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  1. Please expand on this with the links to prove .... thank you.
  2. Part 2 .... https://www.bitchute.com/video/4l6yUslZR0oi/ Part 3 .... https://www.bitchute.com/video/tUM7kqgUYbT7/ Any problems and I have them anyway and will make a 'file transfer' of them for you.
  3. Well if you want parts 2 & 3 I shall find them for you .... another image from part 1
  4. and if you want to download that one @Nikki then open this link, pause the video, right click and save video as .... https://zggg98sgwbg1gh.bitchute.com/j3MuUTkOyHaS/3DrcMYW3DCUg.mp4
  5. Which one .... maybe try this link (which is a search on Bitchute and brings up maybe the video you want) https://www.bitchute.com/search/?query=mark sexton&kind=video&sort=new
  6. The video in the second post of this thread was missing (account closed on youtube) which doing an inspection of the post lead me to Bring Back the Bradbury Pound. I found that I had this video and so have edited it into the second post. This is a video (below) by Justin Walker which corresponds with the Opening Post: FINANCIAL ANSWER THE BRADBURY POUND.
  7. At the end of the above video Lawson talks about "Impossible Speed" .... this is that very short video which he made back then ....
  8. Such a wealth of knowledge /s Anthony Lawson ..... September Clues - Busted! November 2007 (bit shit quality but it is from 2007)
  9. May I ask if you are in the "Empty Building, No Floors" camp? .... and believe this image proves it?
  10. That isn't Building 7 in the above .... is it? Can't be as I am told it was brought down at the same time as the North & South towers!
  11. Have you seen the 3 part TV series of it? Here's part one if you haven't! https://www.bitchute.com/video/IBgSGL3oct8j/ large image .... https://postimg.cc/G4dthv5Z
  12. Just for images of that event. Haunting .... a larger image if you wish .... https://postimg.cc/kD74wWQj Larger image .... https://postimg.cc/wRxjvdxK The above were taken on 11th October 2001, so a month after the event. I will post more and please post any of the images you have of 911
  13. So you consider all the people actors and all and any video or photos fake? While this is not the one I wanted to show (I have thousands of videos on multiple external ssd to search through) .... You state that all the people within this are actors and it is all fake? Interesting point from 21:45 in the above video .... the way it 'bends in'!
  14. That is not an answer .... all videos are fake .... yes?
  15. So all the videos of firemen etc going into WTC7 after 1 & 2 fell were fake .... is that what you are saying?
  16. This is like reading a Flat Earth thread
  17. This bill has now been signed by Newsom Assembly Bill No. 2223 CHAPTER 629 An act to amend Section 27491 of the Government Code, and to amend Sections 103005, 123462, 123466, and 123468 of, to add Sections 123467 and 123469 to, and to repeal Section 103000 of, the Health and Safety Code, relating to reproductive health. [ Approved by Governor September 27, 2022. Filed with Secretary of State September 27, 2022. ] https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=202120220AB2223 This from March 2022 tells you what this means .... and by the way .... in the UK "perinatal" means: Perinatal is the period of time when you become pregnant and up to a year after giving birth. https://www.sabp.nhs.uk/our-services/mental-health/perinatal/what-does-perinatal-mean So from March 22nd .... ~~~~ Newsom opens the door to infanticides Police could be sued for arresting baby killers By Greg Burt SACRAMENTO, CA — Gov. Gavin Newson’s abortion council dropped a legislative bombshell. The group of policy makers intend not only to codify the killing of unborn children throughout all nine months of pregnancy but to decriminalize killing newborns days or weeks after birth. New language added to AB 2223 last week revealed the disturbing intent. The proposed legislation would shield a mother from civil and criminal charges for any “actions or omissions” related to her pregnancy, “including miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, or perinatal death.” Although