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  1. This is of no sense. Republicans hold majority in US supreme court. It is always the same with conspiracies, always there is another one to help when evidence says it is wrong. I recognise futility, so no more in this thread. As regarding Pelosi, her brother is scumbag, how is this relevant? No need for response - I assume you think she is involved in hiding this with involvement in capitol riot.
  2. I wonder what source you think is in place for these. This is not real. Plus, why do you have high opinion of such a website? If the site is called wearenotlying.com would that be as good? The courts are obliged in USA law to listen to testimony.
  3. Are you of any mind to have your opinion turned, as I am? This is called hearsay and amounts to a possibility of a local interference. Trump's star election fraud witness was so bad Giuliani had to 'shush' her | Metro Video If there was video of such, it was not presented as evidence. Are you sure it is not fake news? Where is this? It's easier to just paste BBC link and NY Times reporting : US election 2020: Five viral vote claims fact-checked - BBC News Fact-Checking Trump's Debunked Electi
  4. Because someone makes this claim! I am not addressing to you, to 'AlpineWhite' made the claim. In being a smart arse, you place the (sic) emphasis on erroneous section of quote, since this was prove instead of proof you failed to be a good smart arse! An ocean that one of the richest men around has no legal teams able to find it!! 'Rolling in' on here is quite clearly social media inaccuracies and bad fake news. To be like mind, I must disregard correct evidence, admire idiotic president and be red neck republican. No thank you. You f-off with
  5. He addressed a big crowd during senate confirming Biden and told them to march on Capitol Hill. He of course said he would be with them, one of his lies. If this evidence is available legal teams would use it. They have issued none. This is evidence for point when block postal votes added to system. Fact check: No fraud in Wisconsin overnight vote spike (usatoday.com) Because it isn't there and conspiracies are using bad observations. I see also a very crazy man on Twitter who is not fit for be
  6. Your quote from the link sums zero. You have been a victim of fake internet news.
  7. What is objective to do with it? The USA president incited a mob for marching on Capitol Hill. Nobody with brains could not understand where this will lead. I have not found evidence for election fraud, and neither have legal people for this mad president. If you say the opposite, give me links to real prove of this.
  8. How was this done with no evidence to prove?
  9. Or maybe he was an astonishing jackass making people try to usurp the USA legal constitution!
  10. You are abusing fellow members, perhaps you should 'wake the fuck up'? You say it is obvious now? Have you made attempts to verify this video and look at it's claim? Read this whole page. I paste summary because you probably will not. https://attivissimo.blogspot.com/2021/01/for-general-flynn-and-anyone-else-who.html Quick summary: This is just a photo of a sheet of paper of unknown origin. No docket number, no source, no legal filing, nothing. Do you really want to trust it? There is no such thing as a “Fucino Tower” in Italy. A “Fucin
  11. Remember for future, less old people and less pensions.
  12. Very much all questions of this type are easily found by search engine.
  13. I am not on the wrong site. Trump is a consistent lying politician, but for odd reasons you think he is virtuous? Maybe you believe his stupidity to "march on Capitol Hill" was not incitement? His video statement makes his claim he called National guard is 100% lie. I find this label of much irony when it is repeated by rude ignorant people who know nothing. Maybe indeed there was a group within the mob deliberate to incite violence. But what kind of idiot president doesn't consider this almost certain probability. He is helping to divide USA and I find it amazing how yo
  14. Here is the crux of situation. I am not against vaccines in general, but never has generation effects tested! In covid vaccine, MRNA is safe to illicit response as it does not alter DNA. The item being injected has the genetic change. But, how can immune response stay in the body longer that actual virus and reports say immunity goes after 6 months! This is never ending vaccine and I foresee terrible problems in years coming.
  15. This president is worst ever. He has spent many weeks making up claims on voter fraud and not even one piece of proof. He has stoked up supporters to believe this bull. Now he stokes up supporters to walk down to the capital and not go quietly. He will be impeached and removed and after his office is finished up, he will be indicted. Foolish man, watch him now try to backout from this - but fail. Only his wealth and many lawyers can perhaps delay this. He makes Nixon look like a hero.
  16. Are you the same poster original? This is the same processing on images, why should outcome change? I find deniers of Mars rovers to be very ignorant people.
  17. For many who read this, the implications are not all obvious. When magnetic field shifts, so too the magnetosphere blocking ionising radiation. If you imagine magnetic line moving to equatorial area, this will be like opening a large gate for the solar wind. If movement is changed due south, in 100 years will be at the equator:- The north pole is moving at a dangerous pace • Earth.com "At the beginning of the 20th century, the magnetic north pole was located in Canada. In 2000, it was in Greenland. And now, almost 20 years later, the magnetic north pole is currently en route t
  18. There is explanation in the word 'evaporates'. You are deliberately not answering, why is this? I ask why it falls down and none are answering this very basic thing! This below is staying down, now why and how is this?
  19. To me, it seems all of your kind act the same ways. You are not debating like honest posters. The bolded question is posed to all of the flat earth people and not a single one has been able to give a reply. @zArkhas indicated to me many answers and has not given me link or answer.
  20. Your views are ridiculous and you have not answered my first question. Why does the water fall downwards and stay down?
  21. All rockets have considerable thrust and accelerate above the force of gravity. Gravity stops them. What makes Earth's atmosphere stay put? | Earth | EarthSky Does the internet not show you the answer for this? Why 3 question mark? Many times the invading cell fuses to membrane, other times, local rupture may occur, but cell wall repairs on its self. How Viruses Invade Cells (nih.gov) Mechanical Criterion for the Rupture of a Cell Membrane under Compression (nih.gov) You are very poorly
  22. No point putting more images of Earth on this thread. My guns are quite safely trained on foolish flat nutters and trolls.
  23. No. This is not explanation, this is biblical BS. Why do things fall downwards?
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