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  1. Previous page... Are you suggesting they waited until it got to NOT 666 but 6666 just to do whatever to whoever for some thingymajig?
  2. Confirmation bias: H.R.665 - Airport Perimeter and Access Control Security Act of 2017 The 114th house 666 bill is.... H.R.666 - To adapt to changing crude oil market conditions. The 16th house 666 bill is.... H.R.666 - Haitian Educational Empowerment Act of 2019
  3. They are meaningless to me personally and I suspect quite a very large majority of people. Maybe there are vulnerable susceptible people, but to me this is rather a weird way of targeting them. Well thank you for that - no problem.
  4. https://rsgb.org/main/technical/space-satellites/moonbounce/ times a thousand radio clubs!! EME regularly takes place on all amateur bands from 50MHz up to 47GHz, with 144MHz and 1296MHz by far the most popular bands for activity. Some EME activity has even taken place on the 21 and 28MHz amateur bands. A simple 144 MHz Dual 9-element Yagi setup for EME One of the unique characteristics of EME is that it is possible to hear and observe your own transmissions echoed back approximately 2.5 seconds later as the transmitted signal propagates from the earth to the moon, is reflected, and propagates back to the earth. The Moon is half of 2.5 light seconds away. It is never translucent.
  5. @Reet Hard Look at this picture for proof that the columns are all covered with panels. You can see some have worked a bit loose.
  6. Powerful people have motivation to stay as such. Some have bad motives, some don't. I was debating in good faith offering you the chance to put your position over, I made a good post detailing the two instances quoted are not 666 and are part of a genuine sequence. I posted that the Moloch software is open source and not AOL (afaik) and you come back with your annoying bloody question asking me if I am a sodding troll!! Are you saying those two sequences were doctored? Or that they both waited for the precise moment the magic non-666 number appeared??? Please tell me you don't think that likely.
  7. I read about this stuff over 25 years ago and I suspect that is older than you. I was debating you in good faith and then you have to act like an arse? Now address the content I posted convince me! Quite clearly 6666 is not 666 and the bill WAS a legitimate number sequence. Quite clearly 606060 is also not 666 and again was a legitimate sequence. Confirmation bias. Now I have no idea why the open source program was named after a bloody owl, but I do know that people like to publicise their stuff and get it noticed and if doing that gets it noticed it worked didn't it. How do you bring AOL into it? Can you explain?
  8. First one is 4 sixes and I am not aware of that relating to 3 sixes - it really is just coincidence. Second one is 606060.....not 666. It's confirmation bias. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/6664 https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/6665 https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/detail.jsf?docId=WO2020060605 https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/detail.jsf?docId=WO2020060607 Gets attention, what else is there to say? I mean if you want to associate it with evil ne'er do wells then that is your prerogative.
  9. That wasn't what I meant. I am talking about all the 666 that "keeps popping" in health stuff. How many bus stop ads don't have 3 balloons with a 6 on?
  10. Hmmmm, that's not really accurate. The bus stop ad will get subliminal passing motorists maybe and bus travellers mainly. The website will get people who are interested, casual clickers, people who saw the adverts and the odd accidental click. Sure, but in this case it makes zero sense. For the sake of a tiny piece of balloon with a 6 on it, chopped off on the right, the website would be "influencing" millions. If the goal was the beast/666 that isn't consistent. True, but in this case it does look quite innocent with the main traffic - the website - not doing anything. It isn't a sinister number and if you go looking for something you will probably find it - but if you don't look at its non-occurrence your mind may skew the results. It's called confirmation bias.
  11. The opposite would be true and why wouldn't they have it on the source of MILLIONS of website visits?
  12. Nope. Real planes perfectly in line with the laws of physics. The problem is your understanding. You have none. It doesn't appear that you were ever educated in physics, otherwise you would know what a large chunk of colossal kinetic energy can do.
  13. I have no issue with your opinions on any of those.
  14. 6 weeks free on 3 balloons at the bustop. But only 2 on the website where EVERYONE must go for the offer?
  15. I saw what you wrote before edit - oz quoted it in his personal ad hominem The vodafone logo is a speech symbol not a 6. I suppose you can attribute this to malice if you wish - and I'm sure there are numerous examples. There are also quite literally millions of counter examples that have no such things.
  16. I have a partner who was in management and they laughed when I mentioned it. It would be too generic - these things get discussed in brainstorming meetings when they go over the brief. Are you seriously suggesting that BUPA would have on their brief - use 666? Why wouldn't they pass this same brief on to their web design team, or at least use the same graphic? Two balloons ...... https://www.bupa.com.au/campaigns/health-insurance/because-life-happens-six-weeks-free or all its graphics...
  17. Two off topic crazy claims in one. Any proof for any of that apart from some charlatan "channelling" nonsense? Dude, some Bupa advert used 3 balloons on a Bus stop advert - what has that got do with some off topic bullshit alien invasion? Any evidence for it? Uhuh. Who by? Reliable people who routinely provide hard evidence? Sounds scary, any proof for any of this? Dude, really you bloody can!!! D'ya think!? It was like that when you were saying the same rubbish on the old forum "a few years" ago. This source, do they have any hard evidence or is it all from the phoney money making scam army?
  18. You and your ludicrous circular logic ...the plane shaped hole goes inwards thetefore it is a plane. Your blurry Smokey video is woefully short of even being inconclusive and your straw grasping is laughable. You simply have no clue....boxed in by a simple fact.
  19. Okay of course. Anything for such a gracious polite poster.
  20. I know, but he hasn't a great track record and has a nice income on the zany. Shall I get some stuff from pilots who don't have any problems? Ahhh ok, well I'm not going there.
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