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  1. I'm not usually stuck for words but I find myself speechless at the sheer audacity of the pro vaxx myopic morons or extreme neurotic narcisists expecting everyone to take the toxic jab. Accusations of being a murder and pretence that ....oh its not for me but u, exact same bullshit with the muzzles. Couldnt believe someone actually told me to "change my drug dealer" as i appeared cleaely stoned coz of my opinions and reluctance to encourage self-harm. Anyway they will soon be in mourning when it all collapses at their cheesy feet !
  2. I'm a former member of Boney M and still doing my own international shows featuring the popular tunes but soon to feature own works on imminent fusion reggae album titled Justify. I also design and make some of mine and bands outfits. Also have a book published called "Women are like cats and men like dogs or are they". So I'ts pretty much full on though I've lost motivation cos of this convid nightmare
  3. Hi I'm isheyla bonnick international performer. But my livelihood has abruptly been curtailed due to the covid circus so obviously I'm not too thrilled. I've so much to say bout it all but don't even know where to start. I'll most certainly not be taking the vaccine but hubby will. The most infuriating thing for me is the bizarre denial from many people of the damages caused by this tyrony over common flu. Its like a big love affair with the phantom bug and them whereby they will fight and defend it to the end like if it were their spouse. Most creepy actually. I reckon they will go into deep mourning when everything's exposed. Like when MJ passed away or the Beatles and Take That split. Beyond belief!
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