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  1. Didn't they change it to only one doctor required to section you when the first lock down happened? I'm sure it's just a coincidence...
  2. Do you think things will go back to norma for a few years??
  3. I agree, I have followed conspiracy things for years and years, entertainment really. I have such a feeling now of dread. Not so entertaining anymore :(
  4. I do though actually feel like I'm going mad, am I?
  5. I have seen the odd person even on "normal people" forums waking up and saying "wtf is going on".
  6. It feels this a whole multipronged attack on reality and nobody who I know can see it. Sensible people are busy fighting each prong, whilst not seeing the big picture. Most people couldn't give a fuck and are busy posting on Instagram and getting botox, watching porn and degrading themselves for fun. Anyone got any heroin?
  7. Is nobody else just really fucking sad? My own sister has disowned me because I think that sex exists, people cannot change sex despite fish or whatever. Even one of my kids have bought into this bullshit. Apparently trans women can have periods wtf. I really feel like I'm going insane.
  8. I agree steph and good luck to those who know
  9. It's all accelerating, police able to access track and trace to fine you, god knows how many percent of the population utterly clueless to what is going on. Fucking hell we are in for a time of it. This forum will go poof again if it gets a clue instead of quoting meaningless articles and wanking off.
  10. OK let's not bother then, the quality of my kids lives don't matter because they will die eventually. I mean I do feel that for myself because I'm hopeless, but maybe they can do better than me.
  11. It's like the drip drip of the great reset propoganda, seen that on a very mainstream anti conspiracy theory forum. It's couched as question, which makes people look it up, therefore normalising it a bit at a time. Meh it will probably work though, wtf have I been normalised to.
  12. Thanks basket case. I will join. Has anyone seen the creep of the view that no viruses are real? That is 100% astroturfing, draw in the credulous people who have zero clue or scientific knowledge, set them free and let them be associated with anyone who has any questions. Once you see the bizarre propoganda you can't unsee it. The vice grows tighter.
  13. Sorry I was venting, have nobody to talk to.
  14. Nothing is going back to normal, air travel didn't go back to normal in times of lesser threat. They have even produced a nifty green to red chart for covid, how nice. Ah well at least my existential depression is validated, nothing worth missing out is going to happen.
  15. How did icke even think it was all a hoax whilst simultaneously being caused by 5g, surely its one or the other? If I'm honest with myself I do think it's a thought experiment, a test of the methods of control and indoctrination, along with 5g bollocks, that's a test for the "alternative" We are fucked
  16. It's like rupert sheldrake, he has many qualifications, but was cast out for saying things against the mainstream. He is so interesting, so open minded, whilst sticking to his scientific background. That's how people should be, open minded without being binded to a view or cause.
  17. I agree basket case I'm not saying it's safe, but to immediately jump on it as a reason for corona is literally idiotic, makes me wonder about the integrity of icke. Mabye he was there all along to drag logical shit into the the laughable lizard people arena. His talk at the Oxford Union was pretty cohesive, but people don't know know him for that, he's a useful idiot.
  18. There aren't any spaces which haven't been infiltrated by bots, back in the day here, above top-secret, zero hedge were interesting, varied. That's why the old forum got deleted, the sanitisation of the Web is almost complete. Reddit is done bun can't be undone. Can see some poor improverished trafficked woman be unemotional raped in several orifices at once though and crack some idiotic puns in the comments. I'm done with this hell.
  19. I agree so much, and it's devastating
  20. There are few places on the Internet where discussion is freely allowed, what will people do when there are no places? David icke is an actual idiot for going down the 5g route, allowed him to be discounted immediately. Why is Corbett still up whilst so many have been silenced?
  21. Is there? Sorry just having a despairing moment. We are little spores being dispersed in the wind. 1 million people protested against the Iraq war and Tony Blair, fuck all changed. I honestly was ambivalent about conspiracy theories, loved reading about them, thought the whole new world order thing had some credence, had a lot of cognitive dissonance, got on with my life. It's all obvious now, most people are still self involved, still not seeing what is coming. Is anyone hopeful? Is there anything I can cling on to?
  22. Yup, I have been reading about all this forever but it's hard to articulate. I understand what it's like to be fully within it.
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