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  1. I am not the type of person David Icke would want around as i have spent a lifetime wrapped up in the psychiatric system here in the UK. It seems i do lose touch with reality.


    I question does this mean i lose touch with my sense of self and consciousness.? Also if we are conscious beings then the time we spend on this small planet is irrelevant to our existence because we are in fact eternal.


    As an earthling i do not care much about this planet and what lies ahead because i have lived a life of slavery but if i am mere consciousness and eternal than all i can say is i am grateful for the experience and hopefully in the not too distant future i will move on into the void.




    1. LeGrimez


      What do the pictures mean or represent? 

    2. Reptile hunter

      Reptile hunter

      I wish you unconventional love, peace and happiness.


      We can all achieve it, some just need to work harder then others.


      Good luck.

    3. Tirtha


      Hiya Anne,


      I hear what you are saying about this Life, however it is possible to be free in the here and now, the Present. I personally have experienced much suffering, often caused by the mind, but I also now know it is illusion. And, have indeed experienced this for myself. I have huge gratitude to my Guru Mooji - you can check him out on youtube. He has brought great healing to many souls.

      If I can help or point you in the direction of Truth and healing, then feel free to message me.


      J.G. Tirtha


      PS. Whoever the woman is in the picture she is stuningly beautiful, amazing eyes....the window to the soul they say...

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