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  1. Firstly I don't ever need to wriggle out of anything. Honest and convincing debate always works with me. Secondly what specifically are you talking about? Thirdly, are you a no planer because there are about a dozen things your team are evading.
  2. Scientifically minded people don't consider such an absurd thing. Nope. I can tell you that we don't know the focal length or FOV of the camera, it is over exposed for the sun, with no filter and the Sun is disappearing over the curve of the Earth, full size with no change due to perspective and vanishing point. I can also offer you the best and lowest possible estimate as to how far away it is from the observer - around 286,000 miles away. Please share the "ahaaaaah" moment.
  3. Spam. All of that was already posted...answered...and ignored. You were supplied videos, mathematics and links...yet you post the same crap under the guise of some bullshit private exchange you are having.
  4. Dude....that is one of the most ridiculous attempts at contradicting reality you can get. You get the last blurred lens flaring of a sunset and present that as the Sun disappearing? Cos you got a camera?
  5. Well duhhh....it was a figure of speech. 99.99999999999% of the human race will never heard about this or care. It's also how the real planet works. Please don't guess. Your attempts at evidence are worse than a small child's guesses.
  6. @alexaCan you find any nonsensical reply to explain where the city has gone to? https://flatearthinsanity.blogspot.com/2016/07/toronto-cn-tower-from-olcott-ny.html
  7. So can photographing it without light bleeding all over the place. Use a filter!! https://expertphotography.com/solar-photography/
  8. Lol - you have no understanding of perspective. Things get smaller until they disappear, as the move away from the observer. Utter nonsense. The boats aren't anywhere near the horizon and breaking news: I can still see them. Here is another link in my "Don't bother trying to teach a flat earther about refraction and the planet" series... http://walter.bislins.ch/bloge/index.asp?page=Strong+Refraction+Simulation+and+Reality+for+2+Oil+Platforms
  9. They talk about it a lot too... https://space-debris-conference.sdo.esoc.esa.int/ Since 1957, nearly 6000 space launches have led to an on-orbit population today of more than 26,000 tracked objects. The very recent years have shown a significant and unprecedented growth, primarily in small and commercial satellites in Low-Earth orbits. Large constellations are being deployed. Today, a total of about 2,800 objects are functional spacecraft. The remaining are space debris, i.e. objects which no longer serve any useful purpose. Most of the routinely tracked objects are fragments
  10. The Moon is 1/4 of a million miles away, as recorded by daily, multiple radio ham-geeks doing EME bounces. Satellites can be seen, as can the ISS and anyone with a radio and receiving dish can log into many of these satellites and receive data. Worldwide, millions of satellite dishes point up to the sky and receive TV signals. And you think all your silly photography proves that is all untrue??? The Kessler Effect is a very real thing, unlike many of the stuff you cling to.
  11. What about engaging with people who find flaws in your claims? Labelling them as "defenders of the system" is a neat way to avoid replying to them isn't it? A great piece of advice, that way the actual idea that everything you type must be correct, because there is no way that anything you typed against the mainstream is wrong now is there....and free speech and open discussion can;t possibly highlight this can it.
  12. You ignored it totally as you do with anything that tears your bogus claim to shreds. Source video for an image? Well here's some videos for you to ignore.... You seem to think that crepuscular rays only shine downwards!! https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=crepuscular+rays+above+the+sun&newwindow=1&safe=active&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjsr6PTz73sAhVxRBUIHV12AkcQ_AUoAXoECEAQAw&biw=1600&bih=757#imgrc=T3XTup4glVmWtM Probably up there in my top 10 ludicrous
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