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  1. There were 4 planes. Nonsense. September Clues is the biggest pile of shite imaginable. http://truthaction.org/debunkingseptemberclues.pdf http://screwloosechange.blogspot.com/ No idea what you are even saying. Go on then, let's do this - SOURCE please. Please tell me it isn't the flight and landing logs - because of course the two planes they refer to didn't, you know, actually land!
  2. Has anyone ever told you how rather unimportant your opinion is? You remind me of King Canute up to his neck denying the tides. Oh run me by that one. Flat earth tides. As if What manner of person systematically denies dozens and dozens of posts as a means to uphold their ludicrous claims?
  3. What is this? Some sort of joke???? Artificial object Image Country Year Mass (lb) Mass (kg) Status Location Notes Luna 2 Soviet Union 1959 860 390 Intentionally crashed 29.1°N 0°E [2] Luna 2 Third stage of Vostok rocket Soviet Union 1959 20,100 9,100 Intentionally crashed 29.1°N 0°E [3] Ranger 4 United States 1962 730 331 Intentionally crashed 15.5°S 130.7°W [4] Ranger 6 United States 1964 840 381 Intentionally crashed 9.358°N 21.480°E [5] Ranger 7 United States 1964 805 365 Intentionally crashed 10.63°S 20.60°W [6] Luna 5 Soviet Union 1965 3,250 1,474 Crashed 8°N 23°W [7] Luna 7 Soviet Union 1965 3,316 1,504 Crashed 9.8°N 47.8°W [8] Luna 8 Soviet Union 1965 220 100 Crashed 9.1°N 63.3°W [9] Ranger 8 United States 1965 809 367 Intentionally crashed 2.638°N 24.787°E [10] Ranger 9 United States 1965 809 367 Intentionally crashed 12.828°S 2.387°W [11] Luna 9 Soviet Union 1966 220 100 Landed 7.08°N 64.37°W [12] Luna 10 Soviet Union 1966 3,500 1,600 Crashed (post-mission) Unknown[a] [13] Luna 11 Soviet Union 1966 3,620 1,640 Crashed Unknown[a] [14] Luna 12 Soviet Union 1966 3,680 1,670 Crashed Unknown[a] [15] Surveyor 1 United States 1966 600 270 Landed 2.474°S 43.339°W [16] Luna 13 Soviet Union 1966 3,700 1,700 Landed 18.87°N 62.05°W [17] Lunar Orbiter 1 United States 1966 851 386 Crashed (post-mission) 6.70°N 162°E [18] Surveyor 2 United States 1966 644 292 Crashed 5.5°S 12°W [19] Lunar Orbiter 2 United States 1966 849 385 Crashed (post-mission) 3.0°N 119°E [20] Lunar Orbiter 3 United States 1966 851 386 Crashed (post-mission) 14.3°N 97.7°W [21] Surveyor 3 United States 1967 619 281 Landed 3.015°S 23.418°W [22] Lunar Orbiter 4 United States 1967 851 386 Crashed (post-mission) Unknown[a] [23] Surveyor 4 United States 1967 624 283 Crashed 0.4°N 1.33°W [24] Explorer 35 United States 1967 229 104 Crashed (post mission) Unknown[a] [25] Lunar Orbiter 5 United States 1967 851 386 Crashed (post-mission) 3°S 83°W [26] Surveyor 5 United States 1967 619 281 Landed 1.461°N 23.195°E [27] Surveyor 6 United States 1967 622 282 Landed 0.49°N 1.40°W [28] Surveyor 7 United States 1968 640 290 Landed 40.86°S 11.47°W [29] Luna 14 Soviet Union 1968 3,680 1,670 Crashed Unknown[a] [30] Apollo 10 LM-4 Snoopy descent stage United States 1969 4,874 2,211 Crashed (post-mission) Unknown[a] [31] Apollo 11 LM-5 Eagle descent stage United States 1969 4,484 2,034 Landed 0.6741°N 23.4730°E [32] Luna 15 Soviet Union 1969 5,992 2,718 Crashed Unknown [33] Apollo 11 LM-5 Eagle ascent stage[c] United States 1969 4,815 2,184 Crashed (post-mission) Unknown [34] Apollo 12 LM-6 Intrepid descent stage United States 1969 4,874 2,211 Landed 3.0124°S 23.4216°W [35] Apollo 12 LM-6 Intrepid ascent stage[c] United States 1969 4,771 2,164 Crashed (post-mission) 3.94°S 21.20°W [36] Luna 16 descent stage[d] Soviet Union 1970 3,040 1,380 Landed 0.68°S 56.3°E [37] Luna 17 and Lunokhod 1 Soviet Union 1970 12,300 5,600 Landed 38.28°N 35.0°W [38] Apollo 13 S-IVB (S-IVB-508)[39] United States 1970 29,661 13,454 Intentionally crashed 2.75°S 27.86°W [40] Luna 18 Soviet Union 1971 4,140 1,880 Crashed 3.57°N 56.5°E [41] Luna 19 Soviet Union 1971 4,140 1,880 Crashed Unknown[a] [42] Apollo 14 S-IVB (S-IVB-509) United States 1971 30,900 14,016 Intentionally crashed 8.09°S 26.02°W [43] Apollo 14 LM-8 Antares descent stage United States 1971 4,727 2,144 Landed 3.6453°S 17.4714°W [44] Apollo 14 LM-8 Antares ascent stage[c] United States 1971 4,705 2,132 Crashed (post-mission) 3.42°S 19.67°W [45] Apollo 15 S-IVB (S-IVB-510) United States 1971 30,944 14,036 Intentionally crashed 1.51°S 11.81°W [46] Apollo 15 LM-10 Falcon descent stage United States 1971 6,193 2,809 Landed 26.1322°N 3.6339°E [47] Apollo 15 Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV-1) United States 1971 460 210 Landed 26.08°N 3.66°E Apollo 15 LM-10 Falcon ascent stage[c] United States 1971 4,700 2,132 Crashed (post-mission) 26.36°N 0.25°E [48] Apollo 15 subsatellite United States 1971 79 36 Crashed (post-mission) Unknown[a] [49] Luna 20 descent stage[d] Soviet Union 1972 <12,626 <5,727 Landed 3.57°N 56.5°E [50] Apollo 16 S-IVB (S-IVB-511) United States 1972 30,869 14,002 Intentionally crashed 1.921°N 24.623°W [51] Apollo 16 LM-11 Orion descent stage United States 1972 6,096 2,765 Landed 8.9730°S 15.5002°E [52] Apollo 16 Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV-2) United States 1972 460 210 Landed 8.97°S 15.51°E Apollo 16 LM-11 Orion ascent stage[c] United States 1972 4,713 2,138 Crashed (post-mission) Unknown [53] Apollo 16 subsatellite United States 1972 79 36 Crashed (post-mission) Unknown[a] [54] Apollo 17 S-IVB (S-IVB-512) United States 1972 30,780 13,960 Intentionally crashed 4.21°S 12.31°W [55] Apollo 17 LM-12 Challenger descent stage United States 1972 6,169 2,798 Landed 20.1908°N 30.7717°E [56] Apollo 17 Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV-3) United States 1972 460 210 Landed 20.17°N 30.77°E Apollo 17 LM-12 Challenger ascent stage[c] United States 1972 4,740 2,150 Crashed (post-mission) 19.96°N 30.50°E [57] Luna 21 and Lunokhod 2[e] Soviet Union 1973 10,690 4,850 Landed 25.85°N 30.45°E [58] Explorer 49 (RAE-B) United States 1973 723 328 Crashed Unknown[a] [59] Luna 22 Soviet Union 1974 8,800 4,000 Crashed Unknown[a] [60] Luna 23 Soviet Union 1974 12,300 5,600 Landed 12.75°N 62.20°E [61] Luna 24 descent stage[d] Soviet Union 1976 <12,787 <5,800 Landed 12.75°N 62.20°E [62] Hagoromo Hiten[f] Japan 1990 26 12 Crashed (not confirmed) Unknown [63] Hiten Japan 1993 315 143 Intentionally crashed 34.3°S 55.6°E [64] Lunar Prospector United States 1998 278 126 Intentionally crashed 87.7°S 42.35°E [65][66] SMART-1 Various[g] 2006 677 307 Intentionally crashed 34.262°S 46.193°W [67] Moon Impact Probe (MIP) Chandrayaan-1 India 2008 77 35 Intentionally crashed 89.76°S 39.40°W [68][69][70] SELENE Rstar (Okina) Japan 2009 117 53 Crashed 28.213°N 159.033°W [71][72][73] Chang'e 1 China 2009 4,400 2,000 Intentionally crashed 1.50°S 52.36°E [74][75][76] SELENE (Kaguya) main orbiter Japan 2009 4,374 1,984[74] Intentionally crashed 65.5°S 80.5°E [77][78][79] LCROSS Shepherding Spacecraft United States 2009 1,500 700 Intentionally crashed 84.729°S 49.36°W [h][80][81] LCROSS Centaur United States 2009 5,000 2,270 Intentionally crashed 84.675°S 48.725°W [82][83] GRAIL United States 2012 293 133 Crashed (post-mission) 75.62°N 26.63°W [84] Chang'e 3 Yutu rover China 2013 2,600 1,200 Operational[j] 44.12°N 19.51°W [85][86][87] LADEE United States 2014 547 248 Intentionally crashed 10.8°N 91.6°W Chang'e 4 Yutu-2 rover China 2019 2,600 1,200 Operational 45.5°S 177.6°E Beresheet Israel 2019 330 150 Crashed[88][89] 32.5956°N 19.3496°E Longjiang-2 China 2019 104 47 Intentionally crashed[90] 16.6956°N 159.5170°E [91] Chandrayaan-2 Vikram lander Pragyan rover India 2019 3,243 1,471 Crashed[92] 70.8810°S 22.7840°E [93] Total estimated dry mass 421,109 191,012 But all faaaaaaake. God knows how many people just that would involve!
