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  1. https://scontent-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/31045280_10211332470087998_6428717214840389632_n.jpg?_nc_cat=101&_nc_sid=b9115d&_nc_ohc=XkkPKHdR1CYAX99_jJG&_nc_ht=scontent-lax3-1.xx&oh=d3350d43f972b172f0719919319e0f25&oe=5F886CB2


    These are crepuscular rays that form similar to a train track in terms of their direction. They appear to cast a pyramid to the observer, just like the tracks. They recede into the distance, just like the track.





    HOWEVER - these ones below don't work with a flat earth at all. No daft assertion available with this one....


    https://www.atoptics.co.uk/atoptics/anti1.htm#:~:text=Crepuscular rays appear to converge,sphere directly opposite the sun.




    Flat earthers cannot explain anti-crepuscular rays (not with anything from reality that is!).



    The flat earther casually shoots himself in the foot. Notice how the Sun is now about a quarter the size and in terms of its proximity to the artificial horizon it's about halfway from when it started. Notice also all the garbage he left up because he knows full well it never goes lower than the worktop. It is impossible.




    To really hammer this home, the sizes of the Sun projected onto his false horizon show the vanishing point on a flat Earth - looks to be on the small side. QED.




    The angular velocity of the Sun anywhere on Earth is measurably the same - 15 degrees of arc per hour. This is impossible on a flat Earth with the variable distances claimed from observer to the Sun.

  3. Two statements...


    • The Sun, no matter what distance it is away from Earth, changes elevation all over the world during the day.
    • It is simultaneously observed by half the Earth.


    The scenarios that follow are used to demonstrate speed variances. The height of the Sun for this purpose is not relevant.....


    Point one on the globe is where the Sun is directly above:

    Just as an example using 3000 miles and the Sun changing from 15 degrees/30 degrees/45 degrees from zenith(directly overhead) - that is 3 one hour movements everywhere on Earth - proven and irrefutable.



    Little a is 3000 Big A is 75 degrees - It has travelled 804 miles from zenith. So average 804 mph.

    Little a is 3000 Big A is 60 degrees - It has travelled 1730 miles from zenith. 1730-804 =  926. So average 926 mph now!

    Little a is 3000 Big A is 45 degrees - It has travelled 3000 miles from zenith. 3000-1730 = 1270. So average 1270 mph now!


    Point two simultaneoulsy on the globe is where the Sun is at 75 degrees to observer at its highest elevation:

    Little a is 3000 Big A is 60 degrees - It has travelled 1730 miles from zenith. It began 804 miles away from zenith. So average 926 mph.

    Little a is 3000 Big A is 45 degrees - It has travelled 3000 miles from zenith. 3000-1730 = 1270. So average 1270 mph now!

    Little a is 3000 Big A is 15 degrees - It has travelled 11,200 miles from zenith. 11200-3000 = 8200. So average 8200 mph average now!


    In hour 1 at two different points the Sun is travelling 804 mph and 926 mph at the same time!!

    In hour 2 at two different points the Sun is travelling 926 mph and 1270 mph at the same time!!

    In hour 3 at two different points the Sun is travelling 1270 mph and 8200 mph at the same time!!


    Now BASIC mathematics tells us the Sun MUST be covering that distance, so it is not apparent distance. These are actual figures.

  4. The closest possible distance the Sun can be to the Earth is a ridiculous Everest height. 


    Computing the distance to the Sun on a flat earth when it is 0.001 degrees above the visual horizon and at a ludicrous and provably impossible distance of 5 miles away.....




    a= 5 miles

    A= 0.001 degrees


    Distance to object is 286,000 miles.




     Distance to object 286,479 miles.




    Distance to object 286,478.89754 miles.


    A bit high don't you think?


  5. Yeah yeah I hear many of you say, this forum needs another flat Earth thread like a hole in the head. I agree. This isn't one. This is a collection of responses that have been systematically buried and consistently ignored by people claiming the Earth is flat. To me, given the truly astonishing amount of evidence saying it is a sphere that is like believing in fairies in your living room.This thread targets those members who may be in a little doubt from some of the videos that get put up on youtube. But, in this case none of it gets buried because it's all on page 1.


