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  1. (A few days old but .... ) By HENRY MARTIN FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 09:04, 13 May 2021 | UPDATED: 10:02, 13 May 2021 Police have charged a group of 29 men in connection with child sexual exploitation of a girl over a seven-year period in West Yorkshire. The majority of alleged offending is said to have taken place in Calderdale, with some said to have occurred in the Bradford District. It happened to one female victim between 2003 and 2010, while she was aged between 13 and 20, it is claimed. The men will appear at Bradford Magistrates Court on 7 and 9 July The men have been charged with a variety of sexual offences following an investigation into non-recent child sexual exploitation. The men will appear at Bradford Magistrates Court on 7 and 9 July. Eight suspects who were arrested over the course of the investigation have been released without charge. All 29 men who have been charged Asad Ali, 37, of Brighouse, is charged with two counts of rape. Ajmal Aziz, 39 of Halifax, is charged with three counts of rape and attempted rape. Mohammed Jangier, 44, of Halifax, is charged with rape. Mohammed Asif, 36, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape. Harris Ahmed Butt, 37, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape and two counts of indecent assault. Taukeer Butt, 36, of Halifax, is charged with three counts of rape. Muitasim Khan, 40, of Halifax, is charged with rape. Mohammed Hamza, 47, of Halifax, is charged with rape. Mohsin Mir, 40, of Halifax, is charged with three counts of rape. Javid Mir, 38, of Halifax, is charged with rape. Haroon Saddique, 37, of Bradford, is charged with two counts of rape. Zahir Iqbal, 41, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape. Sarfraz Rabnawaz, 35, of Bradford, is charged with two counts of rape. Wajid Addalat, 43, of Halifax, is charged with rape. Sajid Addalat, 45, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape. Nazim Hussain, 43, of Bradford, is charged with conspiracy to rape. Nadeem Saddiqque, 43, of Sheffield, is charged with rape. Saquab Hussain, 43, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape. Sadakat Ali, 48, of Bradford, is charged with rape. Ziarab Mohammed, 48, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape. Imran Raja Yasin, 41, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape. Zulfiqar Ali, 40, of Bradford, is charged with two counts of rape. Malik Abid Qadeer, 64, of Halifax, is charged with five counts of rape. Kamran Amin, 45, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape. Mohammed Akhtar, 51, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape. Ali Zulfiqar, 38, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape. Shafiq Ali Rafiq, 40, of Dewsbury, is charged with two counts of rape. Amir Shaban, 45, of Halifax, is charged with rape. Sakeb Nazir, 36, of Halifax, is charged with two counts of rape. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9574323/Group-29-men-charged-sexually-abusing-13-year-old-girl-Calderdale.html
  2. There are some headlines I just never thought I would read: Mammals can breathe through anus in emergencies MAY 14, 2021 snips: "In the new study, Takebe and his collaborators provide evidence for intestinal breathing in rats, mice, and pigs. First, they designed an intestinal gas ventilation system to administer pure oxygen through the rectum of mice. They showed that without the system, no mice survived 11 minutes of extremely low-oxygen conditions. With intestinal gas ventilation, more oxygen reached the heart, and 75% of mice survived 50 minutes of normally lethal low-oxygen conditions. Because the intestinal gas ventilation system requires abrasion of the intestinal muscosa, it is unlikely to be clinically feasible, especially in severely ill patients—so the researchers also developed a liquid-based alternative using oxygenated perfluorochemicals. These chemicals have already been shown clinically to be biocompatible and safe in humans." "The recent SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is overwhelming the clinical need for ventilators and artificial lungs, resulting in a critical shortage of available devices, and endangering patients' lives worldwide," Takebe says. "The level of arterial oxygenation provided by our ventilation system, if scaled for human application, is likely sufficient to treat patients with severe respiratory failure, potentially providing life-saving oxygenation." https://phys.org/news/2021-05-mammals-anus-emergencies.html
  3. Agree and that is why I think a few videos are better than research papers. I know that the parents can get the son to sit with them and watch videos for a couple of hours. Then maybe discuss .... so the 'New Normal' is an hour then maybe a short (such as the Wakefield video 9mins) stating what the injection is .... then maybe the Hugo talks video (thanks Eve) showing injection harm and ending with a Cahill video describing the real science? I can back it all up with documents which he could read at leisure. Lets say .... 2 hours of video, chat with mum and dad (I am happy to be on the end of a phone if required) and then pdf's for further study!
