life imprisonment with his family fortune fallen to the crown. I am ignorant to anything they have to say anymore. I have good reason though.


    Who is ignorant of the idea that there is some truth to the story of reptiallians, interdimensional energy beings, global warming hoaxes and Neil Armstrong being the man on the moon when when I look up, the man on the moon has a much fuller face than Neil Armstrong and his face is much more white. May as well laugh at the naive people who call people ignorant while they do not even know the things they do not know and suspect the mysteries of creation are solved already by science but if this was so, then what further need is there for any scientists? Real scientists dont know shit. Its the fact that we are fools that drives us to discover the things we do not know we do not know. Strange there are people who say "science says" and then go on to express the views of a chosen group of scientists, often politically funded or even motivated scientists to back up a very false narrative. By Grabthars Hammer, I will make the sun go dark at the next eclipse with all the conjury in regard to the nature of reality which is the thing that real science studies. Not text books. Not statitstics as chosen by those who present misleading statistics. Science is the art of collecting the statistics, forming the hypothesis, tossing the hypothesis in the bin when it doesnt fit the actual reality itself.


    Funny how when people says "our best alchemists say the world is flat" everyone believed it because thats what everyone was told. Is it not the same thing when people say "our best scientists say the world is round" and everyone believes it because thats what everyone is told. Theres nothing scientific about this just believing whatever you are told. The ISS has a section on it called Galileo. He is less famous for discovering heliocentrism and more famous for almost being burned at the stake for believing the provable truth about heliocentrism and who amongst those who IGNORED his proof can be recounted as valuable today? They knew nothing about science but with the greedy vain noses stuck firmly up the butt of the Sir Isaac Newtons, they made it appear that their credentials based on cleeky friendships were more valuable than credential based on actual ability to do science itself.


    Nothing much has changed since galilee where the high priests swan about like the holiest men but the truly holy are amongst the rejects and unsung heros described by the parable of the samaritan. Who wrote MS DOS? It was a computer scientist called ....... No it wasnt that business guy with loads of money who was doing business deals with IBM to sell someone elses code at extortionate prices, it was ......... funny how no one knows that guys name isnt it. His name is known in some circles just like the coronahoax can be seen to be so by anyone blessed with the gift of reason and in those circles, whats the sense of attracting those who are only seeking power as an end in and of itself? As for ignorance of information about the moon landings... thats an interestingly devisive phrase where only the naive could even realise theres any devisiveness in it. Now where are the wolves if we can identify the sheeple?




    Kerrrist on a bloody bike. Lots of words lots of bollocks.


    I missed one single salient point there.


    Sunset. Flat earth done. ISS no wires....just idiotic observation. 




  15. 27 minutes ago, SimonTV said:




    27 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

    You are argumentative.


    Sometimes. That is the nature of debate. I shut the hell up when someone convinces me I am wrong though.


    27 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

    Anyone that does that multi-quote replies like that will never get a reply from me. 


    Ok. Well you take care then. Even though you just replied to me.:classic_rolleyes: 


    p.s. that wasn't trolling by you at all was it.


    Edit: OK, well that was fun for about 2 pages then it got all stroppy and foot stomping. Unless I get a reply that I absolutely HAVE to respond to.....I'll leave you all to it. Don't want to "troll" this thread by raising legitimate points do I!




  16. 11 minutes ago, FVCK BILLY G4TES said:

    Just to name a few @Comedy Time. If it exists or not is irrelevant because we are have been sold horseshit by the pound for decades. Remember those people dying in the streets in Wuhan? Haven't seen a whiff of that just a few sniffles, just like any flu season. Why during lockdown were many hospitals just flat out empty? Refusing patients cancer treatments and mental health services for something that is no worse than a flu bug which was supposed to be bad this year anyway? Why the massive non-scientific, nonsensical push for laws which severely demolishes freedom, business, trade etc? Why were elderly people sent back to the care homes when they were clearly unwell? 


    If you truly believe that any establishment cares about people's health then you are wrong. Why would they care about some minor illness if they sell booze, drugs and fags in the tonnes to millions of people over decades? 


    Covid being real or not doesn't matter because that in itself is divide and conquer. What it's being used for however, should be your main concern. If it isn't then well, the Government are looking for people like you. Covid marshall would be the perfect job for you.



    I don't dispute much shady shit done by governments but in this case it IS relevant whether sars-2 exists. Going after a virus for its inability to cause devastation is one thing( and I don't necessarily have an issue with that), but it is totally different to saying the whole thing is one big hoax or faaked. That is just plain daft.

  17. 18 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    The nurses were silenced from day one, nothing to do with being overworked.


    Very loud klaxon @oddsnsods


    Err bullshit. They were also making loads of noise about not having the right equipment. I see you ignored my request for the post "I ignored" whilst ignoring the link with the NHS staff who died from the virus that doesn't exist.


    18 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    They were so overworked they were putting out tik tok videos every hour of the day.


    If you say so. How many? 5/10/500/1000? What and tiktok deleted them? 








    Nurses and tiktok huh?


    18 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    Nobody was allowed inside the hospitals & somebody actually got imprisoned for 14 weeks for filming an empty hospital & posting it on Fakebook.



    Ok, not seen that one. Citation please.


    18 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    It doesnt surprise me Gareth Icke would take the word of Truegroup.


    Fuck my old boots, it certainly surprised me!! He didn't want ME as a moderator.


    18 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    Like he did with his mate MerlinCove on the last forum, who was banning anybody including myself for questioning the Westminster Bridge hoax.


    If you say so.


    18 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    Almost like Merlin was following orders.


    Amazing stuff.