definitions of “perinatal death” vary, all of them include the demise of newborns seven days or more after birth. The bill from Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks (D-Berkeley) also protects anyone who “aids or assists a pregnant person in exercising” these rights. It also allows a woman to sue any police department or legal authority which arrests or charges her for hurting or killing her child under provisions of the bill. “For years, pro-life advocates have argued there is no moral difference between ending a child’s life days before birth or days after birth. California’s pro-abortion legislators now seemingly agree,” said Jonathan Keller, President of California Family Council. “A political culture that justifies killing millions of children in the womb is now declaring open season on unwanted newborns. Every Californian must oppose this heinous bill.” Newsom formed the “Future of Abortion Council” last year in an effort to turn California into a “sanctuary state” for the procedure. Organizers listed AB 2223 as part of their legislation package implementing a 45-point plan to “expand and protect access” to abortion in California. A few weeks ago, Maryland introduced a bill that “decriminalizes neglecting newborns to death” using the same “perinatal death” language, though the bill hearing was canceled. In 2019, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam was widely condemned for a radio interview asserting doctors could decide to allow children to die after birth “if that’s what the mother and the family desired.” The first stop for AB 2223 is the Assembly Judiciary Committee, though legislators have yet to announce a hearing date. The following legal experts, all based in California, asserted that AB 2223 would essentially legalize infanticide: AB 2223 is not only a pro-abortion bill – it removes all civil and criminal penalties for killing babies born alive under any circumstances. The bill expressly authorizes any person to facilitate late-term abortions and infanticide without legal repercussions. Life Legal condemns the use of euphemisms like “personal reproductive decisions” and ‘reproductive justice’ to justify and encourage the killing of babies in and outside the womb. – Attorney and Chief Executive Officer Alexandra Snyder of the Life Legal Defense Foundation California lawmakers have crossed a red line by seeking to legitimize the killing of hours-old and even week-old infants. This is not about expanding abortion rights; this is a degree of evil that The overwhelming majority of Americans, regardless of how they identify politically, cannot stomach. We will be working to defeat this insane and diabolical bill. – Attorney Matthew McReynolds with the Pacific Justice Institute AB 2223 seeks to legalize the killing of babies in California after birth. Depending on how the term ‘perinatal’ is interpreted by the courts, this bill legalizes the infanticide of children several weeks after their birth and possibly as late as their first birthday. If this barbaric bill is enacted, there will be no criminal or civil liability for the mother or those who assist her with killing her baby post-birth. – Attorney and President of the National Center for Law and Policy Dean Broyles Under the guise of “reproductive health,” this bill seeks to decriminalize killing babies not only in the womb, but also even after the baby is born. This is the most extreme, anti-life bill in California’s history. It legalizes infanticide, plain and simple. – Attorney Nada Higuera with Tyler & Bursch, LLP In California under AB 2223, former Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who murdered three infants born alive after botched abortions, could not be prosecuted. And incredibly, someone like Gosnell who helped a California mother kill her newborn after birth will actually have a cause of action to sue police for investigating the matter if AB 2223 becomes law. -Attorney Susan Arnall, Esq., Director of Outreach, Right to Life League https://presscalifornia.com/2022/03/22/newsom-opens-the-door-to-infanticide/ ~~~~ As far as I have found, this has been signed into law now by Newsom!
