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  1. 13 minutes ago, alexa said:

    Yes I believe you will. Yes it will.


    Girl, that is seriously pathetic. Seriously.


    Explain why you ignore things even when they have child proof explanations. It can only be to wind people up. The whole point of discussion is to arrive at a common agreement or disagreement by analysing evidence. If it is an objective discussion like the existence of the sky fairy / God it is easy to see such disagreement, but when it's flat earth/space or the Moon landings when there is visual and verifiable proof you are wrong - it is a ludicrous person who refuses to engage in the actual evidence for fear of being wrong. 

  2. 2 hours ago, alexa said:


    Your right I would.


    So C/T, you actually believe we went to the moon & Landed on it ? Lol'zzz


    So if I showed you rock solid proof this Bart Sibrel was a lying SOB you wouldn't believe it? Seriously sad.


    I don't "believe " we went to the Moon. This is MY subject and I KNOW we went. Not one thing you have to present will be new, it will be a whackamole fest. I will destroy every single inept argument you can present. You have ignored every single thing showing how your world view is based on piffle. No space, flat earth. So I don't anticipate any progress in educating you on one of mankind's greatest achievements.


    I guarantee two things. I will debunk every SINGLE thing presented. Every piece of proof I present will be ignored.

  3. 55 minutes ago, dollazNdiamond said:

    stars have been seen through the moon many times across the ages and is why those flags exist


    Who told you that crock? Hearsay of the lowest order from people who you really SHOULD question.


    The flags exist because of the reason I showed you. Venus and the Crescent Moon.


    Why are you continually avoiding large parts of my posts?

  4. 8 minutes ago, dollazNdiamond said:

    you are being destroyed by memes

    your handlers are pulling their hair out


    I don't have any handlers, if I did they would be long haired hippies with no hair loss. Your memes are piffling shite and you are evading every single difficult rebuttal to your repetitive nonsense. You really should change key - maybe go from "b flat" to "a minor" 🌎

  5. 11 minutes ago, dollazNdiamond said:

    it is fake








    Listen dude. Felix jumped from 39,000 metres. Ok?


    See my little chart above, at 50,000 metres you will see 7.16 degrees of variance on a curve on Earth proportions. This is easily verifiable trigonometry. Go on, do it yourself verify it.


    The Earth is VERY, VERY big. The curvature seen on the wide angle lens exaggerates it - you'd see about 6 degrees of variance on a 90 degree span. The bit through the window is barely 5 degrees span - you'd see no variance through that, at that altitude!


    You are actually getting your backside kicked here on every post I am making. Perhaps you need to run off and rethink this?



  6. 16 minutes ago, dollazNdiamond said:


    explain why no evidence of earth curve exists

    no crazy speeds or directions have been shown either

    that is actually what you should explain


    So you accept that close up you see less than 180 degrees?


    16 minutes ago, dollazNdiamond said:

    explain why no evidence of earth curve exists



    At what altitude? The ISS shows curvature as do all the images taken during the Apollo missions. If you are just going to cry faaaaake, what's the point?


    This is a curvature plot by altitude I did:




    The Earth is very, very big. At aircraft cruising altitude you will only see 3.2 degrees of variance and that if you can see a full 90 degrees of span.


    16 minutes ago, dollazNdiamond said:

    that is actually what you should explain


    The problem is not that "crazy speeds" haven't been shown but why you think they are crazy. If you were on an Earth sized roundabout spinning once in 24hrs and you were right at the centre, it would be ridiculously fast. The more you move away from the centre the slower it gets. 7000 miles away you won't even notice.


    16 minutes ago, dollazNdiamond said:

    that is actually what you should explain


    Your turn. If YOU can't answer basics without relying on really daft youtube videos then that should tell you, YOU are the one who has been hoodwinked.


    Read this and answer it:


  7. 1 minute ago, dollazNdiamond said:

    not variable distance as the size of the globes are identical


    you are being defeated by memes and nasa  will not like this


    Would you like me to explain the concept of a zoom lens and enlarging images?


    NASA couldn't give two small shites about any internet noise.

  8. Just now, dollazNdiamond said:

    the globes are the same size... you have been tricked by a meme again

    your research ability lacks


    That isn't a "meme" and kindly stop projecting. If you are close up to a globe you won't see 180 degrees of it. They are 3 specific pictures at variable distance and I took the time to verify it with an old globe I had.

  9. 6 minutes ago, dollazNdiamond said:


    and that has nothing to do with the point above unless you claim that the rest of earth is on the other side of a ball




    they fake it all



    Fish-eye lens of partial Earth in picture number 2. I could actually help you properly understand all of this, I suspect you will just ignore everything.

  10. 6 minutes ago, dollazNdiamond said:

    you can't see through rock


    I actually agree with you here. Yes, amazing observation. You can't see through rock.


