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  1. Only meant to be a bit of fun .... no insult intended! Which forum member does this bring to mind? 3Lateral’s Osiris Black Performed by Andy Serkis Project Spotlight Unreal Engine.mp4
  2. What this one below .... lol Had to squish it a bit to get it on the forum as an attachment but now if you wished to, you could right click and save it?? (if you wanted to share it and things) The-Covid-Cult-Thomas-E-Woods.mp4
  3. This isn't funny but I thought it good (nicked it off a video placeholder)
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    and just because .... why not (all three posts should be one) A song for this year! Parasite-Eve2.mp4
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    The Grey Ones (audio) The-Grey-Ones.mp4
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    jb priestley .... the grey ones. Written 1953 I think and I liked to listen to an audio of it. I never saved it as it was on archive . org you know, it was saved, no need to worry. Well this year, of course, we have seen (or not seen again) much be deleted online but I didn't think this would go. I have even read now that it is anti semitic? Anyway .... I went to the link I have at archive and was told: This item is no longer available. Items may be taken down for various reasons, including by decision of the uploader or due to a violation of our Terms of Use. https://archive.org/details/TheGreyOnesByJBPriestley So if you consider that archive org is 'safe' .... think again. I have seen much disappear from there this year. Well I searched and found it difficult to find .... anyway I did and here is an mp3. (there is one still on yt but I am not keen on that audio of it and wouldn't post it anyway, else it would be gone) Oh for fucks sake. mp3's are not allowed. So while we wait for a compressed mp4 version of the mp3 (which is a smaller file ffs) here is Micheal Collins chatting about 'The Grey Ones'. Michael Collins Piper - The Grey Ones.mp4 Here is the MP4 audio lol .... Starts at 6 secs and the last half sentence is nothing to do with it (could spend time and take it out but fuck it) Next post <shakes head>
  7. Nice : ) A quick flick through .... like the way you have built that together.
  8. I guess that you mean the ytube channel Video Advice (which needs no promotion as it has over 2.5 million subscribers anyway!) and videos such as this: The audio is taken from one of David Ickes shows/lectures (and one video clip of said show). The images/video clips are snipped from many different videos on many subjects. It is done with video editing software (some are free and some can be expensive .... depends on what you wish to create) such as: https://www.openshot.org/ or many others. (I don't create videos, so I don't know what is a good one for your project)
  9. People should really put up a title or some info about the video as it helps to find a copy when it is taken down. Are you posting about this: https://seed167.bitchute.com/43gXvstGraUq/NbdvirttR8Ny.mp4 which is computing forever video called: The Boiling Frog Effect. which is also here: https://archive.org/details/youtube-c7y2W-NwMg0
  10. Yes mate, it is not a very good poll is it! Are you happy with the corporate state introducing the new technocracy via a redefining of the fucking flu or would you prefer the old usury model?
  11. This is a bit stupid and I haven't thought it out but fuck it .... If I (as a bloke) penetrate you (as a bird) and inject a form of DNA into you without your consent .... that is called rape and is utterly accepted as illegal, unlawful and just fucking wrong. So .... If you inject me with an RNA (DNA changing) vaccine against my will .... what the fuck is that then?
  12. Hi Do me a favor please and post on your site that you have joined here as your username. Then I will interact with your poll. Thanks.
  13. Thanks Goldie (<<<< Sin City? Don't know why that came to mind .... anyway ta very much)
  14. Ermm, I have no idea if this is for real or made up shit .... Does anyone have any background on this? Is it a spoof or part or a film or what? Airline Passengers Threatened With $250,000 Fine, 20 Years Jail & Permanent No-Fly Status Airline Passengers Threatened With $250,000 Fine, 20 Years Jail & Permanent No-Fly Status.mp4
  15. I am a simple man mate .... I bought some new underwear today. Sounds stupid to type but it states what I am. My mother told me that from the age of 7 , if ever she gave me a new shirt, shoes or anything .... I would have a little tantrum .... I would say that I already had a shirt and didn't need another. If you were to see the 'rags' that I wore as underwear .... you would know that I do not care in the least for this materialistic realm. Also too many personal experiences. I shouldn't care but I do! It has always made me laugh about an alien invasion .... Not because it couldn't happen, but because IF it was real, the first thing is to remove your opponents communication structure. Thus if you see on your television, or online or mobile phone mainstream sites promoting an invasion .... then it is a lie and it is being done BY your 'authority'. Disrupt communication .... first action of war. Now .... I would allow all alternative 'voices' currently as it gives me data. Even down to finding where documents/videos are hosted. We literally TELL satanic, pedophilic demons what we are doing! And they act upon that which we find and post. But a time will come when all required data is collated and they will not need us any more. We will have told them all they needed to know. At that point .... ALL our communication will be cut. I hope that I am incorrect. But I do not currently think so. Do not get me wrong .... I KNOW this ends well : )
  16. I need to say again .... If you are not saving EVERYTHING OF ANY VALUE .... then you do a disservice to any future generations. AND if you are saving infromation .... Hold it off line and OFF your computer. Put it on external drives / usb keys. If you think that alternative sites will continue to be accessible 6-12 months from now and all the information currently online .... I consider you a fool. This includes all forums and alternative (from Youtube) video hosting sites. They will be all either removed or taken down. And then history will have BEEN REWRITTEN once again. The 'book' burning will have been completed. Plan .... for what is coming people!