    Here is a short and by no means concise list:


    • The Sun sets without any size change and that is impossible in itself. The vanishing point is named thus!
    • The Sun's motion through the sky is the same at every angle, location and time. It NEVER varies - 15 degrees of angular distance per hour.
    • On any map of the flat earth, the two tropic circles HAVE to be different circumferences - the Sun HAS to increase speed for the larger one!! It provably does not differ in speed anywhere, any time.
    • There has been not one iota of scientific measurement that corresponds to a flat earth, including sudden speed changes from the Sun.
    • The Moon is inverted in the Southern Hemisphere. 
    • At a range of distances starting with the unfeasible Everest height for the Sun - the horizon is a ridiculous distance away.
    • ANYONE can take an image through a quality telescope of Mars/Jupiter etc. and see them rotating.
    • ANYONE can take an image through a filter and see the Sun rotating.
    • Lunar eclipses occur where the Earth moves across the Sun's path to the Moon.
    • There are so many problems with long haul flight distances on the common flat earth map - it is quite absurd.
    • Australia on the regulation flat earth map is 5,000 miles across!!
    • Star fields rotate in opposite directions by hemisphere.
    • Gravity  - there is no offer of a workable counter explanation.
    • Sea tides.
    • There is no mechanism where the Sun is able to illuminate half a disc. It is an absurd magic spotlight needed to do this.
    • It is impossible for anything including the Sun and Moon to drop below eye level when they are always above it.
    • There are thousands of orbiting satellites. Including the ISS.
    • There are hundreds of thousands of images taken in space over the decades.
    • There is live footage from the ISS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zY4UJceEaVg / https://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/iss_ustream.html
    • Amongst the orbiting satellites are 24/7 weather satellites downloading realtime data.
    • Satellite TV dishes receiving data from a point out in space.


    This list could go on for pages and pages. Some of the answers given by flat earthers to these are amongst the most absurd things written on the internet.


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  6. @alexa Your post is spam - duplicate post requires a duplicate response...



    Face palming stuff. The astrolabe was designed for a spherical Earth. Similar to a sextant.


    An astrolabe consists of a disk, called the mater (mother), which is deep enough to hold one or more flat plates called tympans, or climates. A tympan is made for a specific latitude and is engraved with a stereographic projection of circles denoting azimuth and altitude and representing the portion of the celestial sphere above the local horizon. The rim of the mater is typically graduated into hours of time, degrees of arc, or both.




  7. 4 hours ago, amy G said:

    This is a comedy routine. You 'two' argue andf then come to the conclusion that there's nothing to see here.


    Well, here's 3 minutes, must be zero-G, must be real.



    Note to casual readers: nothing in the above is taking place in a zero-G environment unless you understand that we live in zero-G.


    This is trolling. You have been shown quite clearly that on a diving plane the absolute limit is 30 seconds for reasons that they don't want to crash the damn plane!


    You have been presented CONTINUOUS weightless footage from 1969 and 1973 that FAR exceeds this, is CLEARLY unedited and impossible to fake in the manner presented. Not least the size of the area on Skylab!  I find this continued evasion and diversion over and over again something way beyond pathetic. 



    Filmed in small chunks and edited together, you can actually see clear variances in motion between verse and chorus. On skylab, there is a continuous sequence of all astronauts spinning together. There are no cuts and no periods of gravity!


  8. 36 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:



    That is what gives it rigidity, plus all those top sections too. 

    And widen it to put all that stuff on the edges as well. Then find somebody daft enough to dive it like that over and over with all the vital cross members missing and the momentum it would generate.

  9. 5 minutes ago, Kaspars said:

    Hi there! 😃


    I think that such news will be useful for the people who are interested in space and rockets. This article on Bloomberg tells the story of Firefly company and how it can change the future of spaceprograms. 

    Taking this into consideration, I want to ask you - What do you think about such start-ups and what could be their future  with strong competitors such as Space X?