  18. This is the full speech (I have placed it into a quote box as it is quite long): http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/69465
  19. I believe that this article was published on the day of the explosions but before it happened and references articles back to March. ~~~~ ANALYSIS: Europe to become “ECONOMIC WASTELAND” as industry dies, banks fail and food production plunges Monday, September 26, 2022 by: Mike Adams Europe’s economy, currencies and industries are in free fall, plunging toward “economic wasteland” status that’s less than a year away if natural gas supplies from Russia aren’t quickly restored. That’s the conclusion of numerous experts who have spoken to Natural News over the last two weeks, including war correspondent Michael Yon, Finnish economist Tuomas Malinen, global agricultural trends researcher David Dubyne, and Italian-American author Leo Zagami. The situation is so dire that Germany chemical giant BASF — formerly part of the Nazi-run IG Farben chemical conglomerate that carried out war crimes against humanity — is now threatening to shut down operations for industrial plants that have run continuously since the 1960s. As explained by author Philip Oltermann in a UK Guardian article entitled, “How gas rationing at Germany’s BASF plant could plunge Europe into crisis,” BASF is close to shutting down its massive chemical facilities in Germany due to a lack of natural gas. But shutting down production might be permanent, since no one knows if the plants can ever resume operations after a shutdown, since the very act of shutting the system down may break it. BASF is critical to the world’s supply chain for fertilizer, petroleum refining, medicines, plastics, consumer products, industrial materials and more. If BASF were to go down, Western Europe’s industrial economy would rapidly collapse into ruin, and the global supply chain crisis would dramatically worsen far beyond anything we saw due to covid lockdowns. To understand all this, first consider this March, 2022 Reuters article, “BASF says it would stop output if gas supplies fell to half its needs.” That article explains: Germany’s BASF (BASFn.DE) said on Wednesday it would have to stop production if natural gas supplies fell to less than half its needs, as the world’s largest chemicals group warned of the damage to its operations from Europe’s power crunch. The article reveals that BASF not only uses natural gas as its energy source for chemical manufacturing, but that the hydrocarbons in natural gas are the feed stock for critical chemical production such as ammonia (NH3) which must have hydrogen (H) from hydrocarbon molecules. You can’t simply replace natural gas with electricity, since electricity contains no hydrogen. Thus, wind and solar power can never replace natural gas in industry and manufacturing, including for fertilizer production, plastics and more. As Reuters explains: In Europe, BASF uses around 60% of the gas it buys to generate energy needed in production and the remaining 40% as a raw material to produce important basic chemicals… Note that the above Reuters article was published well before Gazprom ceased gas flows in Nord Stream 1. Current flow is at zero, and Russia has no compelling reason to restore flows anytime soon. This means Germany is running on stored natural gas even as winter approaches. Those gas stores will not last even through the end of this year, by the way, and the really cold weather hits in 2023. BASF warns of an imminent shutdown due to lack of natural gas If natural gas supplies fall to 50% of BASF’s full demand, the company will have to shut down operations. Via The Guardian: “Once we can receive significantly and permanently less than 50% of our maximum requirements, we would need to wind down the entire site,” says Daniela Rechenberger, a company spokesperson. “That is something that has never happened in BASF’s history, and something no one here would want to see happening. But we would have little choice.” Astonishingly, BASF warns that if it were to shutter operations, no one knows whether it could be restarted: With large parts of the verbund site having run around the clock since the 1960s, BASF says it is unclear if production could simply be restarted afterwards or if the drop of pressure would cause some machinery to break. In other words, you can’t simply flip a switch and turn the plant off, then expect to flip the switch the other way and turn it all back on again. These systems are incredibly complex — ammonia production all by itself requires a network of 1,771 miles of pipeline at just one BASF facility (Ludwigshafen), merely to process and distribute ammonia across the 10 sq km campus. That ammonia is then used to create fertilizers, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and many other industrial chemicals, including engine oil additives. “The consequences of a shutdown at Ludwigshafen would be far-reaching, not just in Europe’s largest economy but the entire continent,” writes The Guardian. A shutdown of BASF would mean the closing down of automobile manufacturing, consumer products, agricultural