  4. I consider that circumcision of a baby demonic child abuse .... with that said .... Question: Why would an adult man decide to be circumcised?
  5. Thats it Tin .... I am not trying to prove nor disprove the action being shown. I am trying to see it! So on Tuesday I will be with two other individuals who have been jabbed and I will ask them to 'try the magnet' and I will see again if it is something actually happening in this physical plane or if it is only on (and within) the digital, internet realm??
  6. It did make me feel daft .... <Knocks front door> .... "Hi ya, would you mind just checking something for me .... You have had the jab and I just wondered if this magnet sticks to your arm at the injection site?" "NO! .... Ok would you just move it around a bit and tell me if it seems to 'stick' at all?" "No .... OK thanks, be well mate and yes I did do my front garden last week and it looks alright"
  7. I am NOT trying to disprove anything. I am trying to have knowledge of what is happening .... in any shape or form. If you consider that a waste of time then I disagree with you. Internet forum are difficult .... you have read the words I typed and come up with something I never meant. I do not feel that I should treat others as leapers <<<< that is my fucking point! No one tells me what to live like and I define if I get 'sick' (for want of a better word) Yes .... arseholes ARE everywhere currently it would seem. You really have taken my typed words and misconstrued that which I wanted to say!
  8. Agree .... it does seem to be something BUT only online as I have knowledge of .... which does not mean it is not real but we need actual proof. This is why I ask anyone who has access to a vial of the covid injection shit (which is 5-6 injections) to test it by putting a neodymium magnet on the glass. Human skin (for a male) is approx 1.5mm in depth at the upper arm so the glass viral (or even if it is plastic) should not stop the effect of the magnet.
  9. It is the same with the 'viral shedding' .... I spent much time with those who had been jabbed before all the promotion of self spreading vaccines and had NO problem. I researched the tech and yes it seems to be a technology which may have been used. I will NOT treat those I care for .... or even just know .... as fucking leapers. Since all the 'viral shedding' started, I looked and made my choice. I have intentionally spent much more time with injected people and still NO problems. There is definitively something rotten in the realm of the alternate .... the fish seems to be rotting from the head down!!!!
  10. The male had Moderna and the female Pfizer .... I asked. So much online now seems to not actually exist in the 'world' I am currently in???? It is more akin to a 'narrative' .... a sub plot within a book and as the chapters are read, then new story lines appear in order to promote 'FEAR' ....... but only online!
  11. this is the problem fox hat .... there is now so much mixing of potential truth and bullshit within the alternative community that it becomes difficult to actually 'know' anything! Main stream is utterly fucked we know this .... all they do is lie. But now it seems that with video fakes and even 'human' fakes in videos .... It would not be difficult to produce 58 mins of anything. I consider something may be created via this injection which is magnetic but then somehow not in all recipients? One thing I do know is .... To inject this physical form of mine, you will need to kill the fucking thing in the process .... or you will die trying!
  12. Well as stupid as it made me feel .... I just went up the road to 2 different neighbours houses who I know have had the injection. One a male who has had the first and the other female who has had both. I took with me a small but powerful neodymium magnet and asked them to place it on the area which they had had the injections. Nothing! Did not stick in any way. Asked each of them to 'move it around a bit' and to feel if it 'grabbed anything'? Nothing. Make of that what you will?
  13. Currently I consider that it may be due to the replacement/removal of iron molecules from haemoglobin and their subsequent storage in fat cells. But I don't sodding know! What I would like to see is one of the people with access to a covid injection vial (which has 5-6 shots in it and thus cannot be individual 'chips') stick a magnet to the bottle? That would tell us if the contents are magnetic or if the action of the substance within the body possibly creates the magnetic effect?
