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  1. While i am ready to be suspect of large big pharma companies and the drugs they produce i am now 69 years of age - an old woman although may i say refuse to lie down - and i have been taking neuroleptics for 45 years. The side affects of which some are supposed to be permanent but i have none. no permanent side affects. no damage. it all depends on the individual. Ask yourself this question - if big pharma is only interested in profit why are people living longer? If their drugs don't work? - people are living longer today then they ever did. My quality of life for my age is very good. I intend to live well into my 90s. I don't want immortality unlike some. If it wasn't for better health care then there wouldn't be as many old people.
  2. Actually the way vaccines work is to give you the disease that it is to protect you from only in a minute form. Then your body fights that disease off with antibodies therefore building up a resistance to that disease. Before polio, dyptheria and measles and hooping cough came in millions of children died terrible deaths. Vaccinations are a good thing. I wouldn't have the covid vaccination because i felt it hadn't been tested long enough and i already have to take some medicine. it does not guarantee you will not get covid but the guidelines say the symptoms won't be as bad therefore you will have a better. i had a mild case of covid and survived at home and therefore i believe i have built up antibodies which they say they can't test me for at the moment. otherwise i probably would have risked having the vaccine.
  3. That is false. It is based on pure perception. Anyone can perceive anything at any time. It doesn't have to be real. For instance God! Isn't real but millions believe he is. It's pure perception and our perceptions when we are children are naive to say the least and most people tend to get brainwashed at an early time in their lives. Nobody knows what real truth is unless they have experienced it themselves. You can't take truth second hand. Mr Icke writes a lot about the collective consciousness and Jung wrote quite a lot about that but he also studied and travelled extensively to native tribes in africa and australia and lived with the people there. To me the collective consciousness makes me cringe and i really don't want to be a part of that. God makes me cringe. Satanists make me cringe. But i guess they are all male lead and dominated so that puts me as a creator of life and a woman in a good perspective. I was looking at Mr Icke's book The Answer and he sort of explains why i have heard voices in the past inside my head. Sort of, but i am not convinced. I think like life after our bodies die is a phenomena and nobody knows because nobody has come back to tell us. Until somebody whose body has died and i mean when rigor mortis has set in and not while people have consciousness then i don't believe there is life after death. Frankly i am so relieved and happy to believe this. I don't believe following Mr Icke would be life changing for me. I think he is whipping up people to fight against some secret regime he has no evidence exists. If he can prove evidence of a secret cult that sacrifices children then i'd be happy to say he had something. By the way not all my delusions are frightening. Some are positively fantastic. Not all of my madness is based from fear. But lets face it man is by all account vociferous in his aggression and very few abide peacefully. I don't need to take any drugs to go mad.
  4. Here's a question for you. I have from time to time regularly like clockwork gone insane since i was aged 17. How do you explain that? I haven't read all of Mr Icke's books but i am intrigued and will be reading and following him extensively. I by my nature have delusions, audio hallucinations and mania and paranoia which are all forms of heightened perceptions. I do not consider myself inferior because i do this. I just use part of my brain that some others don't. I don't take social drugs, my meds give me little side affects and i don't drink alcohol or eat magic mushrooms. i never have except the odd tipple or two. i don't smoke. so you see these concepts of perception are totally intriguing me and i will be following everything that Mr Icke does and read as many of his books as i can. Anyone who feels they can give me an answer to my question i would be grateful. So far nobody has cut it including Freud and the great Dr Peter Breggin.
  5. When this all began twelve months ago and the government said people were dying like flies from corona i checked the statistics of how many people died during january 2020 in the UK. 68,000 were on the statistics of people dying of natural causes and otherwise. Now there is no information other than those dying of Covid. I smelled a rat twelve months ago and it wasn't a dead one. The rats are most certainly alive and kicking and king rats have a lot to do with this.
  6. I was in hospital recently and spoke to a black child psychologist who was wearing a mask. I asked her how on earth could she assess a child while she was wearing a mask and the child was wearing a mask. She really didn't have an appropriate answer for me. Then i asked her whether she was proud to be black and did she like the cover of the Santana record Black Magic Woman. She then took the huff and said i was racist. Another black woman thought all my cartoons were sad. In fact they are anything but. Seems free speech and liberty is something that has gone sheer out of the window for me for years. I am beginning to learn just what is what! Thank you David. Thank you Dr Coleman.
  7. Has anyone listened to this woman speak? Catherine Austin Fitts – Planet Lockdown | The Wall Will Fall
  8. Has anyone listened to this lady? Catherine Austin Fitts – Planet Lockdown | The Wall Will Fall
  9. Hi, if this is true and it might well be What Exactly Can People Do About It? I will refuse the vaccine. I and my son have been dependent on the State for years and my son is now a recluse. So life hasn't changed for us. But what do people do? People are so obedient. I can't believe how everyone is wearing these masks. I can't believe how they are willing to do something detrimental to their health by wearing a mask rather than stick up for themselves again authority. I don't wear a mask. Very rarely. Like i mentioned to people young children don't know any different. It is quite scary.
  10. Hi, i am intrigued by the pronouncements of David Icke but i find i care little for this planet and those people i do not know. If we are consciousness and eternal than what happens on Earth means very little to us and whether we are slaves or of standing power it is meaningless because eventually when we leave the shell of our bodies we will be free. I am new here but i don't know for what reason i am coming onto this forum. I am simply intrigued by David Icke and what he has to say. There seems to me to be an overbearing evil he talks about that rules this planet and i would like to say that somehow i am living in hope good will conquer it because good benefits the many while evil only benefits the few.
  11. I am not the type of person David Icke would want around as i have spent a lifetime wrapped up in the psychiatric system here in the UK. It seems i do lose touch with reality.


    I question does this mean i lose touch with my sense of self and consciousness.? Also if we are conscious beings then the time we spend on this small planet is irrelevant to our existence because we are in fact eternal.


    As an earthling i do not care much about this planet and what lies ahead because i have lived a life of slavery but if i am mere consciousness and eternal than all i can say is i am grateful for the experience and hopefully in the not too distant future i will move on into the void.




    1. LeGrimez


      What do the pictures mean or represent? 

    2. Reptile hunter

      Reptile hunter

      I wish you unconventional love, peace and happiness.


      We can all achieve it, some just need to work harder then others.


      Good luck.

    3. Tirtha


      Hiya Anne,


      I hear what you are saying about this Life, however it is possible to be free in the here and now, the Present. I personally have experienced much suffering, often caused by the mind, but I also now know it is illusion. And, have indeed experienced this for myself. I have huge gratitude to my Guru Mooji - you can check him out on youtube. He has brought great healing to many souls.

      If I can help or point you in the direction of Truth and healing, then feel free to message me.


      J.G. Tirtha


      PS. Whoever the woman is in the picture she is stuningly beautiful, amazing eyes....the window to the soul they say...

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