  4. Offsite backups are standard. Besides burn it still works or better still if it hasn't been backed up. Delete file.
  5. Ok, no problem. My questions are too difficult for you and the points about the numbers involved make it ludicrous. Uhuh and of course you have copious amounts of proof for all that. Tell me something, is it feasible that being so terrified they might do the same thing to employ people to come up with obviously crazy ideas like nuclear bombs and no planes in an effort to tar them all with the same brush? Debating coming from me, "nasty diatribe" seems to be coming from you. Okie-dokie. Well thank you for your powerful insight. I did all that stuff in the 90s before you were born I suspect. Wow, "lunacy and nonsense" you say. Yet you are the one who is talking about no planes and nuclear bombs. It isn't "my purpose" - allegations of being a paid shill are the domain of the person boxed in by powerful rebuttal. Great, can't wait. Because the common person is so wise and not prone at all to a total "look after number one" mentality. We're generations away from that kind of enlightenment. You only have to look at the panic buying from the selfish horde when lock down was looming. People with 500 bog rolls in their garages. Yep. Can't wait.
  6. Try and stay calm. I didn't say he wasn't a corrupt piece of shit and 911 didn't "take care of it". It was still there in the following months. It wasn't anything other than an accounting issue with multiple incompatible software programs. I asked you why he would be daft enough to go on TV the day before. Try to stay calm. Just because I gave you quite damning summaries of how this whole thing would be ludicrously unfeasible, no need to get your nose out of joint. Do any of those people know how to rig buildings for explosives? Or were any of them involved in plane and body disposal. You bang on about how so many people could keep a secret. Right. “Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” ― Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanack YOU are the one making the claim. YOU must have some inkling of how many are involved. It is quite substantial. Only conspiracy theorists say things like this go on all the time. My questions are not stupid, you just cannot answer them. Yes I can. The plane parts, the visual evidence in countless videos, live tv and untold witness accounts. Occam's razor and not one single piece of counter evidence for the colossal number of things underlying this claim. I'm not. It seems the more likely of all the explanations. Find me one that fits better and I'll consider it. Offer me a cast of thousands and a secret plot that is ridiculous and I won't.
  7. Get a telescope and watch the planets spinning Watch the ISS travel overhead. Get a radio and lock into to some overhead satellites. WHY ARE YOU IGNORING THINGS? https://rsgb.org/main/technical/space-satellites/moonbounce/ "One of the unique characteristics of EME is that it is possible to hear and observe your own transmissions echoed back approximately 2.5 seconds later as the transmitted signal propagates from the earth to the moon, is reflected, and propagates back to the earth." Anmateur radio hams all over the world do this. Are they all lying?
  8. Sure it is! You are calling millions of people deluded or liars because space doesn't exist. That's just people alive now. I find such misguided belief actually baffling. It's like you have this idea and ignore completely the colossal underlying conclusions. A bit like an ostrich being shown a big mountain and not being able to see it because it has its head in the sand.