chemicals, sterilization chemicals for hospitals and much more. Across Western Europe, ammonia production is already down by 70%, which will have devastating repercussions on spring planting in 2023 (expect mass famine across Europe throughout 2023 – 2024). Metals smelting operations are more than 50% shut down, and an industry group called Eurometaux has warned that without immediate government intervention (i.e. bailout money), Europe faces “permanent deindustrialization,” meaning it becomes an economic wasteland. <more at link> https://citizens.news/660348.html ~~~~ And it is interesting that the new Norway to Poland pipeline opened the day after the Nord Streams were damaged .... ~~~~ Baltic Pipe: Norway-Poland gas pipeline opens in key move to cut dependency on Russia By Alasdair Sandford with Reuters • Updated: 27/09/2022 - 17:54 Leaders from Poland, Norway and Denmark have attended a ceremony to mark the opening of the new Baltic Pipe, a key stage in the drive to wean Poland and Europe off Russian gas. The pipeline will transport natural gas from the Norwegian shelf via Denmark and through the Baltic Sea to Poland. It is the centrepiece of a Polish strategy to diversify away from Russia that began years before Moscow’s February invasion of Ukraine triggered a global energy crisis. The flows from Norway along with supplies via liquefied gas terminals are central to Poland's plan. The country was cut off from Russian gas supplies in April, allegedly for refusing to pay in roubles. "The era of Russian domination in the field of gas is coming to an end, the era that was marked by blackmail, threats and extortion," Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at the inauguration at Budno in western Poland. Norwegian Energy Minister Terje Aasland said it was "an important step on the important road to Europe's independence from Russian energy". "We must do everything we can to eliminate energy as an instrument of Russian power," added Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. "Together we will defeat Putin." The inauguration came after Danish and Swedish authorities identified several gas leaks on the Russian-operated Nord Stream pipelines, prompting fears of sabotage. The Danish system operator Energinet said at the weekend that the Baltic Pipe link could be commissioned at full capacity a month early thanks to good progress on work in Denmark. It brings the planned date forward to the end of November instead of 1 January. Construction in Denmark had been suspended for nine months for environmental reasons but resumed last March. "Due to an extraordinary effort on the part of everyone involved, we were able to lay the remaining pipelines faster than expected. Full commissioning can therefore take place ahead of time," said Torben Brabo, Energinet’s Director of International Relations. Credit: Baltic Pipe Project The pipeline's routeCredit: Baltic Pipe Project "Baltic Pipe is part of a larger Polish strategy to end dependency on Russian gas flowing through the Yamal pipeline. It was a cornerstone of the plan. The fact that it is being finalised earlier than expected of course comes at a good time, since Poland no longer receives the gas it used to," Trine Villumsen Berling, senior researcher in global security at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), told Euronews. "It was, however, always the Polish plan to stop using Russian gas when the contract with Gazprom ran out by the end of 2022," she added. The Polish energy infrastructure minister Mateusz Berger said on Saturday that the completion meant Poland should get double the amount of gas originally expected in the last quarter of the year. Norway’s Equinor said on Friday it had entered into a 10-year agreement to sell natural gas to Poland’s PGNiG in a deal covering a volume of 2.4 billion cubic metres (bcm) per year, or around 15% of Polish annual consumption. The Baltic Pipe has an annual capacity of 10 bcm. The contract with Equinor supplements Poland’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply, domestic output and potential imports via interconnectors with its neighbours ahead of the coming winter. PGNiG said in a statement last week that it had secured its gas supply for the winter heating season. https://www.euronews.com/2022/09/27/baltic-pipe-norway-poland-gas-pipeline-opens-in-key-move-to-cut-dependency-on-russia
  20. As far as I know there were 2 creations of woman .... the first was Lilith and that didn't work out .... Lilith was so very pissed off that she created 'demons' in revenge! And has been seeking such since!
  21. lake


    The art you have created is stunning to me .... I used to write poetry but is that 'Art'? Back in 2018 I put down a herringbone ash floor (22mm thick individual small segments) which I was quite happy with (for my first try) .... but is it 'Art'? You guys create using different tools and items (such as paint, canvas, cutting tools etc) .... did I create this in the same way (using wood and cutting tools) .... is it even 'Art' or just a 'thing' I did? Is it 'Art'? What actually is 'Art'?
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