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  1. Trump is sore loser. There was no fraud and no evidence is found for this.
  2. It is more sad that you are afraid to answer all my questions. I am disappointed that moderating does not make this requirement, but members are able to see you losing this debate so badly.
  3. Which model fits? You are coward troll who is avoiding my questions and polite requests. Show the forum the map of the flat earth. This is a crazy and stupid claim, we are not spinning away from the sun, we are in elliptical orbit together with all planets, observed by simple astronomy. There are no words to show how ignorant this claim. You are like the drowning man who denies the tide. The 'proof' for your claim lies in your own head. Your own head sees what it wants and is frequent pure BS. CGI takes long time to create and
  4. The Earth is closed system. Explain why hurricanes move anti clockwise in North and clockwise in South hemisphere. It lands exactly where we expected on a rotating planet. The problem lies with your dreadful education. Foucault pendulum:- https://www.brown.edu/Departments/Italian_Studies/n2k/visibility/Alison_Errico/Soft Moon/pendulum.html What all you can do is deny this and I am aware of idiotic flat earth response to it.
  5. Amy G - "I'm sorry but explanations are not demonstrable science." I request you supply with us the basic 'FE model', otherwise you are pulling rabbits from out of your rear end. The model should show how Australia is fitting on the map.
  6. Do you understand what self contradiction is? Ne detraction is happening, only thing happening is your wilful refusal to reply on questions! Density is not a force, it possesses no vector. Force given to density that makes it work is gravity. This is not a problem it is explained perfectly by buoyancy. You are very ignorant of science. Up is up and down is down ---------------- because? Gravity! I ask you about heavy and weight because the concept is a vector quantity. I suspect you have no education on thi
  7. There is no problem, only with waiting for you to answer questions that have you no explanation. You make all indignation about up and down but offer no reason. Gravity explains down, density is not a vector, it explains nothing. You also afraid to say about why heavy denser objects falls same speed as lighter not as dense object!
  8. On this matter, this is reported number requested by previously voted democrats. If such were true, this would be game over for the issue. Trump has no evidence because there isn't evidence. The Republicans made a very large cockup with not telling voters to use mail when they can't vote by person.
  9. The motion of the Sun and planets. Are you a businessman who seeks to enroll people who are gullible? There is no reason for such a high degree of ignorance with many informed explanations shown for you. The 10 Things That All Flat Earthers Say - YouTube
  10. This is not a problem. Mercury has higher density. Neither density or buoyancy are forces, so when do you respond to the force that makes things go down? You are forum troll, not here for debating. I have questions that you are afraid to give answers. I have no cult. Explain why things go down and why they accelerate uniformly. Once more I repeat questions you failed to answer because you are a flat Earth troll:- a) In connection with vomit comet - Why are they falling! They are in an aeroplane and air is also falling. Why does falling
  11. The main piece of image is from Apollo 11:- 5931.jpg (800×586) (nasa.gov) There is assembled panoramas of actual photographs like this one:- AP11pan.jpg (3744×564) (usgs.gov) Notice there is not the Earth in the picture, it is higher in the sky and half phase. Image used in youtube video is a wallpaper for computer - Earth is added for effects:- NvFGhP.jpg (760×380) (wallpapersafari.com) Here is elevation and phase and it does not change while Apollo 11 is landed:-
  12. This statement is very daft. Explanation contains demonstrable science!
  13. Observational evidence from cosmology and astronomy fields. No need for you to call everyone liars or fools, you are a troll and this is expected. Do you understand what is friction? All atmosphere is attracted to surface from gravity, or in your case 'magic density' (that you cannot properly explain). Surface rotating, pulls air and creates currents. I have new question for you: Why do hurricanes spin counter clockwise in North of equator and clockwise on South? This is non-sequitur argument. You seek to divert from the state
  14. I can explain that you have been misinformed. The gravity is less , but not considerably, it is only 0.005% - it is from mass variances due to ice sheets. Canada's Hudson Bay Has Less Gravity Than The Rest Of The World | Curly Tales
  15. You are forum troll, moderators can see this. I understand up and down and clearly requested that you explain it properly. Al, viewers can see you are scared to answer my questions, because you are not able. I figured out this when I received basic education as small child. It was explained in perfect verified manner at high school with gravity. All mathematics relating to the gravity of all things measures correctly. I am asking you to explain it, which of course you cannot. Once more I repeat questions you failed to answer because you are a flat Earth troll:-
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