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  1. Your concern is of no matter. Burden lies with people who claim this hoax. NASA has provided nearly 400kg of rocks been examined by world's many geology experts. Golf was not played and this is very silly claim of argument by incredulity. Shepard took club head attached to geology handle plus golf balls. Not big deal. Third-party evidence for Apollo Moon landings - Wikipedia This is very ludicrous and false statement. No this again is simply not true. Apollo 11 landing from PDI to Touchdown - YouTube Apollo 11 Landing P
  2. You failed to reply in my point made. The shadows are not 'virtually opposite'. There is only one light source so you must explain what is casting shadows. I give you explanation. Terrain, camera perspective. Draw light diagram for one light and converging shadows please.
  3. Ad hominem response. I suppose it is an element of truth. Informed people probably always do give the correct answer. People who believe in hoax always make the same copied unoriginal claims. Here is very cool website: http://www.clavius.org I am amazed at this hoax still being alive - it is debunked thousands of times.
  4. It is in a small crater. Perhaps you can draw me the light diagram from the light for making shadows converge? Yes, please show me how one light source is doing this. More than one light source makes more than one shadow.
  5. The opposite of this is the real truth. It is always best to have some idea about physics and science when looking into things.
  6. I wonder about such clueless persons. The floppy piece is thermal covering on outer air lock. The inner air lock door is just inside and opens inwards! Would you wish me to explain why always inwards?
  7. This is not true. If more light sources, there are more than one shadows. This is curious effect called "heiligenschein". https://www.atoptics.co.uk/droplets/heilig.htm On Earth, cause is dew drops, on the Moon cause is volcanic spheres.
  8. These are polar orbits satellites. Here is some black and white from last days: https://www.ospo.noaa.gov/Products/imagery/mosaics.html Click blue circles.
  9. This is the speed for time it has reached close to the planet. Slow down phase. It is not under any propulsion during journey. It fires initial burn to escape Earth and perform transfer orbit and then from this point correction burns: https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/timeline/cruise/ For explanation about distance travelled 300 million miles - this is relative distance caused by planet orbits. Actual distance is as said 130 million miles.
  10. I have responded only to direct claim on space subject.
  11. Did you notice he used water in balloon to reinforce, this also limits ability to rise very high. It does not frighten me. You are bflat. Balloon must have very strong, but also light material to stop this popping. How High Can Weather Balloons Go? - StratoStar Edit: I see once more that you fail in response to the rest of my post.
  12. Are you a denier of gravity? Explain please why all things fall in down direction. Explain too what you mean with your word 'heavy'. Helium balloon explodes in vacuum.
  13. Sounding like regurgitation of all the failed claims from many years ago. The command module shield were very adequate for the belt radiation on outskirt of the belts. With magnetic tilt adjustment for route, it was very much higher than the weak areas of van allen belts. Blue lines are route direction: For computer, onboard makes minor adjustments. All major computing was on the ground mainframe and transmitted to uplink. The landings were not easy, and very costly. Saturn 5 is a billion dollars to put tiny object on the Moon, for Moon base it is very much higher.
  14. This is of no sense. Republicans hold majority in US supreme court. It is always the same with conspiracies, always there is another one to help when evidence says it is wrong. I recognise futility, so no more in this thread. As regarding Pelosi, her brother is scumbag, how is this relevant? No need for response - I assume you think she is involved in hiding this with involvement in capitol riot.
  15. I wonder what source you think is in place for these. This is not real. Plus, why do you have high opinion of such a website? If the site is called wearenotlying.com would that be as good? The courts are obliged in USA law to listen to testimony.
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