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  1. A test to see if this could be used as a 'blog' by those who would wish to?

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    2. lake


      Maybe I'm stuck in my own shadow?

      The mind needs no time or space to be. A dream or meditation creates its own time and will have any space it needs.

      A being is bigger on the inside than all of the macrocosm that which the being perceives. Close your eyes and all you wish is there.

      If you can picture the Multi-verse side by side with a pea, the Multi-verse being the inside of the person and the pea (Uni-verse or single-verse?) being where the being is located, then would the exterior of the being, the body itself, be the shadow of the Multi-verse reflected by the body within the pea or single-verse?

      A reflected shadow may show the inverse of the reality.
      1: reflection - a likeness in which left and right are reversed; similarity in appearance or character or nature between persons or things; "man created God in his own likeness"
      2: shadow - An area that is not or is only partially irradiated or illuminated because of the interception of radiation by an opaque object between the area and the source of radiation.
      3: inverse - something of a contrary nature or quality

      The Ouroboros (symbol of the dragon eating its own tail) was described by Plato as “a self-eating, circular being, as the first living thing in the universe....an immortal, mythologically constructed entity”

      Hades is of course the god of the underworld or hell (his brothers having be given the sky and the sea....which seems to only leave the ground?). Well in the Sibylline oracles Hades also appears as the abode of the dead, and by way of folk etymology, it even derives Hades from the name Adam (the first man), saying it is because he was the first to enter there.


      Ok so could we see this pea, as being hell, with Earth as a place within it?

      I know I can as:
      No one said hell wasn't beautiful but then what reference point do most people have?
      In other words, who said this world is / was / maybe of beauty?
      Most people remember no being to refer to as a point of beauty in an existence here.
      So they cannot determine if this place is of beauty or not!
      They are only told it is and they accept this.

      All things in this place require another to live from. Everything uses everything else. You cannot stay long here and not “do harm”.
      If you eat, you consume the life’s harm of another being as it is held in each cell, the same as water, which is the record keeper of all things here.
      If you partake of water, you ingest the multiplied feelings embedded in that liquid.
      If you cleanse your physical form, then you remove from this place multiple millions of bacteria which have the same right to 'life' as you feel you have.
      If you act in the manner of a vegetarian, then you still do harm, as all plants have emotions and feel when life is ripped from them.

      Beings cannot “Do No Harm” in this world!
      This is hell as far as i can see!

      Isn't it funny how the gods, back in heaven or Multi-verse, don't need to deal with money but you have to use money when going to hell by paying the ferry man on the river Styx or you have to wait on the Banks of Sorrow!!

      Now Gaia was the Grand-mother of Hades and Hades didn't really like existence back home with the other gods, so mainly he just stayed in hell after getting the job.

      All the other gods wouldn't go to hell as on the whole NO ONE left after traveling through the lake of Lethe, where souls flocked to erase all memory .......so the god Hermes got the job of transitions, boundaries and as messenger of the gods of the upper and lower worlds.....maybe so granny could keep in touch with Hades?
      Also the first region of Hades comprised the Fields of Asphodel, where the shades of heroes wander despondently among lesser spirits, who twitter around them like bats!
      Not really a place you would book to visit even if family live there. (bit like going to Birmingham lol)

      Hermes carried a staff called The Caduceus. This is a short staff entwined by two serpents, surmounted by wings.
      Hold on, Hermes could travel freely between heaven and hell or to put it another way....between the Multi-verse and this single-verse?


      So maybe the Ouroboros and the Caduceus have a connection?

      The Ouroboros being the first constructed entity in this single-verse and the Caduceus being a method to freely leave once you have entered this single-verse?

      Now we know that most of our lives here deal with fictions whether in law, commerce, day to day living etc and I'm sure that you have the same type of coincidences and synchronicity that I do, where it would seem that you are creating the life you have as you go along?

      Well what if you are and this is shown by the Ouroboros?

      The Dragons mind creates the circle of its life here, as it wanders in a Hell it can't remember entering, becoming the shadowed refection of that which it is, having daily to consume (live through) that which it created.

      And the circle NEVER ends.
      The end becomes the beginning.

      You were a Dragon. Time and space being but trivial play things for you.
      You lost your wings and became a snake. Time and space being all you have.

      The (239 BCE) Lüshi Chunqiu quotes Confucius comparing Dragons, one-footed dragons, and fish.
      “The Dragon eats and swims in clear water; the one-footed dragon eats in clean water but swims in muddy water; fish eat and swim in muddy water. Now, I have not ascended to the level of a dragon but I have not descended to that of fish. I am perhaps a one-footed dragon!"
      Well what can we do? Maybe the Caduceus shows the way?

      Two snakes climbing a staff to regain their wings.
      A staff would be held on the ground.
      The ground was given to Hades and is Hell.

      Hermes didn't have to 'die' to leave Hell, as say Hercules had to. Even though Hercules was a demi-god, fathered by Zeus, when he died his body remained in Hell but his being went to Olympus to become a God.

      Very few have been said to have 'left Hell once they entered' and it seems to me that the Caduceus does show the way.

      One snake is knowledge. Knowing where you are and what truly you are.
      The other snake is the energy with which you force the creation of the staff, thus giving you the ladder to climb back to your wings and become whole (one with one ) again.

      So it would seem to me that the necessary energy is either Kundalini energy or Qi energy?
      They may of course be the same thing??
      Chi energy....well actually is all about Dragons!

      There be Dragons here....LOL

    3. DarianF


      Hi @lake not bad as a blog option. I guess. Thanks for testing.

    4. lake


      Well @DarianF I thought that I had deleted it and turned off status updates .... but oh well!

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