    What now, some daft youtube video where a bloke sees the Moon "in front" of clouds or "sees a star" in the shaded part of the Moon?

  11. 1 minute ago, dollazNdiamond said:

    nasa lies about everything


    No they don't. You seem very easily led by youtube and hearsay?


    1 minute ago, dollazNdiamond said:

    this was posted because seeing stars through rocks is not possible


    And that is your basis for claiming the Moon is faaaake?????


    The star and crescent symbol originated in Sumeria. The moon was associated with the god Sin and the star with the goddess Ishtar. The star was set beside the crescent moon. The star represents Venus and the crescent represents the moon. The star crescent symbolized power.


    The star crescent was also found in Greece where it was used to represent the moon goddesses, Luna and Diana. The crescent is pointed upward and the star is directly above the moon. It was a symbol of virginity and female chastity.

  12. On 6/26/2020 at 7:35 AM, alexa said:

    Why wont these Astro-nots swear on the Bible ?




    Bean and Cernan both DID swear on the Bible. This film maker stalked them for many months - Armstrong said to him - "Knowing you Mr. Sibrel, that Bible is probably fake".


    I could prove to you that Bart Sibrel is a really bad liar but you would probably ignore it.

  13. 3 minutes ago, dollazNdiamond said:

    cutting and pasting the same things is bad form. you should do your own research if you need answers.



    I don't need answers and that piece of observation and maths that you are afraid to answer is mine. If you don't understand something like gravity for example, it isn't grounds for your opinion to be right. It is usual an indicator to get some education.


    The sun sets how?

    The Moon is upside down in Australia how?

    Starfields rotate the opposite in the Southern hemisphere how?

    A lunar eclipse how?

    Boats disappear hull first how?

    Chicago disappears bottom up how?


  14. 7 minutes ago, dollazNdiamond said:



    So you think the Earth is flat do you? I misread your comment I actually thought you were tearing apart the nonsensical "proofs".


    Ok then. So how about YOU win the debate by explaining this:


    • You are standing on the equator and the Sun is directly overhead. 
    • According to the flat earth community it is 3000 miles away.
    • In 6 hours time it is just about to set.
    • You are in French Guiana and six hours later the Sun is directly above Ethiopia - verifiably so.
    • Distance roughly between those is 6,300 miles.

    Even on the totally unfeasible flat earth map (and proven so with aircraft routes) the distance is still about the same.


    Now, I don't care whether you are good or crap with maths, ANYBODY can put figures into an automatic calculator. The Sun is a couple of degrees above the horizon.



    A= 2   (degrees)

    a = 3000 (miles)


    Now go off and put in the figures and read out what it says for b, that is the distance between the observer on French Guiana and where the Sun is above Ethiopia. I make it 85,900 miles.


    Oh and what the actual phuck, the Sun is the same size 85,900 miles away as it is 3000 miles away.


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  15. 7 hours ago, alexa said:

    I hate it when ppl come on here and quote what members have supposed to have said, when in fact they didn't actually say it.


    I hate it when people deliberately ignore clear and direct evidence and post silly pictures designed to inflame.


    Hey look at this conversation. That is 3 people in a row(one a moderator) deliberately trying to provoke me. If your theories are correct, what are you afraid of?

  16. 4 hours ago, screamingeagle said:

    or the best way to buri and to put discussion in a circle is to post mainstream matrial and call it facts and evidence....


    No, really? That's one way to analyse whether the alternative conspiracy theory stands up to scrutiny. It's where the acid test comes. Occam's razor, the more likely, the one with the most evidence. Or, Bic's razor, no evidence, endless and colossally varied speculation, ludicrously unfeasible.


    I call that the pursuit of truth. I always receive evasion. If the conspiracy stands up to scrutiny there should never be a problem answering the difficult questions - sadly the difficult questions never get answered.


    4 hours ago, screamingeagle said:

    and hide your intentions behind free speach 


    You are a moderator on this forum, your bias towards me is a disgrace!  You have the audacity to claim that I have some "intentions" hidden behind my free speech? YOU are hiding behind your moderating status and using it exactly the same way as TPTB that most on this forum wish to bring down.


    4 hours ago, screamingeagle said:

    with a condesending and provocative style

    a pattern behaviour......


    Not all the time. This "pattern behaviour" is INVARIABLY preceded by provocation and evasion from those I engage. You nearly always ignore that, because you appear to think it justified.

    A perfect example straight above your comment.



  17. 3 hours ago, oz93666 said:

    You couldn't make it up . 


    Mollison can.


    3 hours ago, oz93666 said:

    The truth is so Si-fi and crazy no one can believe it's true 


    This nonsense is so Sci-fi and crazy no one can believe it's true. FTFY.


    3 hours ago, oz93666 said:

    only those who have spent decades researching it all


    And have amassed the grand total of zero evidence to back it up. Meanwhile, his side businesses are churning over income like a cosmic cash cow. Ker-ching.





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