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  1. Warming to know that cern fires back up this year after 3 years of upgrades, fantastic.
  2. A bit of a far reach but if you have any belief in prophets, nostradamus apparently has predicted a zombie apocalypse for 2021, time will only tell
  3. Where does he say this part? 2 hour 12 minutes he does awnser a question in connection to people with the vaccine shedding to unvaccinated but says 99%+ will recover like a mild flu? Other than that he just talks about people who take the vaccine suffering and having the mark of the beast, and basically the tech inside the vaccine will interact with 5g.
  4. It's what youd expect to hear from a government pawn who has trained in statutory law, statutory can only apply to a corporate entity who has entered contract, otherwise it would fall to common law, the law of the land, the law of do no harm, law of the living breathing man. It refers to the bill of rights, the declaration of rights, and the new and updated magna carta 2020 declaration of rights. Clear disinformation to try and dissuade the public from taking back the rights they are born with.
  5. I know in the uk we already have universal credit, but it doesnt seem to cover the scope of what this is predicted to be so I agree with you 100%, would need alot more people out of jobs to get close. I wouldnt be suprised if the covid21 hoax will be in relation to the side effects of the mass vaccination that the government is going to attempt in the near future as they cant do it before as new "virus" new vaccine, but the psyop worked with the covid19 hoax so I'm going to assume they'll believe it will work again. More of the same, indoctrinate and control.
  6. I predict troubled times ahead and that much is a guarantee. Picture is the roadmap from an apparent Canadian government offical leak, from around a month ago I believe, so far looking rather accurate. All this stops when everyone stands up and stands together, hopefully this happens before all the non-sheeple get taken to camps or start living in the wilds, scary times when covid concentration camps and forced vaccines are becoming a reality.
  7. OP sounds pretty arrogant and full of shit, enjoy my opinion. To do nothing is not good it is cowardly, and in alot of context would be evil, and vice versa. Your not messiah, your just a very naughty (and seemingly) deluded boy! Much love friend good luck with the "spiritual leading".
  8. The uk has paid into the eu the whole time, so I'd say we owe the eu nothing. To fight against a country and it's people who voted for their sovereignty back, meanwhile trying to make confusing legislation with hidden clauses, that is worrying. The eu is clearly a sinking ship trying grab and hold onto what it can, watch the domino effect follow... most likely italy next.
  9. I know alot of people think nothing of him, but this fits pretty closely with what Joseph Gregory hallet has said recently about the 2020 withdrawal agreement
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