  9. I'm not defending the official story. I am pointing out the problems in your unofficial one. Why should I say so? Why are you still debating this on a forum that already believes this sort of stuff? Surely you are trying to reach new people? Now, detail which questions you have asked that make me uncomfortable - next post please. Again the same claim. There were no accounting errors. The problem was that multiple branches had different software unique to their departments. There was no way to keep TRACK of it all. He wanted a single system that stored it all in one accessible place. Read his quote again, it really is quite specific. I asked why he would say this the day before - you didn't answer. The other parts of that paragraph - I have no problem with. Governments are corrupt? Ok, obvious. They needed a reason to piss around the middle east? They let the terrorist attacks happen. That has always been my suspicion. Hence my position - they let it happen. I don't necessarily think they knew to what extent it would be, but there was intel around that something big was coming. Please don't quote me the "open-minded" bit. I have never ever seen a conspiracy theorist change their position on anything. That is as fixed minded as you can get. This deliberate operation requires a staggering number of people in the know to enable it to occur. Most 911 conspiracy theorists are afraid to consider that human beings are simply unable to keep secrets. Ok. PLEASE read all of these two posts and try and take in what is being said: http://www.internationalskeptics.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9725182&postcount=11 http://www.internationalskeptics.com/forums/showpost.php?p=6719039&postcount=1 No, it leaves the possibility that you cannot envisage that it was actually a bunch of madmen who hijacked four planes and crashed them. I understand the hideous nature of men, I also understand the shallow nature and the need to tell somebody. No paper trail, financial trail, payoffs etc. No confessions. No hearsay. No death bed confessions. Nada. Clinton gets his jollies with Monica and the whole world knows.
  10. You cannot reason a person out of a position they did not reason themselves in to. Fence sitters- ask yourselves this. Why do flat earthers consistently ignore difficult questions?
  11. So you don't actually have a valid reason for why WTC7 would be brought down. I think it an amazing coincidence that the building "to be brought down" had a sizeable chunk of its South face carved out by falling debris and caught fire for most of the day. Some amazing explosive charges there, that withstand all of that and luckily it was hit by WTC1/2 otherwise they wouldn't have had any reason to drop it.
  12. I'm telling you all those videos aren't of bubbles. You've seen what bubbles look like in water and how many millions of them there are. They don't rotate, change size or look like misshapen chunks of ice. They don't glint in sunlight and they certainly don't fly off in multiple directions! Space debris and/or ice particles. Yes, your videos are.
  13. Please speculate and give me a good reason. I can see none. If it was to destroy unique paper records, burn them. Computer records have offsite backups. Blasting all the paper out into the streets would be my last choice. Update:your next post above speculated.......so burn all that. Why not?
  14. Why would he do that? I mean, he knows it's happening the next day so why announce this crap the day before and put this big "suspicion" out there? The fact is that he was appealing for a better accounting system to TRACK the money that is to enable the money that HAD been accounted for to be on one single accessible system. The technology revolution has transformed organizations across the private sector, but not ours, not fully, not yet. We are, as they say, tangled in our anchor chain. Our financial systems are decades old. According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions. We cannot share information from floor to floor in this building because it's stored on dozens of technological systems that are inaccessible or incompatible. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. Monday September 10th, 2001
  15. Well why take out Building 7 at all is the question. The main argument I have seen many times was that it housed many paper only records. With computers, is there any company of size that doesn't have offsite backups? It's called disaster recovery. As for what was in there, that's your speculation not mine. Never made any sense. Large chunks of plane hit the building, it was ravaged by fire.
  16. Somewhat strange question and a tacit admission that it exposes the nonsense within your own. Easy. Many years ago I had a similar exchange on the old DIF with a person called Kaito. I did a similar analysis and created an animated gif. It showed the "bubble" rotating and getting about 10 times bigger in about 1 metre of movement. Not a bubble and anyone can replicate this.
  17. I know, hence my use of the word "error" in my response. They got the information wrong. Imagine the news feed said warning of collapse and they assumed it had. Tell me what possible reason would the perps have to inform the BBC news reporters? That makes no sense at all. It's not as though there's any guarantee of discretion there. Housed all those records? Destroy them being the goal you indicate. Personally I would let the fires burn unabated - that would do it. What probably wouldn't do it would be to demolish the building and spew all that paper all over downtown Manhattan.
  18. I already did, I showed you a video tearing it apart. I explained the obvious MILLIONS of bubbles in REAL water and the single random direction pieces of sublimating ice in space, happily rotating. Bubbles don't do this. Have you any idea how easy it is to remove things like this from video?
