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  1. Thats the second part after the break and includes the quote. If you wish to watch the first 10mins: Quote is around 6:40mins:
  2. Reminds me of this holding device for the boy babies must do as god wants
  3. In this bitchute from 2:20 mins https://www.bitchute.com/video/byoRW8KyWbfg/
  4. When you hold a coin, you hold it on both faces. Else it will slip away from your grasp. You know that. All has been and is held in such a manner. It is balance which is sort after by some and imbalance by other. Both sides held within a single 'hand' allow imbalance to be consider as correct nature. Sadly. But 'good' can still become from even tightly gripped coins. You maybe correct but there can still be positive outcomes due to the chaos of 'people'!
  5. For some reason you decided to 'crop' this image I have read your posts and viewed your website. I do not know why you wished to do this! Maybe you would inform us?
  6. Not so hidden even on the forum. The activity tab gives you away!
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