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  1. 1 minute ago, Reet Hard said:

    You only have to look at the current scamdemic to know that the, "number of people involved argument" does not stack up.


    Righto. Let's dismiss the argument based on another ludicrous conspiracy theory. I know people who work in the NHS and this illness is not a bloody scam - it's also not caused by 5g.


    1 minute ago, Reet Hard said:

    The PCR test has been discredited for years by it's own inventor and does not test for what they say it does.


    Yeah whatever. How is that relevant?


    1 minute ago, Reet Hard said:

    Regardless, doctors and nurses all over the world use the test and your celebrity endorser TV GP pushes the BS and your average GP has very little knowledge of anything really.


    That if true, would be a "conspiracy" involving the creating company who would be making money. It has no comparison whatsoever to 911.


    1 minute ago, Reet Hard said:

    People almost never think for themselves.


    Irrelevant and some people "think" way, way too much and limit their "thinking" by avoiding all the things needed for it to actually occur.



  2. 4 minutes ago, Reet Hard said:

    What makes you say that?


    Hey Mr Oneliner....


    You claimed it was the wrong engine. I gave you a very comprehensive link showing that to be a fallacious claim.


    EDIT: What the hell are you doing quoting a post that is dead obvious what was being said!?


    He said this "He did bolt right on the hour.  Coincidence or not?" - accusing me of some paid shit. How can my response be confusing to you or need explaining!

  3. 16 minutes ago, theo102 said:

    What's ridiculously unfeasible about swapping out a plane over a radar null zone?


    Nothing whatsoever, I was referring to the no planes or full inside job operation. It was totally obvious as well.


    16 minutes ago, theo102 said:

    You take over the plane with BUAP and have the transponder and radio turned off at about the same time and place as you turn on the transponder on your modified plane.


    Yeah, if I was going to do this, that's what I would have done or something similar. Little bit of nerve gas for the pilots.


    Now, the rest of my post - is that going to get brushed aside and "forgotten"?


  4. 49 minutes ago, alexa said:


    No thank you - I've watched enough of this stupid c**p to last a life time!


    No problem twatty.png


    For any fence sitters - though I doubt there can be many of those......here's another one...



    It shows quite obviously that it isn't a green screen, blue screen or any combination of daft "CGI" and /or wires. Quite obviously to anyone with any honesty it is authentic. Hollywood films simulating longish periods of weightlessness, ALWAYS look fake - there are always impossible motions that cannot be avoided. On the ISS if anything remotely like that occurred, people who do not share this ludicrous conspiracy would be noting it.


    The film Gravity, took 4 years! to make - the ISS knocks out far more realistic and close up, internal footage almost every bloody day!


    From 2008! 


    Impossible to fake footage almost a minute long, very long distance - not CGI or screens:classic_rolleyes:



  5. 4 minutes ago, theo102 said:

    None of this affects the point that we don't know how many people have secrets about 9/11


    No we don't. But we do know that a ludicrous number of people would be needed just to set up this ridiculously unfeasible operation!


    4 minutes ago, theo102 said:

    so the argument that the original planes did not crash as reported because somebody would have said something doesn't fly.


    Yes it does and it is staggering that you cannot see that. It is a ridiculous number of people just doing minor jobs who would see 911 and all the deaths. If you really think they wouldn't put 2 and 2 together and have some conscience issues then you are kidding yourself.


    4 minutes ago, theo102 said:

    If you think that flight paths going turning around near radar holes is gibberish then you're best off abandoning this discussion.


    Why do you assume the perpetrators were imbeciles? Is it even remotely feasible that they would bother to research areas where radar is less effective to hide their intentions???


    If you want to bale out, feel free....but that list is not getting answered and is always the 50ft elephant in the room. Did you read this?




    or this, briefly putting one scenario (far, far less complex than no planes) into perspective...







  6. 34 minutes ago, theo102 said:

    You have no way of knowing how many people have successfully kept secrets from you.


    Right there is a fundamental issue. Neither do you. But precedent and personal experience tells most people that human beings gossip, even to a spouse, a deathbed confession to a solicitor. Or a sudden overwhelming conscience decision. Isn't it a basic claim that the BBC reporters had "prior knowledge" of WTC7, rather than just shite misreporting. As if those reporters are not going to tell anyone.


    Go back to that list and guesstimate how many would be needed. It needs a team of people to come up with this no-plane gibberish and can you seriously not here the derision at a suggestion of it??

  7. 17 minutes ago, Haunted Universe said:

    Don't direct me what to do, shill.


    It wasn't a direction but a suggestion and I'm not a shill - is there money available to do this? 


    17 minutes ago, Haunted Universe said:

    NO PLANES. Have a smashing life. 


    PLANES - you too.


    17 minutes ago, Haunted Universe said:

    Ciao amigo.




    I take it you can't explain the inward exploding outer columns, the ones that are soooooo strong a plane can't go through them, but so weak, magic explosive charges can suck them inwards.



  8. 7 minutes ago, theo102 said:


    It's not important. What matters is whether or not the theory makes sense in terms of Occam's Razor. For example, the simplest explanation for the long detours that took the aircraft through radar dead spots was that they were swapped out, so no planes from the MSM account actually crashed as described.



    It matters a great deal. People are very useless at keeping secrets and the numbers required for a no-plane "scenario" are absolutely absurd. People died so they are all accessory to murder.

  9. 8 hours ago, Haunted Universe said:


    Like your brain for example? 


    Dude, you are stacking up ad hominems and insults in every post, I strongly suggest you stick to the debate.....




    How many people were in on this?


    1. How many to distribute airplane parts?

    2. How many to distribute DNA?

    3. How many to dispose of the actual plane and kill the passengers.

    4. Then since DNA was found, how many to toast the bodies and smash them up?

    5. If the DNA was faked, the laboratory was in on it? How many?

    6. How many in the military to execute the missile launch?

    7. How many to create all those individual films?

    8. How many to lace the buildings with explosives?

    9. How many to plan it? Oversee it?

    10. How did they communicate it all?

    11. Where is the paper trail for all of this, or the money trail to pay this huge number off?

    12. Adding - "crisis actors" total?

  10. 1 hour ago, Haunted Universe said:


    The outstanding photo i posted of the moment of impact shows no plane and collumn strips being blown out in full with zero plane parts visible what so ever.


    You insist on there being a plane in that photo so you show me the evidence.


    So far your 'evidence' has been a joke.


    Arent you getting bored of being a total bullshitter? 


    There is a gigantic ball of fuel burning.


    Maybe I need to shout....




    So far your evidence amounts to the most ludicrous bare assertion possible with no attempt at explaining the disposal of planes and people and all the ridiculous shite that needed doing....by people in "compartments" who were too dumb to see any connection!!

  11. 1 minute ago, Reet Hard said:

    In most corporations and societies you will find each individual knowsjust enough to be bale to perform their function.

    Only a select few at the top know the full agenda.



    Granny suck eggs. I was reading this 25 years ago from The Robots Rebellion.


    It doesn't quite apply for things like video fakery....plane and body disposal ... demolition crews.... plane part distributors etc.

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