    Not really going to change anything except the affordability of small sized satellite launches. There is constant demand for them, so a small lightweight rocket that can do it on the cheap is going to satisfy that market.

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  10. 15 hours ago, alexa said:

    Tesla also claims that space is full of either/plasma which would ring true in my book. space is not what you have been led to believe, it is fake just like the ball you think you live on.

    All the pictures of planets in the world are not going to get me to change face.


    Tesla says SPACE is xxxxxxxxxx, and you say it doesn't exist. You have to be colossally confused not to see how that is a problem with you referencing him.

  11. 1 hour ago, alexa said:

    Nicola Tesla


    Tesla was one of the few people granted access to the Vatican archives, so he should know the truth. 


    OK, so he is talking about someething you deny. Space. Your continued inability to see this is quite baffling.


    Space exists. Planets rotate. Astronomers see this clearly. I've had the privilege of looking though a big telescope and seeing Jupiter and some of its moons.


    Here are a few pictures at various times:







    It is rotating - it is a real planet and you are just totally and provably wrong.

  12. 8 hours ago, alexa said:

    Well Frank Drake uses a probabilistic formula that uses random guesses and wild speculation as inputs b/c he didn't really know a lot about the universe, what a joke, his equation is meaningless.


    His equation is a road map to determine the factors needed to work out if there is life out there. It is irrelevant what unknowns he plugged in to the formula, it was what NEEDED to be known to determine accuracy! 


    8 hours ago, alexa said:



    LMAO at you and your limited understanding of Tesla!



    Nikola Tesla built a laboratory in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 1899, to experiment with high frequency  electricity and other phenomena.  In that laboratory he received and recorded on his sensitive instruments, cosmic radio waves.  He announced that he received extraterrestrial radio signals.  The scientific community in 1899 did not believe him, because knowledge of cosmic radio signals did not exist at that time.



    Nikola Tesla had a vision of radio communications with planets of the solar system.  His Wardenclyffe magnifying transmitter had sufficient energy, voltage and frequency of oscillations to reach that goal. 


    Tesla’s vision was the exploration of cosmos.





  13. 4 hours ago, alexa said:


    You prove it isn't ..............a joke that is ??


    Ahhh bless you don't quote understand the burden of proof do you? When somebody makes a brainless and ill thought out claim - as you have - THEY have the burden to prove it. You quote a piece of mathematics that has been fully explained. Now YOU must prove your useless claim. 

  14. 3 hours ago, amy G said:

    There is not a shred of evidence that moon rocks exist.


    The kind of statement that makes a mockery of debate. A person says something that is so clueless that it becomes comedy time and tantamount to deliberate trolling.





    A list of many geologists who have examined them - around 2000:



    Each one has produced numerous reports and analyses all available to be read, on numerous platforms. All photographed. It is a waste of time supplying any reports or images or personal accounts to somebody like you.  




    3 hours ago, amy G said:

    These freemasons do nothing but lie. They take our best and brightest and waste their lives.


    Utter pish. There is not a shred of evidence that the Earth is flat, space is faaaaaake, Apollo was faaaaaake or that you know how to tie your own shoelaces.rabugento1.gif


    3 hours ago, amy G said:

    Quick multiple choice for anyone who wants to play along. What makes the most sense?

    A. End world hunger

    B. Pay nasa ove 50 million a day for CGI images and all the rest of their absurdly obvious lies


    C. Give NASA money for space travel and generate thousands of subsidiary jobs and industries giving long term economical growth.

    D. Pay for all the flat earthers to go into space and conveniently forget to show them how to turn round!

  15. 11 hours ago, Nobby Noboddy said:



    ummm.....  I think Buzz "well it's because we didn't go to the moon" Aldrin gave it to them. Ho Ho.






    On 9/24/2020 at 6:26 PM, Comedy Time said:

    It was ONLY discovered to be a piece of petrified wood when an actual geologist examined it. Piss poor reporting….but this time the conspiracy theorist has no problem believing the MSM account!!