  19. Now we are into the following territory: Nobody must see the other planes. Including air-traffic control. The ensuing chaos must see ATC lose the actual planes at the appropriate time, that involves pilot complicit changes or extra personnel to do this. A team must be quickly assembled to invisibly sprinkle plane parts all over New York. The actual plane and all passengers must be disposed off. The bodies must be burnt and mashed and a team/person to sprinkle the DNA quickly all over the crash sites. A team to fly the planes and crash them. I assume remote control. Nobody notices two military planes going missing. Yes and that grainy hotel footage. Because the incoming route had no coverage? Why should it? That is the inner hole and it is caused by the landing gear. Why would a much lesser kinetic energy missile go through all those walls anyway? The likeliehood was that the wings were bent back and the engines went with them not a straight path. I gave you a link of all witnesses noted and they are substantial and not all TV interviewed. Besides, that is just your opinion. They may have been just a little bit emotionally compromised. WHERE is the missile? Now we are into the following territory: Nobody must see the missile. Witnesses must be planted to say they saw a plane. A team must be quickly assembled to invisibly sprinkle plane parts all over the Pentagon lawn. This cannot be done in advance and must be completed before emergency services arrive and/or staff leave the buildings. Another team(or same one) must break or attach explosives to the streetlights and the generator. Synchronised to go off with the missile! If any of the emergency team are not in on it, they must not see any of this The actual plane and all passengers must be disposed off. The bodies must be burnt and mashed and a team/person to sprinkle the DNA quickly all over the crash site. A hole in the Pentagon wall must be created that resembles a plane impact that somehow occurs at the same time as a missile strike. The missile must be fired with some sort of guidance system installed. That involves a branch of the military and a launch mechanism. It must approach the Pentagon at ground level and parallel involving a manoeuvre that sees the missile coming down and altering course. That must be done via software link. The missile must penetrate all walls of the Pentagon.
  20. That is sort of spamming really. You got given an explanation for this crazy bubble nonsense and then post more or less the same claim. This is space debris/ice flakes. You can actually see many of them spinning round. When we observe astronaut training in water, there are millions of actual bubbles. Not random pieces of space debris firing in all directions!
  21. Just for you I did a couple more. Item 2 says the Chinese space walk was a bubble. It's flat, rotating and it gets bigger really quickly, way too quick for a rising bubble. It's a piece of ice from the looks of it. The other Chinese spacewalk clips are just more pieces of debris or ice, they look nothing like bubbles. Continuing the nonsense about space bubbles, more clips showing clearly stuff flickering and spinning, glinting as the sun hits it. Space debris and/or ice particles. Not to mention the STUNNING problem that they are all going in multiple directions. Bubbles go up in one direction.Then the bloke shows the astronauts training in a tank where suddenly we see MILLIONS of bubbles. That will do for now. I don't expect a detailed response.
  22. Apart from all the eyewitnesses and the ridiculous list of things that needed to be done. How very profound. Are you saying that you think you are at the next level? Are all the eyewitnesses lying? How many were involved in this nonsensical claim? If you have issues with the pilot's skill, it would be far easier to nerve gas the pilots and put in a remote control mechanism. As opposed to involving a cast of god knows how many to act out this alternative scenario. So your "proof" for no plane is ... That you couldn't see it on the video, when you can. The holes it made are not feasible when a missile with 1/3 the kinetic energy wouldn't have fared any better. Nobody saw the plane when a whole host of witnesses give detailed reports that it was just that. The pilot couldn't do any of that when people on youtube, on flight simulators can do the same thing. What else, tell me what convinces you there wasn't a plane, help me get to your level? Explain how the witnesses were coerced or paid off, show me any evidence for that big list above. Or just ignore this post completely because you can't do any of that.
  23. As opposed to what? It explains everything we see. Perhaps you could furnish them all with a better explanation? I eagerly await your detailed response. In the past I have gone through whole videos and had it all completely ignored. That was an acid test and you failed it. Because the bloke who put it together wanted to. It's not a "NASA" thing it's a him/her thing. Now did my gif show a cross fade, yes or no? If you say no, explain why the things on the side all suddenly moved. That comment is generally considered trolling/baiting. Kindly desist. How about you go to the flat earth thread and answer some of the difficult questions.
  24. Nothing in my post is trolling. Once again you evaded an extremely large post that was written in good faith with a reference link. The video shows quite clearly the blurred outline of a jet airliner. The link given details copious amounts of witnesses. I gave a list of things that needed to be done, have you any evidence for any of that? http://911research.wtc7.net/pentagon/evidence/witnesses/sgydk.html
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