  14. Short English Lesson! ENGLISH LESSON.mp4
  15. A whole year to the day since the forum was hacked .... Happy 1st Hackday!
  16. I am thinking that the under one hour documentary 'THE NEW NORMAL' would be a decent introduction? https://www.bitchute.com/video/obY3fST1keUP/
  17. The parents have both declined the injection and state that they shall not have it. The dad because he knows it is experimental and said "Fuck that!". The mum is spiritual and considers that there is something very wrong happening but she is only really knowledgeable in the 'love and light' side of this realm. The son works in the financial system and wishes to earn money to provide for his future family .... to give a 'good' life for them and to be able to travel (to see the world). They have not presented much information to him yet .... only asked that before he gets the injection that he talks with them and at that point they wish to present some decent information .... thus this thread.
  18. Bump .... Coming sometime, unless the current path is re-written?
  19. Maybe focus on that which he has stated .... work to have 'things' and to 'travel'? So maybe give documents from WEF along with videos from, lets say, Chatham House to show that the intent is not ever returning to a old 'normal' and that the 'life' he wants will no longer be one available IF this shit continues? Maybe focus on the depopulation and possible infertility caused via the injection as he wants children in the future? It can't be too much all in one go and to read much of the documents is time consuming and will not work to create a change in him thus a refusal of the injection. Has Schwab got a twat account? I don't know SE .... I have many videos of gates saying many things including the one threatening the world with .... "So we will have to prepare for the next one .... that, you know I say .... will get attention this time" Queue smug grin shot .... literally this below image is after he said the above!
  20. So someone I know would like some information to present to their son regarding the current path this realm is walking. They are awake to the deception but their son (26) intends to get the injection asap and they have asked for some documents and videos to show them. My problem is simple .... I have so very many documents and videos, many of which have been burnt by mainstream, and I am unsure what to give? Too much will not help and hard to read research papers also will be off putting to a younger mind focused on travel and creation of a 'life style'. I have all the documents and videos .... but what few to give to create some sense of inquiry in a young man?? I consider that it can only be a few pieces to start focusing on the possible future. Such as the spars pandemic scenario or Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development to show pre-planning or the Absolute Zero report by UK Fires showing this type of plan? Or go with the Event 201 .... Or the vaccine damage reports .... or WHAT??? Like most of you, i have so very much information .... BUT how do you show it to a young man who intends to take the injection just to have a life? Any thoughts much appreciated because I have been going though all I have and am a tad lost (so very much info and I can't just give a ssd of 200 gig to them).
  21. Sorry but aren't we following the 'science' these days? Which is fuck all to do with actual facts!
  22. BuT whAt ABoUt GraNMa yOu SeLfIsH OLd SaW HoRsE!
  23. Some of you (who like data) may find this UK gov spreadsheet (26kb) of interest regarding the R number. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/986531/R-and-growth-rate-time-series-14-May-2021.ods I find it funny that on their page it states, in part, These estimates do not yet fully reflect any very recent changes in transmission due to, for example, recent policy changes in the UK. So transmission is down to policy changes made by the UK government! And that masks were made mandatory on 24th July 2020. Also that the 'Kent' variant was first detected in September and Bojo stated: "The figure mentioned by Prime Minister Boris Johnson was that the variant may be up to 70% more transmissible. He said this may be increasing the R number - which indicates if an epidemic is growing or shrinking - by 0.4." which would mean going to (an average) 1.35 .... which if the supposed 'Indian' variant is 50% more transmissible then this paper regarding the .... Estimates of the reproduction number for seasonal, pandemic, and zoonotic influenza: a systematic review of the literature becomes of interest (the transmission rates within the graphs .... considering the 1977 'Russian' flu being at one point in the UK at R=21.0). And again with the 1977-78 'Russian' Flu .... dear old twat Wiki has an interesting page with similarities to covid worth a read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1977_Russian_flu Just some shit someone may have interest in lol.
  24. Well daily 'cases' in the UK (to the 14th May inc) do not look as if they have risen: https://ourworldindata.org/covid-cases And hospitalised people in the UK due to covid (to the 11th May inc) also do not seem to have risen! https://ourworldindata.org/covid-hospitalizations
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