    The rock was given by the US Ambassador to a former Dutch prime minister. It was a gift that Drees had seen in the US inventory and liked the look of it. It was never given as a Moon rock. It is absolutely ludicrous to suggest that NASA would hand out such a massive rock to a complete nobody, weeks after they brought back such invaluable samples.

    On the Goodwill Tour, astronauts handed tiny fragments encased in plastic on mounted wooden presentations with Gold inscriptions. They handed one such fragment to Queen Juliana the Dutch QUEEN!.



    Drees died in 1988, the rock was donated to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and put on display: www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/space/6105902/Moon-rock-given-to-Holland-by-Neil-Armstrong-and-Buzz-Aldrin-is-fake.html

    The whole thing was a balls up by the people who were given the gift. No way was it from NASA…all explained here:




    After examining the facts, we've discovered that the Apollo 11 astronauts did not hand out any moon rocks on their Goodwill Tour. They did, however, present various heads-of-state with a number of gifts. Queen Juliana, the official head-of-state to The Netherlands, publically received three gifts from the astronauts. The astronauts were also the guests-of-honor at the opening of an exhibit on space technology at the RAI Congress Centre, the same venue that John William Middendorf II was supposed to have presented the "moon rock" to then-retired Prime Minister, Willem Drees. Strange they didn't run into each other while they were there. It wasn't until November 1969 that Richard Nixon requested 50 grams of moon dust to construct 250 Apollo 11 gift displays. Each display contained four grains of lunar regolith in a Lucite button and 135 of these displays were given to various heads-of-state of foreign governments, including Queen Juliana of The Netherlands. Strange she didn't feel slighted by Nixon for giving Drees an 89 gram moon rock and all she got was 0.2 grams of moon dust.




    1. NASA would not hand out valuable lunar samples to a complete nobody.

    2. They handed out tiny fragments to Queens and prime ministers

    3. They handed out gold embossed engraved plaques with each sample not some crusty comp slip.

    4. It was a gift from the US Ambassador - he confirmed it.

    5. Drees had seen it long before and commented on it, that was why it was given to him.


    Don't worry though - it got ignored completely so you will be in "good" company.

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  16. 2 hours ago, alexa said:


    Why not they gave them to more than 100 countries following lunar missions in the 1970s.


    Oh ffs. They gave teeny weeny fragments and this was after Apollo 17 when They had banked 842lbs of samples.


    You cannot answer honestly can you? Of course they wouldn't it makes no bloody sense at all!

  17. 24 minutes ago, alexa said:


    Got found out more like...........🤣


    No, read the data and watch the informative videos. You are just waving your arms in the air like a classic hoax believer. I've never come across one who is able to use logic and critical thinking. I dare you to answer some questions - hey at least be brave enough to answer them honestly in your head!


    1. Would NASA give a fairly sizeable and unbelievably valuable moon rock to a complete nobody ex prime minister of the bleedin' Netherlands?

    2. Would they then give a tiny fragment to the QUEEN of the same country?

    3. All Goodwill Tour gifts had a display, were encased in resin, tiny fragments of one single rock and a gold embossed carved plaque - the piece of wood had none of that - seem right?

    4. The US ambassador says HE gave the gift why is it so hard to believe him?

    5. He says Drees had previously seen the rock in the State Department collection - why would he lie?

    6. When the Museum took possession of it they assumed it was a Moon rock - why is that so out of the question.

    7. NASA had nothing to do with any of it, what possible reason could they have for handing that out anyway!?


    "Tests" were where a geologist took one look at it and told them right away what it was! So geologists who took MANY looks (thousands of them) have no trouble with ANY Apollo sample.

  18. 2 minutes ago, alexa said:


    Yeah yeah, if you say so, this is why it's in the Dutch national museum ?


    Read the data and watch the highly informative videos. It's STILL in the damn museum after they found it it wasn't actually a moon rock, or given by NASA. 


    The Earth is a planet, space is real and we landed on the Moon with men 6 times. Everything you believe in to the contrary is messing up your head.

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