  17. Fauci is in an interview stating that over 35 is bollocks (<<<< not a direct quote lol) This is a short version which I can add as an attachment .... Fauci says anything over 35 is false.mp4 For the longer, full interview see this post (which also has an image showing that Ireland uses between 40-45 cycles): https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/5503-coronavirus-mega-thread/&do=findComment&comment=186374 Edit to add: The twat also knows since 2008 that to wear a mask will create bacterial pneumonia in a human! I have the study he was a part of .... He fucking knows that masks will cause deaths.
  18. Its done in the above posts mate .... I also made it into a PDF which is above : )
  19. Nice find mate .... It has been posted and has it's own thread https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/14733-portuguese-court-deems-pcr-tests-unreliable
  20. With much thanks to @Alnitak for this post highlighting this truth paper It should have it's own thread I feel .... and well done to those producing it. Looks like monthly issues (3 so far) and is very well presented AND is not just digital but also physical. You can have it delivered to your door : ) https://thelightpaper.co.uk/ November 2020 issue: https://thelightpaper.co.uk/assets/pdf/The-Light-Issue-3i.pdf September 2020 issue: https://thelightpaper.co.uk/assets/pdf/The-Light-Issue-1.pdf October 2020 issue: https://thelightpaper.co.uk/assets/pdf/The-Light-Issue-2-FINAL.pdf They are after contributers and also distribution help The Light is always looking for quality contributions and support. Can you help with any of the following? Journalism If you want to submit articles, keep them under 1000 words, verifiable, topical and reporting the who, what, when, where, how and why. Photography Whether you take or curate or both, we always need good, original/royalty-free images to go with our articles. Research You can always help create articles by doing background research and getting facts, evidence, quotes and statements, fast. Illustration If you have satirical, political, humorous cartoons and drawings to illustrate today’s world, we’d love to see them. Looks great and I wish them all the best.
  21. This is the supposed letter .... if you haven't read it? (I put it on doc droid) https://docdro.id/nJcESGP
  22. I doubt it mate. You could bring up a child to be a sociopath but I don't think that you could make a true psychopath. They are born with differently structured brains. Although I don't think that is what you mean. It would seem that my lack of ability to construct a decently presented post once again means it is read not as I intended. I never said that the police and armed forces were all psychopaths or sociopaths. Just that they have had vastly more indoctrination via the training they have had than the general 'mass' and as the 'mass' walk around in masks, then I highly doubt the ability of the police or military to 'awaken'. I hope they do .... but I currently do not see it. If the 'mass' throw away the masks and begin to act with some self respect then maybe the police and military will also? Here's hoping!
  23. To add to this, you need to consider the numbers. Police workforce as at 31 March 2020 129, 110 full- time equivalent (FTE) officers were in post as at 31 March 2020 in the 43 territorial police forces in England and Wales. Of the 144 thousand people serving in the UK’s armed forces in 2019, over half of them were in the British Army, which had 79 thousand personnel. The next largest branch was the RAF at 32.86 thousand, followed by the Royal Navy at 25.7 thousand, and finally the Royal Marines, which was the smallest branch in terms of personnel, at 6.83 thousand. Small numbers but well armed and indoctrinated. Now .... 4% of humans are born psychopathic and another 15% are sociopaths. If we take the Uk population as 68 million. There are, currently in the UK alone, 2.7 million with No empathy, remorse, guilt or compassion! <<<< that is just the actual born psychopaths. Now add the sociopaths!
  24. The police are more indoctrinated than the 'mass' and the 'mass' is walking around in parks, fields etc in sodding masks! The military is more indoctrinated than the police. They must be, as if they are told to go kill people .... off they go and do it! Killing people to protect the corporation and it's profit. I am not a fan of people who kill others just because supposed authority told them to.
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