    18 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    Coz he was pretty gistapo about what he was doing.


    I liked him, even though he banned me once. 😇


    18 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    locking people in the rant room then antagonising them till they bite & banning them when he loses the debate.


    Yes, amazing stuff. Now....about those Nurses not talking about coronavirus. Do you really not know anyone whom works at a hospital?? It was absolute chaos during the first wave.


  18. 10 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

    @Comedy Time .....


    The sheer irony of your post (not putting it up again) makes my brain hurt. Off topic, derailing and personal. I think I'm going to go off and cry. Numerous knock on posts all about poor old me.


    10 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

    This is not - " personal shit - deliberate baiting!!!!!!! "


    That is a personal comment aimed at me. Nothing to do with this thread. It's also a tad private?


    10 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

    These are  FACTS...!!!!


    And about me personally.


    10 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

    You have spent most of your time on these other threads.


    I'm pretty sure the question of "where have I been" was rhetorical and your answer was not necessary and personal.


    10 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

    You have only recently shown interest in this thread.


    Something to do with Lake bringing it up. I have been reading it daily. Some of it has been appalling misinformation. Much of it is speculation. Some of it is good and highlights how shit the system is.


    I think my first post in this thread highlighted CLEAR fake news being posted. Not ONE PERSON questioned it. NOT ONE. 


    THAT is what should be being done for all of these alternative stories, to verify authenticity. If experts are being questioned, then the people being questioned should also be questioned as to their relevant experience to do so.


    NONE of it proves the virus is faked. Some of it strongly suggests it is not as bad as it is being touted. 


    10 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

    You need to catch up.


    No I don't. I have  a TV and internet. I just don't have the same propensity towards believing everything I read about it from alternative websites. I believe the government are largely incompetent.


    10 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

    The stuff you're bringing up and using government and MSM articles to debate have been covered many times earlier in this very thread.


    No, really it hasn't. Show me anyone on this thread who has taken any of the posts on this thread to task using "MSM". It is always a defence of conspiracy theorists to automatically dismiss the source if it is MSM, because it is MSM. I most certainly do not believe everything written from those sources far from it, but to take what is reported and mix it in with disinformation and speculation, whilst doing deductive reasoning that ignores the fundamental statements??


    THAT needs questioning.


    I just highlighted Nurses reporting all sorts of crap, THEN being gagged only to be told just above that they had been gagged from day one. So apparently none of them has said anything.

  19. 36 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

    And this the poster aka as many different accounts who recommended JumpRogue (the moderator who almost destroyed the forum) to Gareth Icke


    I reported this off topic personal shite...though whether it gets removed seems unlikely. Probably my off topic reply will...


    I recommended him/her based on their actions at the last forum. They were always kind and courteous and dead reasonable.... a trait I thought (for one reason or another) this forum needed.


    How did you know I recommended them? I told you all so!! Honest ...me. I had no idea they would turn into a raving post deleting lunatic. I publicly apologise for my useless recommendation. 

  20. 18 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    No it doesnt as they deliberately changed the rules for coroners.


    Yes it is made up as Vallance* admits. Trololololl.


    You posted a video that confirmed my bloody point! People are NOT tested for it routinely when they die. Go back and see where I said this.....


    "I don't understand the blanket denial of this virus rather than the more realistic one of those who claim it's ferocity is exaggerated. I have no problem with the latter - kind of, but the former is a bit daft."



    18 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:


    Yeah, thanks for that. It's not as though any of that is new but both of you missed the bloody point! I was hoping for a citation dating back to before the internet was swamped with their stories.


    WHY were they silenced? Getting back to MY original post about it....


    "All those people suddenly dying is faaake is it? All those crazily overworked NHS nurses were complaining about nothing huh?"


    Whilst I disagree completely about them being silenced, they were silenced because they were making an almighty stink about their plight! Ya know, insufficient protection, lots of them dropping like flies, overworked, long hours dealing with all the faaaake patients that suddenly turned up. So your joint citations were made after the fact and BECAUSE of the complaints about reasons that prove this whole thing is nonsense.


    Can you understand that? Probably not.


    18 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    No I object some septic, who tries to jump on peoples posts for a topic he really is clueless about on the most part.



    Two things, the level of shite I gave as to your objection is very low and I didn't "jump" on your or any others' posts. You put up a link to an "alternate" site. I put up a link to a site that shows this. 


    18 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    Ignores my reply, then snipes me for some link I posted  with a factchecker site that doesnt debunk anything.




    Show me the reply I ignored. I don't care whether you think it doesn't debunk anything - your opinion on the mater is not fact.


    18 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    Has continually derailed this topic all morning..under the admins nose.


    Bullshit. You just don't like it when your free-for-all-back-slapathon gets questioned.


    I am not a big supporter of the shite tory government or their handling of this. I certainly think it is not being handled well and some piss-poor decisions have been made regarding tracking and stats.


    I just think anyone who thinks it is fake is talking bollocks.


    Here's one of those "gagged" nurses...




    Maybe all these Nurses caught the Flu?





  21. Just now, oddsnsods said:

    Its not a claim, is easily verified on the government website & they admit in their press conferences.


    It works both ways! There could just as easily be deaths caused by it that are NOT attributed to it. But how the crap can you quote government admissions of incompetence to justify that it's all made up??


    Just now, oddsnsods said:

    NHS workers are not allowed to discuss COVID1984




    Just now, oddsnsods said:

    You are trolling & have hijacked this thread.


    Up yours with bells on. Report me then. I am debating raised issues on this thread, and getting decent replies. Up to now.


    Or do you object to YOUR stuff being questioned without accountability!!!!


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