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  1. Yes it is. When he first appeared I liked his words .... then he seemed a tad promoted .... then he got sick .... then he said "Just take the bloody vaccine" .... then he was against it .... He talks well and I find his words of interest but there is something wrong .... but that is my personal opinion .... and I can be so very wrong. Maybe he is 'Marmite'?
  2. Because some members consider him not to be a shill .... It is meant to be a discussion forum which shares ideas and concepts without breaking the forum rules!
  3. While I have now read this thread .... may I just chuck in that old science (well from 1989) stated that there is "Order within chaos" (not out of chaos but already within it) .... THE STRANGE NEW SCIENCE OF CHAOS (1989) under an hour .... old tv stuff https://www.bitchute.com/video/SBtbidctn1fd/
  4. Sorry but for the time being the answer would have to be no. Because of the situation the forum is currently in the mods have to do other moderation which is vastly more important right now than going round in circles .... again!
  5. Mod Note: Temp lock on this thread .... maybe go and do something more interesting instead? <think there was an old tv show about that .... for the old boys>
  6. No .... that is not correct ffs. I have chatted with Bomb about that .... and mods could not stop a hack anyway! You have not the access, knowledge or tools to do so!
  7. You see .... that is the thing. I have never done anything wrong to Muir but he just trusts no one .... so there is nothing I can do .... If I wanted him 'gone' well I could have done that long ago .... but I never wanted him gone! Right now I should stop what he is doing .... but I LIKE him and don't want to .... but ffs how much bullshit do I have to just ignore?? yer and let people see the paranoid nut you are .... sadly :(
  8. It is worth a try mate .... before I am meant to do other shit :(
  9. yep .... I can't do anything right .... I can't even get out of here!
  10. I think it best if I DO NOT provide any names .... in the thread (which you need to vote in btw) anyone can offer to be a mod .... BUT one big rule! You must have made atleast 100 posts on the forum, at the time the voting thread was posted to be even possible as a mod! So 50 posts to vote and 100 posts to be included in any potential mod voting.
  11. The first choice that you need to make / vote is here ....
  12. As I said in my last post Rules .... Well there is only one at this point .... for your vote to count you need to have posted 50 or more posts at the time of this post. So it would not matter as I will check every vote and make sure the timing is correct :)
  13. lol .... cool thread :) Anyway I consider a solution rather than guessing! If you believe me or not .... I do not wish to be here and so .... It has always been that the current mods choose the new mods (that is what happens .... believe me or not) So .... lets change that (and I can as I am the only mod) .... you can decide! But it will require some steps which I hope can be done within a week. I will start a thread with a poll in the members only section .... and you members can make the choice and carry the burden! Your choice for this start of the change will be .... Do you want to choose 3 moderators and disband the forum advisors? It will be a simple yes or no. <<< you do not need the FA if you have voted in the mods you wish to have! After which .... if you members decide yes then you will decide who will be the 3 mods via another vote! Rules .... Well there is only one at this point .... for your vote to count you need to have posted 50 or more posts at the time of this post.
  14. Are you sodding psychic? I was literately looking at this thread and reading a post from the first page .... and considering to post about changing the current way of doing things! The post ends with this line .... So in effect .... the current mods vet the new possible mods. and I was thinking to change that to the members deciding who would be a mod but I haven't worked it all out yet .... and I would need admin to agree. As I have said many times .... "Anyone can put up forum software but without those who post there is no forum!"
  15. I have PM'd Anti, Bomb and Beau as to the main reasons why they have been returned to member status .... if they wish to inform you, then I am sure they will. I returned as two of the three had been stood down already and only having a single mod can become a problem (yes I know that I am currently the only mod). You asked me this in PM and I told you : itsa .... I left alone and that was wrong of me but they just left one day so I had to return. They left on April 22nd and I returned as ink the next day as the forum had no moderator. I hope that Itsa returns soon!
  16. I only returned today .... having been away for 13 days (which was meant to be permanent) so please allow me a tad of space to catch up!
  17. I will be able to state why .... as I have said though .... I just need a little time please?
  18. Of course but as you may know .... I have been gone for 13 days and so am having to catch up with all that has happened! So I will give you the reasons (when I have the exact information) .... just a little time please :)
  19. Why ask that .... when you know I don't!
  20. What was the video? I was still 'collecting' information inc videos at the time you made this thread so I very well may have it on an old ssd! Was it this?
  21. Interesting little picture .... This image was taken by Mast Camera (Mastcam) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 3466 (2022-05-07 07:58:16 UTC). Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS https://mars.nasa.gov/raw_images/1064629/ Wonder if any 'Hobbits' will emerge?
  22. This is the image on Kens screen which he refers to (click image for larger pic) ....
  23. This is not Todays News .... moved to General .... and I ask you to please select a correct forum section for future threads!
  24. Oh you better believe it .... fuking stupid people and yours (if you need to virtue signal ya daftness) for £9.39!
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