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  1. Firstly I don't ever need to wriggle out of anything. Honest and convincing debate always works with me. Secondly what specifically are you talking about? Thirdly, are you a no planer because there are about a dozen things your team are evading.
  2. They aren't completely unqualified like a frickin' chiropractor!! First one anti-mask? Second one says immunity after 10 days from a real covid19 virus? What's to discredit? How many shall I give YOU? I guess no number of doctors taking the opposite stance will convince you! Many things you have stated on other topics are "a shame" to me. Ok. So the bloke standing on the railway track with headphones on and a blindfold....to him there is no passenger train bearing down on him at 100mph. Yes, but consider
  3. Just answer the reply. I get quite a few remarks that are sarcastic and worse, so forgive me for not guffawing at your attempt at humour.
  4. Do a search on this forum for "pisswater".
  5. Can you really? If I posted a report by a psychiatrist who was commenting on viruses would that work for you?
  6. Oh come on. The guests. Think of the guests. It's hardly half of you and what is it you are trying to convince me of? Some of you think it's caused by 5G, some of you think it is completely faked and some think it is real but an opportunistic moment to usher in draconian measures.
  7. Hardly, he developed the test you are all claiming is crap, so he had no chance to defend himself. He was 75, so hardly a bad innings.
  8. Yeah, so why publish details about it?
  9. Thank you for your repeated unsatisfying reply. May I ask you for one more reply? Please? He is a doctor. In what field is he in?
  10. None of that is out of the question. However, a pandemic has been inevitable for some considerable time and the readiness of the World to contain anything like it was somewhat shite. Is it out of the realms of possibility that such a simulation was long overdue, or that there IS a nasty virus and the incompetence levels are close to what was expected from unpreparedness?
  11. Scientifically minded people don't consider such an absurd thing. Nope. I can tell you that we don't know the focal length or FOV of the camera, it is over exposed for the sun, with no filter and the Sun is disappearing over the curve of the Earth, full size with no change due to perspective and vanishing point. I can also offer you the best and lowest possible estimate as to how far away it is from the observer - around 286,000 miles away. Please share the "ahaaaaah" moment.
  12. I do not disagree totally with any of that. I have a more temperate view on it that's all. And I do get that news outlets and corporations have their own agendas - but I'm sorry, I do have faith in people and they aren't all corrupt bastards.
  13. And you do what you always do, label the source as MSM something or other and avoid what it says. When it suits you, you go to any number of MSM sites and take small sections of data. Would it be possible for you to actually shut up about "ME" and why you think I'm here? No, I know people who know the difference and yes, it is inadmissible and hearsay. But it is why I KNOW it isn't a fake virus. I have no need to offer any of that to you to try and convince you otherwise. Would it help if I referred to you as Kermit or Gonzo? Or tell yo
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